Paul McCartney’s McCartney and McCartney II to be reissued June 14; entire Wings catalog to be retroactively ‘unissued’ on the same day

Paul McCartney's McCartney and McCartney II to be reissued June 14; entire Wings catalog to be retroactively 'unissued' on the same day

Paul McCartney is in full-on “holy shit, I might keel over any minute now,” legacy mode these days. And while the majority of his constant interviewing, guesting, reissuing, occasionally re-recording, and even “personally overseeing the mastering of” exploits in recent years have mostly been related to the more or less full-time job of making sure no one finds out that The Zombies were a better pop band than The Beatles, this time he’s turning the attention to his first two solo records, 1970’s awesome McCartney and 1980’s good-by-1980-standards McCartney II.

Word is that these crazy-deluxe reissues, which are being jointly tackled by MPL and Concord Music Group, were remastered at Abbey Road while McCartney himself was sleeping on the studio couch. They’re set to hit stores and the web on June 14 in the US and June 13 everywhere else, and, as you might expect, they come in a newswriter-confounding hodgepodge of different formats and editions, including “double-disc Special Editions” and “Deluxe Editions (including DVDs and additional bonus material),” both of which are available on CD sets, vinyl sets, digital files, and as manila folders full of binary code hand-typed onto cardstock. The two different editions come with their own crazy lists of bonus B-sides and live cuts, which I will not even attempt to type out and format for TMT. Check out the man’s website for the complete tracklists and whatnot. You can also preorder there pretty soon.

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Domino sign Fránçois and the Atlas Mountains, because signing bands is what good labels do

What’s a label without some signees? Not a very good label at all, that’s for sure. See, if you want to run a successful label, you’ve got to sign some musicians and you’ve got to put out their records. That’s how you get it done. I don’t know what you’re doing with your label over there, but you’ve gotta get out there and actually sign some bands. Get it together. Maybe I’m on a tangent here, because this story’s not about your dumb label. This story is about Domino Records, a label that signs bands, and their latest signee, Fránçois and the Atlas Mountains.

These Fránçois and the Atlas Mountains folks, they’re more than just Domino’s latest signee. Because that would be dumb if Domino signed a band that wasn’t even a band. Maybe you run your label that way, but not them. They’re pros. Dang it, I’m on that whole deal about your label again! Back on topic: Fránçois and the Atlas Mountains are a breezy indie pop group from Bristol, UK. They’re the child of the brain of Mr. Fránçois Marry, a singer-songwriter/animator originally from Saintes, France. Since moving to Bristol in 2003, Marry (with the friends he gathered up to form the Atlas Mountains) has released five full-length albums. Later this year, he’ll have another out through his new label, Domino. See how it works? You have a label, you sign bands, and you release their records. And while this may or may not be directly in your control as part of the label, those bands go play shows, like the ones Fránçois and the Atlas Mountains have planned for next month. Learn a thing or two from this label/band pair and maybe your label won’t end up a fiery wreck, like so many of your predecessors.

Fránçois and the Atlas Mountains dates:

04.30.11 - Lille, France - La Péniche
05.01.11 - Reading, UK - Reading Arts Centre
05.02.11 - Bristol, UK - Kino Cafe
05.03.11 - Cardiff, UK - Ten Feet Tall
05.05.11 - London, UK - Wilimgtons Arms
05.11.11 - Glasgow, UK - Nice ‘N’ Sleazy
05.12.11 - Manchester, UK - TBA
05.13.11 - Brighton, UK - TBA
05.28.11 - Besancon, France - La Rodia

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Jeff Mangum eats falafel sandwich, writes music for Robert Schneider and Robert Beatty to perform using their brains

It’s been a few years since Jeff Mangum headlined our hugely successful Tiny Mix Tapes Fest, and though he’s made the occasional headline since then, most Neutral Milk Hotel fans are still disappointed that Mangum has yet to announce plans to visit them individually, touch their faces, and magically improve their lives. Nevertheless, Jeff still maintains some form of agency in his own life, so what else can we do as music appreciators but root through his trash, hold stethoscopes up to the walls of his home, and report our findings to a fickle, mean-spirited public?

And so: Jeff Mangum has composed a musical score for Teletron, the instrument that Robert Schneider of The Apples in Stereo invented last year by modifying a Mattel Mindflex toy so that a performer could change a synthesizer’s pitch using only their mind. The Teletron was demonstrated using Mangum’s score last week during a neuroscience class at Duke University, dually wielded by Schneider and Robert Beatty (of Hair Police, Three Legged Race, Burning Star Core, and amazing album art). Schneider explains the process of composing and performing with the Teletron thusly:

A Teletron score is a collage-like sequence of opposing pages, where the right page speaks to the left side of the brain, which is more logical, and the left page speaks to the right brain, the intuitive side. Two opposing images are to be understood by the reader as a single thought or statement. The images are also projected for the audience to view. The melody played by the synthesizers is completely based on the conductor’s thoughts, while Robert and I adjust the Moog filters to taste, each of us playing the role of one side of the brain and reading only one side of the score. Finally, the synthesizers are sent through stereo speakers to feed the sounds to corresponding hemispheres of the listeners’ brains.

For now, this appears to have been a one-time-only event, but Schneider “and colleagues” are bringing his Teletron down to Athens, Georgia on May 7 for the AUX Festival, so maybe he’ll bust out the Mangum piece there. We leave you with a video, not of Jeff Mangum running from TMZ reporters, but of a collaboration between Robert Beatty and visual artist Takeshi Murata that seems to simulate what might happen if they hooked up the Teletron to Mango’s head and projected the results.

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Ganglians announce new album Still Living. Do you know what their band name always makes me think of?


Still Living tracklisting:

01. Drop the Act
02. That’s What I Want
03. Evil Weave
04. Sleep
05. Jungle
06. Bradley
07. Things to Know
08. Good Times
09. The Toad
10. California Cousins
11. Faster
12. My House

North American release date: August 23 (Lefse Records)
European release date: August 29 (Souterrain Transmissions)
Track download: “Jungle.”

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Modest Mouse collaborate with Big Boi on new record. This headline is real and I have a confusion-induced headache.

Here’s some big news for your Thursday: indie rock mainstays Modest Mouse are hard at work on a new record. Now, here’s some really big news: the band is collaborating with OutKast member/awesome solo artist Big Boi. Get it? Big news, ‘cause it’s Big Boi!! I kill me.

There’s not a lot of information on what exactly Big Boi is doing on this forthcoming Modest Mouse record. In fact, the only information whatsoever comes from the following quote from the rapper’s Twitter account: “Been camped out in the Lab with Modest Mouse all week, workin on the new mouse LP, coolest cats ever. Long Live The Funk.” There you go. Once there’s some sort of indication of the nature of Big Boi’s involvement, I’m sure you will hear about it incessantly. Personally, I hope that he ends up the KRS-One to Isaac Brock’s Michael Stipe and that Brock wears a silly looking hat in the video.

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The Mountain Goats tour West Coast this summer, distracting grad students everywhere

If you’ve ever taken an undergraduate beginner creative writing course in college, then the odds are you were taught by a graduate student who had a quaint fascination with The Mountain Goats and/or Tom Waits. Everything seems to remind the grad student of The Mountain Goats, including chalkboards, grass, telephones, and life in general. When The Mountain Goats announce a new album or tour, for the grad student it immediately becomes the only acceptable time to develop a boner for a goat.

Loosen your shorts: The Mountain Goats will tour the West Coast in support of their latest album on Merge, All Eternals Deck (TMT Review). The band will also play Lollapalooza in August and open for Bright Eyes on a few dates. Ironically, the same people who cried in the mirror listening to Bright Eyes in high school are now creative writing grad students who now cry in the mirror over their poor decision-making skills.


06.14.11 - Minneapolis, MN - Varsity Theater
06.16.11 - Seattle, WA - The Showbox
06.17.11 - Vancouver, BC - The Biltmore Cabaret
06.18.11 - Portland, OR - Aladdin Theater
06.20.11 - San Francisco, CA - The Fillmore
06.23.11 - Los Angeles, CA - El Rey Theatre
06.26.11 - Bloomington, IN - Rhino’s Youth Center (solo set)
07.27.11 - Lewiston, NY - Artpark *
07.28.11 - Gilford, NH - Meadowbrook US Cellular Pavilion *
07.29.11 - South Burlington, VT - The Green At Shelburne Museum*
07.30.11 - Montreal, QC - Osheaga Festival
07.31.11 - Baldwinsville, NY - Papermill Island Amphitheatre *
08.03.11 - Grand Rapids, MI - Meijer Gardens *
08.04.11 - Indianapolis, IN - Egyptian Room *
08.05-07.11 - Chicago, IL - Lollapalooza

* Bright Eyes

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