Pixies to record new material? Possibly! Damnit, and I JUST BOOKED David Lovering as the magician at my kid’s birthday party!

Pixies to record new material? Possibly! Damnit, and I JUST BOOKED David Lovering as the magician at my kid's birthday party! http://www.tinymixtapes.com/sites/default/files/news-11-05-pixies.png

If anyone out there has ever been seeking an answer to the question “how many victory laps can a person run before he/she turns into a weirdo a-hole?”, Frank Black, Kim Deal, David Lovering, and Joey Santiago have extracted a really solid, scientifically valid, empirically-based result: about seven years-worth.

As we all know from watching loudQUIETloud back in the day and immediately basing our Pixies Reality off of it no-questions-asked, The Pixies love them some paychecks, even at the expense of having fun. Heck, especially at the expense of having fun! Well what could be less fun than making a record?? According to The Guardian, almost nothing. That’s why several members of the band are talkin’ loud about making a new album together after the latest tour is finished. “We gotta plan to make something new,” drummer David Lovering said while looking into his prop crystal ball. “We’re gonna wear out our welcome soon enough.”

See, The Pixies reunited in 2004 (after splitting in 1993) and have been touring their cult classic albums pretty much nonstop ever since. And although there has been talk of a new album for years, word on the playground is that Kim Deal’s reluctance to play ball with Black has been gumming up the works. But in the words of Black Francis himself on Pixies breakthrough album Crooked Rain, Croooked Rain: “the times, they are a-changin’.” “Making a record will be in the forefront [after the tour],” guitarist Joey Santiago says. “We’ve definitely gelled as a unit and hopefully when we can all bury the hatchet — and we have — maybe we’ll go in there and hope for the best.” While no one is suggesting that Deal and Black still have ‘friction’ between them, Santiago seems overall pretty fine with the two of them almost killing each other so that he doesn’t have to go back to doing film score work. “I think [the tension] makes good music,” he says. “[The Kinks’] Ray Davies, you know, beating up his little brother, [laughs] that friction, we’ve always kind of used it. Like, ‘Oh yeah? Screw you, we’re gonna play’. That little angst, it’s good.” In other words, so what if a few people die? New Pixies!

Oh, P.S.: Santiago also claims that none other than Bono has been bugging for some new Pixies! “Bono even asked […] He’s like, ‘Please make a record!’ Goddamn, we can’t leave that unturned. That would frustrate me. It would. I think we should do it. But it’s up to everybody.” There you have it, folks. Bono may be a little slow when single-handedly creating sweeping social reforms, but he can still bully a rock band into making a new album like no one else in shades.

Remaining tourdates, a.k.a. countdown to TOTALLY DEFINITE new Pixies record:

05.03.11 - Vancouver, BC - Orpheum Theatre
05.04.11 - Vancouver, BC - Orpheum Theatre
05.05.11 - Victoria, BC - Save On Foods Memorial Centre

• Pixies: http://www.pixiesmusic.com

Loren Connors, Sic Alps, Amen Dunes, Steven R. Smith, and many others contribute to Japan benefit comp

Man is it hard to type up this story about people still needing help in a foreign country when I’ve got this wild sense of duty, right here in my sack, to just get rowdy all week in honor of the #1 fuggin’ nation in history. I mean, hello, talk about balls to the wall yesterday, no? Here’s my take on it: yeeeuh! GET SOME. Next round’s on me. One in the can for Uncle Sam. I could go on, but the higher-ups at TMT look down on this kind of talk (big surprise), so let’s take a minute or two before the bartender comes back to briefly mention a compilation benefitting the relief efforts in Japan. But then it’s back to slammin’ em back for justice, okay?

Electric Temple Records have curated a double-cassette compilation called Gaman: A Ceremony for Japan that includes exclusive tracks from two dozen artists of supreme quality, including scuzz-savants Sic Alps, antler-bejeweled Steven R. Smith, cabin-fevery Amen Dunes, spectre-stringed Loren Connors, and up-and-coming-prodigy-types Reuben Son and Angel Olsen. I haven’t even settled on descriptors for William Fowler Collins, Zelienople, Lee Noble, The North Sea, Animal Hospital, and Steve Gunn! This compilation (also available digitally) is only $12, with all proceeds going to ShelterBox, a relief organization that “provides emergency shelter and lifesaving supplies for families around the world,” currently stationed in Japan. Electric Temple will be tracking the boxes that are sent to families as the benefit goes on, so all who contribute can see the direct impact their money is making.

I think this compilation is a good thing, though the fact that it doesn’t directly praise the United States leaves me skeptical, frankly. You can decide for yourself, though, because it’s been 10 minutes and that means bottom’s up with this next shot.

Gaman: A Ceremony for Japan tracklisting:

Cassette 1:
01. Animal Hospital, “Dreams”
02. William Fowler Collins, “Autumn Lights”

03. High Aura’d, “Methodist Bells”

04. Phantom Family Halo, “Guns and Violens”

05. Steven R. Smith, “Regen Volt, Soka Lesz V.s 2”

06. Glenn Jones, “Portland Cement Factory” (John Fahey cover)

07. Angel Olsen, “She Came and She Touched Me” (Townes Van Zandt cover)

08. Peter Stampfel and Eli Smith, Castor and Pollux”

09. Zelienople, “Smoked”

10. Lee Noble, “August”

11. Loren Connors, “Yesterday and Today”

Cassette 2:
01. Forma, “FORMA 178”

02. GDFX, “Forever a Bone”

03. Reuben Son, “Dancing into Sandtraps”

04. Ancient Ocean, “New Sun Rising”

05. Sic Alps, “Anasazi Chemist”

06. Herbcraft, “Sunset Glow”

07. The North Sea, “Sugar”

08. Clearing, “untitled”

09. Amen Dunes, “Lower Class”

10. Heavy Hymns, “Prayer”

11. SWATi (David First), “4/6/11 17:38:23-17:43:49” (excerpt)

12. Rambutan, “The Kingfisher”

13. Steve Gunn, “Taksim II” (Live in Montreal)

• Electric Temple: http://electrictemple.tumblr.com

Junior Boys tour, release creepily-named lead single from upcoming It’s All True

Junior Boys, the droll Canadian synth duo commonly referred to as “the indie Pet Shop Boys,” (okay, only I call them this, but it totally works, am I right?) have charted a summer tour to rep their upcoming full-length on Domino Records, It’s All True. The album drops June 14, but for those of us thirsting for more bittersweet, 80s-inflected dance jams, the Boys’ new single “Banana Ripple” will be available as a 12-inch (with a remix by The Field!), either through Domino’s online store Domino Mart, or at the tourdates below. (Side note: to those who — like me — are getting a bit squeamish about the name of said single, “Banana Ripple” is an ice cream flavor. Okay? Get your mind out of the gutter. I don’t even know what you were thinking about, GAWD.)

“Banana Ripple” is being touted as more than nine minutes of “dance hit glory,” filled with “a multitude of cultural, geographic, and gastronomic touchstones: namely Orson Welles, Howard Hughes, China (in particular Shanghai), Japan (the band, not the country), Banana Ripple ice cream, Carl Craig and analogue synths.” So basically it’s like that Billy Joel Song, “We Didn’t Start the Fire” for a new, MDMA and meow meow-crazed generation. Oh, just kidding! Don’t do drugs, kids. Or listen to Billy Joel. You want to remember this Junior Boys tour, don’t you?


06.09.11 - Toronto, ON - Phoenix Concert Theatre
06.10.11 - Ottawa, ON - Mavericks
06.11.11 - Montreal, QC - La Salla Rossa
06.12.11 - Cambridge, MA - Middle East
06.14.11 - New York, NY - Webster Hall
06.16.11 - Washington, DC - Black Cat
06.17.11 - Philadelphia, PA - Johnny Brenda’s
06.18.11 - Charlottesville, VA - Jefferson Theater
06.20.11 - Atlanta, GA - The Earl
06.21.11 - Nashville, TN - Mercy Lounge
06.22.11 - Louisville, KY - Headliners
06.24.11 - Chicago, IL - Metro
06.25.11 - Pontiac, MI - The Pike Room (The Crofoot)

• Junior Boys: http://www.juniorboys.net
• Domino: http://www.dominorecordco.us

Bill Callahan announces European tour leg, meaning that they, too, will face Apocalypse

As it turned out, the apocalypse was peaceful and genial, if not slightly unsettling. At least, that’s how Bill Callahan saw it on his recent record, Apocalypse (TMT Review). Shortly before releasing Apocalypse, Callahan saw fit to inform America(!) that he’d be traveling upon their soil, as it burned under the summer sun, in order to spread word of his folksy vision. What he didn’t tell them was that he’d be spreading that very word through Europe first. Well, he’s telling you now. Before he embarks on his American tour, Bill Callahan will be touring Europe during May. Those new dates, along with the previously announced American ones, can be seen below.

Accompanying Mr. Callahan on his European trek will be fellow Drag City artist Sophia Knapp. Ms. Knapp hails from yet another Drag City group, Cliffie Swan, who, in the days when they were known as Lights, once provided tour support for Callahan. She also very recently released a 7-inch single by the title of “Nothing to Lose.” Near the end of the American dates in July, long-time folkster Ed Askew will join Callahan, who now has his 1984 album Imperfiction back in stores. Guess who reissued that? That’s right — Drag City.

Bill Callahan dates:

05.02.11 - Austin, TX - Mohawk
05.05.11 - Dublin, Ireland - Academy *
05.06.11 - Machester, UK - Central Methodist Hall *
05.07.11 - Glasgow, UK - Glasgow School of Art *
05.09.11 - London, UK - The Barbican *
05.10.11 - Bristol, UK - Bristol Trinity *
05.12.11 - Cologne, Germany - Stadt Garten *
05.13.11 - Frankfurt, Germany - Brotfabrik *
05.14.11 - Hamburg, Germany - Café Keese *
05.15.11 - Berlin, Germany - Astra Kulturhaus *
05.17.11 - Brussels, Belgium - Theatre 140 *
05.18.11 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - De Duif *
05.19.11 - Lille, France - Aéronef *
05.20.11 - Paris, France - Le Café de la Danse *
05.21.11 - San Sebastian, Spain - Teatro Principal *
05.23.11 - Barcelona, Spain - Bikini Barcelona *
05.24.11 - Madrid, Spain - Sala Heineken *
05.25.11 - Seville, Spain - Salo Cosmos *
06.14.11 - Albuquerque, NM - Launch Pad
06.15.11 - Phoenix, AZ - Rhythm Room
06.16.11 - Los Angeles, CA - Troubadour
06.17.11 - Santa Barbara, CA - Soho
06.18.11 - San Francisco, CA - The Independent
06.19.11 - Big Sur, CA - Henry Miller Library
06.22.11 - Seattle, WA - Neumo’s
06.27.11 - Denver, CO - High Dive
07.01.11 - Minneapolis, MN - Cedar Cultural Center
07.03.11 - Chicago, IL - Lincoln Hall
07.08.11 - Pittsburgh, PA - Andy Warhol Museum
07.10.11 - Boston, MA - Brighton Music Hall $
07.11.11 - Brooklyn, NY - Music Hall of Williamsburg $
07.12.11 - New York City, NY - Bowery Ballroom $
08.05-06.11 - Portland, OR - Pickathon $

* Sophia Knapp
$ Ed Askew

• Bill Callahan: http://www.dragcity.com/artists/bill-callahan
• Sophia Knapp: http://www.sophiaknapp.com
• Ed Askew: http://edaskew.bandcamp.com
• Drag City: http://www.dragcity.com

The Books are already on tour! Go see them or you’ll miss it! Hurry!!

The Books are coming! The Books are coming! Look out Copenhagen, look out Austria! The Books are coming and have given barely a warning! The Books, using state-of-the-art stealth equipment and black jumpsuits, have already launched a preemptive strike aimed at The United States of Europe! The Books have already visited European cities Berlin and Leipzig and are spreading their love of complex and sophisticated electronica wherever they go. Just last year they wowed the whole continent with the release of The Way Out (TMT Review) on Temporary Residence Ltd, and now it’s time to get wowed again.

So look out Europe, cuz here they come: The Books are on their way to you! They apologize for not giving you enough advance notice to properly plan a concert into your schedule, they know that you have plenty of retro-futurism, postmodernism, and crêpe cooking already on your daily to-do list, but please, go see The Books and help them enjoy the true European experience.

The Books European tour:

05.02.11 - Foligno, Italy - Auditorium San Domenico
05.03.11 - Ravenna, Italy - Bronson
05.05.11 - Krems, Austria - Donaufestival
05.06.11 - Hannover, Germany - Junges Schauspiel
05.07.11 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Vega
05.08.11 - Ahrhus, Denmark- Atlas
05.09.11 - Hamburg, Germany - Kampnagel
06.23.11 - London, UK - ATP I’ll Be Your Mirror

• The Books: http://www.thebooksmusic.com
• Temporary Residence Ltd.: http://temporaryresidence.com

Room40 offers free comp feat. Grouper, Xiu Xiu, David Grubbs, Andrea Belfi, and others, because they love you and have loved you for 10 years now

It’s nice when the online music community takes after the Sunday tradition at grocery stores of an abundance of free samples for all. Room40 celebrated its 10th anniversary in March, and to further commemorate a decade as one of the most innovative Australian labels around, they’ve released 10, a free download compilation of 40 tracks by Room40 “friends and family” (which is way better than a new brand of bruschetta or cubed cheese on toothpicks). If you’re one of many who didn’t get to snatch up a copy of Grouper’s new double-album A I A (TMT Review) before it sold out in record stores (as Liz Harris is wont to do), there’s a track for you here, in addition to offerings from Xiu Xiu, David Grubbs, Greg Davis w/ Ben Vida, Tenniscoats, Andrea Belfi, Koen Holtkamp, and a few dozen more.

As usual, you can also check the label’s site for cool samples that aren’t on 10, currently including Tim Hecker, Room40 curator Lawrence English, and yet another track from Grouper. Download 10 for free by subscribing here, and don’t forget: you can always buy music sometimes too.

10 tracklisting:

01. Chris Abrahams, “Water”
02. Asher, “untitled”
03. Andrea Belfi, “Poaofbp”
04. Candlesnuffer, “Euclid’s Fudge”
05. John Chantler, “The Droning Chord”
06. Richard Chartier, “Rendered1_2009”
07. Chihei Hatakeyama, “Fkpkc002”
08. Leighton Craig, “Endless Blue Sky”
09. Greg Davis and Ben Vida, “Two Dozen Windows”
10. Taylor Deupree, “Live:Brisbane”
11. DJ Olive, “Monday”
12. D.N.E., “Volatile”
13. Erikm, “Sossusvlei”
14. Ben Frost, “Feeding”
15. Friedl + Vorfeld, “Blau”
16. Glim, “Fusibil”
17. Kraig Grady, “Bima”
18. Erik Griswold, “From Heaven Above”
19. David Grubbs, “You Could Look It Up”
20. Grouper, “Hollow Tone”
21. Koen Holtkamp, “Broken Circle”
22. Rafael Anton Irisarri, “Distance”
23. I8U, “Higgs”
24. Jeph Jerman, “No Words”
25. Ulrich Krieger, “Cephei”
26. Minamo + Lawrence English, “Luminous”
27. Scott Morrison, “Ballad for Velizy”
28. Pimmon, “Limited E Country”
29. Steve Roden, “One of Forty Rooms”
30. Marina Rosenfeld, “Sweetest Sensation”
31. Sebastien Roux, “More Songs (Excerpt)”
32. Philip Samartzis, “Davis Station”
33. Janek Schaefer, “Unfolding Honey”
34. Steinbrüchel, “Same”
35. Tenniscoats, “Tasmania: for a Bay”
36. David Toop, Scanner, Io3, “Live at Open Frame”
37. Zane Trow, “Initled”
38. Tujiko Noriko Trio, “Heartga Live”
39. James Webb, “Piglet”
40. Xiu Xiu, “Ingeborg Bachmann”

• Room40: http://room40.org