patten (a.k.a. [REDACTED]) blends like a liquefied tray of donuts, announces upcoming LP ESTOILE NAIANT on Warp

patten (a.k.a. [REDACTED]) blends like a liquefied tray of donuts, announces upcoming LP ESTOILE NAIANT on Warp

It verges on cliché to say that an artist communicates through his or her work, but in particular cases of valued privacy, that figurative “speech” becomes the unaccompanied default for self-revelation. Patten’s use of the various social networking sites might indicate a personal openness lending toward verbal interaction, but the impression fades at immediate glance of his actual Twitter page. His Facebook page has a similarly automated feel. Is there a human behind this? Do robots exist, and are they subtly suggesting the audible/musical keys to an increased quality of life?

Obviously, let’s ignore the rationale. What’s interesting is the extension of deliberate obscurity into patten’s artistic persona. His previous and upcoming albums are adorned with abstract covers designed by Jane Eastlight, and the names of the albums are capitalized unintelligibly. More to the point, the music masks without seeming unfocused, incorporating “interlocking instrumentals” (to borrow an apt phrase from the press release) and putting the onus on the listener to appreciate the, perhaps, subjective patterns. Notes momentarily forgotten or subconsciously acknowledged reemerge with a smile. Wonderful stuff, from what I’ve heard so far. Bring on the heterogeneous shroud!

ESTOILE NAIANT comes out February 25, fittingly, on Warp.

ESTOILE NAIANT tracklisting:

01. Gold arc
02. Here always
03. Drift
04. Winter strobing
05. Softer
06. Pathways
07. 23-45
08. Key embedded
09. Agen
10. LL2

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Vivian Girls officially break up, plot last two shows

Shit, forget about the GREAT DAY you were just having chewing bubble gum and listening to pop music, everyone, because THIS SHIT JUST HAPPENED on Vivian Girls’ Facebook page:

Hi friends,

Brooklyn, New York, March 2007: we started making music together and became what we know as Vivian Girls. It’s been a long and crazy journey in the seven years since, and we feel as though the time has finally come to let our band rest in peace. It’s been an experience that we’ll look back on and cherish and we’d like to thank you for sharing it with us. We have had such an amazing time being a band, touring the world, releasing records and meeting all of you.

We’ve booked some ALL AGES shows as a goodbye. The first will be on February 14th at The Church on York in LA. The second will be on March 1st at Death by Audio in Brooklyn.

Here is a TICKET LINK for the LA Church show:

Here is a TICKET LINK for the NYC Death by Audio show:

Feel free to follow us on Twitter for updates in our other pursuits: @cassieramone @iamkatygoodman @hernameisali

Thank you to everyone who has helped us along the way, everyone who has come to our shows, bought our records and supported us, and everyone we will meet in the future.

Vivian Girls

Not much more information other than that at the moment, unfortunately. But the band has asked that, in lieu of flowers, fans please send along as many “nooooooooo’s”-with-extra-o’s to their Facebook comments section as possible.

Final dates:

02.14.14 - Los Angeles, CA - The Church on York
03.01.14 - Brooklyn, NY - Death by Audio

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EMA reminds us that nothing makes any sense or matters at all with newly announced The Future’s Void full-length on Matador

If the title is any indication, it looks like Erika M. Anderson a.k.a. EMA is getting all gloomy and existential on her recently announced (!!!) new full-length The Future’s Void. I don’t know if you want to get all Crossfire up in this news section, Erika, but I’d like to ask you to how the future can be so “voidy” if, for example, I know that your new album is going to be released on April 8 via Matador (and April 7 via City Slang in Europe), a date that is by its very definition “in the future.” Chin up, time is not such a scary thing, and we need not worry ourselves too hard about “what it all means” and if everything we do in our day-to-day lives isn’t just a whole bunch of “sound and fury signifying nothing.” After all, we’ve got release dates and tracklistings and YouTube embeds to think about! The future is looking less bleak already.

JK, of course. The future is pretty much nothing but an empty expanse stretching out ahead of us, eternally threatening us until one day it suffocates us in its cold embrace and takes us from the lives we’ve built. Even so, EMA does have a follow-up to 2011’s Past Life Martyred Saints (#31 on TMT’s favorite albums of 2011). Recorded in Portland with the assistance of Leif Shackelford, Anderson says the “structure of these songs” might be her “poppiest yet,” but she also tried “to keep the songs from sounding like advertisements” by sticking with loose first takes, dropping in “spontaneously-recorded ambient sounds,” and periodically whispering “fuck you, McDonalds,” at a barely audible level (#shotsfired am I right?)

If you’re into preemptively filling the seemingly vacant expanse ahead of you, I’d recommend pre-ordering the thing right here. It’s available on CD, LP (on limited-edition lavender vinyl), and cassette. You can also pre-order it through iTunes and get the single “Satellites” (video below) immediately, as well as a bonus track called “Drown.” She’ll also be performing at SXSW this spring, as well as going on a soon-to-be-announced tour once the album is out.

The Future’s Void tracklisting:

01. Satellites
02. So Blonde
03. 3Jane
04. Cthulu
05. Smoulder
06. Neuromancer
07. When She Comes
08. 100 Years
09. Solace
10. Dead Celebrity

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MF DOOM’s Operation: Doomsday to receive 2xCS release, the downgraded definitive edition

Daniel Dumile, the unorthodox British-born-but-Long-Island-raised rapper who’s hidden in more ways than one, and who wears the mask better than the fictional pansy who gave up his life for the betterment of an entire empire, maintains a healthy following despite his penchant for pseudonyms and personal secrecy. If we trust his public discography, the last time we formally heard from the man most commonly known as MF DOOM was through the decent JJ DOOM collab with Jneiro Jarel and MA_DOOM, a barely-collaboration with Masta Ace on the Son of Yvonne release back in 2012. You’ll have to rewind eight years before that to get a whiff of classic via Madvillainy (TMT Review) (which isn’t to deny the quality of Dumile’s other work), and… wait, what started it all? Surely the DOOM reputation wasn’t hoisted by mediocrity at the outset. Surely, the realization of DOOM began with a conspiracy.

Operation: Doomsday, MF DOOM’s debut solo album from 1999, doesn’t beg for reissue. The lunchbox enclosure released in 2011 contained a remastered two discs, a 32-page lyric book, card set (but no ham and cheese sandwich), and it stood alongside an equally heavy 4LP set that was released simultaneously. The upcoming 2-cassette box set — ignore for a moment that cassettes are typically housed in cases that could reasonably be referred to as boxes — has Metalface Records appealing to that previously overlooked demographic: the un-ironic Walkman (c. 1990) user. More likely, the collectible-inclined serve as the primary market for this release, which comes in an edition of 1,200 copies.

Content-wise, tape 1 of Operation: Doomsday contains the original album plus the original cover art designed by Lord Scotch 79 a.k.a. Blake “KEO” Lethem. Tape 2 contains the same instrumentals and alternate versions that the 2011 reissue had, plus the same cover art, designed by Jason Jegel. No lyric book and no cards leave one with precious few options; at 2.1 pounds, the metal box doesn’t quite allow for bludgeoning and theft. Well, maybe.

Operation: Doomsday on cassette ships via Rappcats on January 27. February 18 marks the worldwide release date.


Damaged Bug (John Dwyer of Thee Oh Sees) affirms the delicious, chewy flavor of upcoming LP Hubba Bubba

I’d ask you to dry your eyes, but your nasolacrimals have already been hindered thanks to the unconscious acceptance by your brain that this was never meant to last! Multiple releases per year for several years and a tour schedule that inspires reasonable complaints from Centralia residents about when they’ll earn a visit have culminated in the present hiatus for Thee Oh Sees, who, in true interludial fashion, reportedly have an album set for release this spring. Despite that, back in December, frontman John Dwyer confirmed the “well deserved break and transitional period” and proclaimed in front of a crowd at San Fran’s Great American Music Hall that the band’s performance was their last “for a long while. So dig in.” Thanks for the forewarning, John! And no, don’t tell me that I should’ve caught one of the half-dozen shows that you’ve already performed in my town! Ugh, I was busy. :(

In any case, while we temporarily endure Thee withdrawal, and while Dwyer and also-vocalist Brigid Dawson acclimate to an intra-state move away from their Bay Area, the former’s Castle Face label continues its operations. And one of those operations is releasing a full-length solo release from Dwyer under the name Damaged Bug, entitled Hubba Bubba. A press release mentions the use of a variety of “synthesizers, drum machines, and assorted hand-made electronics,” so in other words, the guitar on which he’s consistently wailed has been abandoned for the sake of “seeing other instruments,” so to speak. I’m not really missing it, in this case.

Have a listen; the album’s out February 25.

Hubba Bubba tracklisting:

01. Gloves for Garbage
02. Rope Burn
03. Eggs at Night
04. SS Cassidinea
05. Catastrophobia
06. Hubba Bubba
07. Sic Bay Surprise
08. Photograph
09. Hot Swells
10. 1/2 an Airplane
11. Metal Hand
12. Wasteland

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Muslimgauze 10 LP box set announced from Vinyl-on-Demand, proving once and for all that 10 really is better than one

Those looking to dip their dainty toes into the ocean of Bryn Jones’ Muslimgauze project might need to look elsewhere. But, if you’re maybe interested in your whole leg and probably most of your mid-section going for a bit of a swim, then according to The Vinyl Factory, Vinyl-on-Demand has got just the ticket. In mid-April, the German label will release a 10LP retrospective box set of the legendary producer’s early work (spanning from 1983 to 1988). That’s right! Ten! Because of how math works, that means if you break one, you’ll still have nine records left! Now, mind you, those nine records that you have left won’t have any of the same music on them as that 10th one your clumsy uncle just snapped, so I would say keep them away from your uncle and don’t actually try the math trick I’ve described here.

The box set, entitled Chasing the Shadow of Bryn Jones will also include a 208-page book, a poster, and a CD. And, if you’re a member of the Vinyl-on-Demand record club, you’ll also be entitled to an exclusive 10-inch (math fact: that’s one inch for every LP in the box set) which will include EVEN MORE MUSIC. If you’ve gotten this deep in the news post and are thinking “Huh, I kinda don’t know a whole lot about Muslimgauze aside from the fact that he was super prolific and Pro-Palestinian because that’s basically all anyone ever really says about him,” The Vinyl Factory has you covered. Check out the comically long tracklisting below.

Chasing the Shadow of Bryn Jones tracklisting:

LP 1:
01. Milena Jesenska
02. Cyst
03. Anatomy
04. Enfilade
05. Afrikaner
06. Afrikaner
07. Taoist
08. Melena Jesenska

LP 2:
01. Kaaba
02. Icon Screen
03. Muslin Gauze Muslim Prayer
04. Turkish-Koln
05. Melee
06. Dissidents
07. Kabul
08. Ex
09. Metropolis
10. Trans/Time

LP 3:
01. Under the Hand of Jaruzelski
02. Ensan Entehari
03. Empty Quarter (pt I)
04. Dissidents in Exile (as Muslingauze)
05. Hammer & Sickle
06. Fear of Gadaffi
07. Nettle Cloth
08. Baize Tents
09. The Asphalt Jungle
10. Execute the Monkey

LP 4:
01. Soviet Occupied Territories
02. Turkish Falaka
03. Priest
04. Reuters
05. Dissidents in Exile
06. Under the Hand of Jaruzelski

LP 5:
01. Byzantine Crucifixion
02. Zebra Slaughter
03. Palestine
04. Death of Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale
05. Political Asylum
06. Sudanese Amputate the Hands of Thieves
07. Sakharov

LP 6:
01. Sjamboks
02. Mujahideen
03. Hezbollah
04. Flajelata
05. Homily to Popieluszko
06. Cahcot
07. Samizdat
08. Émigré
09. Iranian Martyrs

LP 7:
01. Charnel
02. Under Black Light
03. Somnambulists
04. New Delhi Flogging
05. X Ajza of Martyrdome
06. Unwelcome Visitors

LP 8:
01. Arms of the Koran
02. The Divine Cause
03. Sabra
04. Bourj-El-Barajneh
05. Mäiaz
06. Chatila
07. Green Is the Colour of the Prophet

LP 9:
01. Gulfwar (Part One)
02. Gulfwar (Part Two)
03. Gulfwar (Part Three)
04. Abu Nidal
05. Green Is the Colour of the Prophet
06. Fatwa (Religious Decree Giving Recourse to Terrorism)
07. Gulf-War (Remix)

LP 10:
01. Shadow of the West
02. The Muslim City
03. A Nation
04. Ways of Faith Part 1
05. Ways of Faith Part 2
06. The Power of The Word Part 1
07. The Power of The Word Part 2

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