Pere Ubu releasing new album Carnival of Souls in September, believe it or not inspired by the movie Carnival of Souls

Pere Ubu releasing new album Carnival of Souls in September, believe it or not inspired by the movie Carnival of Souls

I don’t know what’s more exciting: that the legendary Pere Ubu are back, or that they’ve named their album after the gloriously spooky cult B-movie Carnival of Souls. In fact, the video for their new track “Road to Utah” features footage from said movie. What a great movie! What a scary bridge! (Seriously, that bridge is too long. Bridges shouldn’t be that long, am I right? SHORT, MORE MANAGEABLE BRIDGES FOR PREZ 2016.) You can check out the music video right here:

Seriously, what a great movie. But enough about the movie… we’re talking about the album!! The album drops September 8 on Fire Records, and it’s the result of Pere Ubu performing a live score for a screening of the flick at the 2013 East End Film Festival in lovely East London. The vinyl version of the album will include five minute-long “Strychnine Interludes” interspersed throughout the album. The CD version will feature “Brother Ray,” a 12-minute-long track conceived of as a prequel to Nathaniel West’s book Day of the Locust (both up for pre-order here). Because why do we even need any other media anymore when Pere Ubu have thrown so many of Western Civilization’s darkest and finest moments into one beautiful and unnerving album?

Carnival of Souls tracklist:

01. Golden Surf II
02. Strychnine 1 *
03. Drag the River
04. Strychnine 2 *
05. Visions of the Moon
06. Strychnine 3 *
07. Dr Faustus
08. Strychnine 4 *
09. Bus Station
10. Road to Utah
11. Carnival
12. Strychnine 5 *
13. Irene
14. Brother Ray #

* vinyl only
# CD only

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Plaid announce North American tour, share new video for “Wallet” — don’t watch unless you’re leather-bound!

Many things can be said about legendary IDM (sorry) duo Plaid; whether it be their numerical superstitions later adopted by Dwight Schrute, or their blatant advocating in the name of classic fabric design, you certainly can’t say that these musically-dedicated Brits want for meaning and intrigue. The fact that they’ve been at it for more than 20 years is interesting and impressive enough on its own, but to hone in on the present, take Reachy Prints, their seventh studio album released a couple of weeks ago. Never mind that it’s a consistently wonderful listen; the name, according to Plaid themselves, comes from an interest in “prints as physical memories,” recognizing that perfect reproduction veers toward impossibility, and that visual renditions are ultimately a form of recollection.

Deep. Want more?

The track “Wallet” didn’t earn its title out of desperation and a subsequent turning out of one’s pockets; instead, it acknowledges “the symbolism of wallets as a safe place to store items we value and want to remember.” And yet they neglect to admit that most wallets aren’t nearly big enough to contain the Plaid discography! And what about things as momentary as live performances? The tackiness of a track named “iPhone 5S” need not be explained, but that won’t preclude the phone’s physical usage at each of Plaid’s upcoming North American shows. Take it easy with the long recordings though. Nobody wants memories of extended forearms.

Speaking of, here’s the new video for “Wallet,” which was inspired by the idea of “creating a world based on memories.”


07.03.14 - Chicago, IL - Lincoln Hall
07.04.14 - TBA
07.06.14 - Los Angeles, CA - The Roxy
07.10.14 - Austin, TX - The Parish
07.11.14 - San Francisco, CA - 1015 Folsom
07.12.14 - Vancouver, BC - Fortune Sound Club
07.18.14 - New York, NY - Le Poisson Rouge

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Panda Bear announces fall tour, including a stop at Gorilla vs. Bear fest… so many animals!

Quick reminder that if you type “Panda Bear” into Google you will get a lot of images of really cute creatures eating bamboo, but you will not necessarily find Noah Lennox’s fall tour dates. It helps to specify that you are looking for Panda Bear (musician) if that’s really what you’re after.

Anyway, Lennox is taking his one-man show on the road again this fall, kicking things off at the fourth annual Gorilla vs. Bear showcase in Dallas. If you type “Gorilla vs Bear” into Google, your first hits will be for the Texas-based music blog, but if you dig a little deeper, there are some truly nuanced discussions about which animal would win in a fight (“The gorilla is mainly vegetarian and rarely feeds on animal matter, whereas a grizzly can kill a moose with one swipe of its paw. The bear has the advantage here”).

Sorry, West Coasters: no new Panda Bear shows for you just yet (he did just play a handful of California and Washington dates in May, after all). But there should be a new album coming out sometime later this year to hold you over.


09.12.14 - Dallas, TX - Gorilla vs. Bear Fest at the Granada Theater %
09.13.14 - Houston, TX - Fitzgerald’s *
09.14.14 - Austin, TX - The Mohawk *
09.16.14 - Charlottesville, VA - The Jefferson *
09.17.14 - Pittsburgh, PA - Mr Smalls *
09.19.14 - Boston, MA - Paradise *
09.20.14 - Montreal - Pop Montreal at the Rialto Theater *
09.22.14 - Brooklyn, NY - Music Hall of Williamsburg *
09.23.14 - New York, NY - Irving Plaza *
09.25.14 - Cincinnati, OH - Midpoint Music Festival
09.26.14 - Urbana, IL - Pygmalion Fest
09.27.14 - Madison, WI - Majestic *
09.28.14 - Minneapolis, MN - Fine Line *#

* Blues Control
% Sophie, Ejecta, Doss, Blues Control

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Beastie Boys win $1.7 million lawsuit against Monster Energy drink, plan to buy SO much blue-flavored Red Bull

Fanatics of pop-culture litigations, buckle up, as I’m about to infuse your TMT with some TMZ and talk about some courts that aren’t Parquet!

Readers with too much time on their hands will remember back in August 2012 when the Beastie Boys accused Monster Energy Drink of doing a little “Rhymin’ and Stealin’” of their own (minus the rhymin’) when the company used several Beastie Boys songs in a promo video without the band’s permission. Alas, we ended up with an almost two-year-long legal dispute that made it impossible for 20-year-old college guys to pick sides. Over those 22 months, the tone of the case ranged from sad (late Beastie Boys member Adam Yauch’s will forbids the band’s music from being used for ad purposes) to a level of absurdity only a Monster Energy Drink lawsuit could provide (i.e. the court debating the legal definition of the phrase “Dope!”).

Well, the jury has finally spoken, and they’ve awarded surviving members Ad-Rock and Mike D $1.7 million in damages. Think of all the energy supplements they can buy… ginseng, taurine, L-carnitine, Listerine, the possibilities are endless! Understandably, Monster’s attorney (who is disappointingly not named something like Këëthe) is upset, saying (text in brackets added on my own to maintain brand guidelines), “Although Monster Energy has great respect for the verdict of the jury [dudes], we strongly disagree with it [man]” and that the company plans to appeal the decision, although they do not deny the infringement.

And while Monster ended up shelling out $1.575 million more than they had offered, something tells me the folks at the company won’t be losing too much sleep over this (they have millions of dollars and copious amounts of caffeine).

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[Photo: Astrid Stawiarz]

Death Grips surprise-release niggas on the moon with Björk, part 1 of the powers that b double album; stream, download, and have a sad cum NOW!!

If you thought the new episode of Game of Thrones was deadly, then wait’ll you hear the latest transmission from Death Grips. The group once again decided to surprise-drop a release — it’s what they do! — called niggas on the moon, which they say is actually half of a double album titled the powers that b, due for a proper release later this year on Harvest/Third Worlds Records. The best part? niggas on the moon features eight new tracks, and each track features Björk. Download here or here, and prepare yourself for the second half — jenny death — when you least expect it.

Quoth Death Grips:

this is “niggas on the moon”, featuring björk on all 8 tracks.
it is the first installment of our new double album, “the powers that b”, due out later this year on Harvest/Third Worlds Records.
the second disc is titled “jenny death”.
peace & love
have a sad cum bb

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Ab-Soul announces new album These Days, proving himself rap game Nico once and for all

Do you ever imagine Ab-Soul decked out in a brown fur coat, descended from a bus in slow motion? No? Probably good, probably means your brain’s working correctly. Me, I’m imagining it right now. There’s a reason, there’s associations at hand. Think Royal Tenenbaums. Gwyneth Paltrow walks off that bus. Nico plays. The song’s originally by Jackson Browne, it’s called “These Days.” That’s also the name of the new Ab-Soul record, albeit with a bit of apparent uncertainty, since These Days… is the title at its most accurate. As said by HipHopDX, it’s out June 24 through TDE. This is why I am imagining Ab-Soul covered in fur, stirring up feelings within Luke Wilson.

Feast your eyes on that super-intense cover art above. Looks like someone’s getting his late-90s Nas on! In attempts to put out the top crucifixion-themed rap album of 2014, there’s also a clip of first single “Stigmata” that you can view right here. Some say that the cross in the video is meant to symbolize Ab-Soul’s failures. Well, buddy, he has not forgotten them.

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