Refused got back together the other day, but we didn’t really rush to report it because, you know, huh?

Refused got back together the other day, but we didn't really rush to report it because, you know, huh?

Back on January 9, the music world that exists on top of the internet went buck because At The Drive-In announced they were getting back together. We didn’t report it until two days later, because, you know, meh. On that same day, mythical Swedish hardcore beast Refused announced they were getting back together. We didn’t report that until now because huh? I don’t know why. Probably because of bwuh.

Past the bwuh and huh, Brooklyn Vegan broke the news that Refused were getting back together to play Coachella. Hey now, that’s the same festival At The Drive-In is playing. Y’all plan that? Pretty cute, guys, pretty darn cute. As it turns out, they’re also going to play Sweden’s Way Out West festival. That means they’re playing two dates. Or, wait, three dates, because Coachella is a two-weekend thing now. Bwurgh? They also say they’re going to play more dates, which should make people who aren’t in a constant state of confusion happy. I guess it makes me happy, too.

Refused dates:

04.13.12 - Indio, CA - Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival
04.20.12 - Indio, CA - Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival
08.09-11.12 - Gothenburg, Sweden - Way Out West Festival

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Mad Men Season 5 spoiler alert!!! Don Draper road trips with blue muppet in new Herman Düne video; band tours, releases EP

Don’s been known to steal away with the top down, and in the new video for “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know,” the first single from Herman Düne’s upcoming EP of the same name, he does just that, only instead of a busty lady in the passenger seat, it’s a nice, hitchhiking blue muppet who accompanies him on his journey. After viewing, one thing’s clear — that muppet is a way less wooden actor than January Jones.

Surely this is a look inside the mind of one of televised drama’s most complex characters. Or possibly just a cute accompaniment to a catchy tune? Probably the former, so you’ve been warned in case you’re waiting indefinitely for Season 5 to begin and don’t want the video to ruin it for you anymore than this news story already has.

Herman Düne have been doing more than making Jon Hamm look pretty with wind in his hair, though — they’re about to embark on a brief All-North American tour promoting their new EP, set to drop January 17 on Strange Moosic Records. If you like vaguely European accents singing over easily digestible pop music (and missed Peter Bjorn and John the last time they blew through town), then make sure and catch Herman Düne this month. Don’t worry, Mad Men won’t start until the band’s safely back in Europe, so no need to set the DVR while you’re at the show.


01.12.12 - Chicago, IL - Schubas (Tomorrow Never Knows Festival)
01.14.12 - Los Angeles, CA - Theatre Raymond Kabbaz
01.16.12 - New York, NY - Joe’s Pub
01.17.12 - Boston, MA - TT The Bear’s
01.18.12 - Montreal, QC - Il Motore
01.19.12 - Toronto, ON - Horseshoe Tavern

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Ariel Pink works on two albums and a werewolf movie, naturally. What’s next? A cookbook?

According to Prefix, Ariel Pink, or “Pinker the Stinker” as my mom and her new juggalo boyfriend Stephen Wolf like to call him, has announced he has two new albums down the pipeline. Also, in a move to obviously cash in on the “man-wolf” craze started by Benicio del Toro, Ariel Pink plans on collaborating with writer/director Dave Gebroe on a werewolf movie set in the 1960’s. Tentatively called Bad Vibes. Pink will act, produce, and score the film.

One of the new albums, with the unconfirmed title A Death in Hollywood, will feature Pink’s Haunted Graffiti band. The other album, appropriately titled Ku Klux Glam, will be a collaboration with R. Stevie Moore. An unfinished version of this project is available for listening on SoundCloud.

I’ll report back with more info as soon as I find out if John Maus is doing a Hawaiian-themed vampire film.

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Jad Fair + Hifiklub + kptmichigan release a single-sided LP called Bird House, inform you that six goods make a great

So Jad Fair — a founding member of the off-kilter punk group Half Japanese — has been around the block a time or two. You know, collaborating with the likes of Teenage Fanclub, Yo La Tengo, Sonic Youth, Daniel Johnston, Mo Tucker, and John Zorn. No big deal. French artist Hifiklub and Germany’s kptmichigan have done their fair share of cool collaborations as well, including projects with Lee Ranaldo, Andrew W.K., and R. Stevie Moore. Recently, Jad Fair, Hifiklub, and kptmichigan all got together and recorded some music for Fair’s art exhibition at Le Dojo in Nice, France, and guess what — now they’re releasing a joint LP called Bird House.

Out January 24 on Joyful Noise Recordings, Bird House is limited to a one-time pressing of 300 hand-numbered 12-inch records — the first 45 copies pressed on translucent gold vinyl with black ink, and the next 255 pressed on translucent yellow vinyl with red ink. Side B of every copy features original Jad Fair screen-printed artwork. Do they want you to play this, or hang it from your ceiling as a decoration? Probably doesn’t matter; you can preorder copies here and stream “Let’s Win” at the Chocolate Grinder.

Bird House tracklisting:

01. Bird House
02. Let’s Win
03. Blue Skies
04. Entwine
05. You And I

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Grouper collaborates with The Bug, the mysterious disease inflicting the characters of Charles Burns’s graphic novel Black Hole, but, no, she’s actually collaborating with the dubby dance producer

Have you read Charles Burns’s comic book series Black Hole, collected in graphic novel form in 2005? You should, it’s good. Consider that a recommendation from this guy. Speaking of recommendations and obvious segways, Tiny Mix Tapes gave a vigorous recommendation to the music of Grouper (otherwise known as Liz Harris), whose album A I A (TMT Review) made it all the way to #6 on our recent year-end list. If you heeded our words of wisdom, you know that Harris’s music tends to skew toward ghostly, if not damn near almost silent. Hence why it’s kind of weird that Pitchfork reports that she’s working with London dance producer The Bug, whose 2008 album London Zoo (TMT Review) skewed as far away from silence as possible. By the way, “The Bug” was the name of the disease in Burns’s Black Hole and now everything has come full circle sothereyougo.

Details on the collaboration are sparse. I mean, really sparse. In fact, Pitchfork’s story comes from FACT noticing the following tweet from The Bug (who human beings in real life call Kevin Martin): “Spent the last two weeks writing sketches/demos for forthcoming collaboration between me and Grouper for the upcoming Ninja Tune Bug album.” And so ends all known information on the Grouper/The Bug collaboration.

It is worth noting that FACT has updated their story to mention that Martin also revealed through Twitter that he’s working with Jesu’s Justin Broadrick. Really, that could have been its own story, but, frankly, we don’t like you Justin Broadrick. Just playing, we like you fine! We just like Grouper a lot.

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Michael Pisaro announces a new album on Gravity Wave, so shut up about these reunions

Alright, if you nerds are done pissing your panties over all these goddamned indie rock reunions (I can recall a time when indie rock was well-off enough to not give a fuck whether At the Drive-In was a band or not), then I’ll give you some news worthwhile (and I’d like to note that the fIREHOSE reunion is exempt from my criticisms of reunions). It has come to our attention that guitarist and composer Michael Pisaro, who has over 80 compositions under his belt, is prepping his next recording for release near the end of February. The 56-minute piece for guitar and electronics will be titled fields have ears (6) and will be available through Pisaro’s own label, Gravity Wave.

According to Pisaro, fields has had a long composition history, starting from a solo for classical guitar and sine tones that premiered in Munich in July 2010. Various subsequent performances took place over more than a year, and with each performance, a new version was created that incorporated recordings from the previous performances. The layering of the piece ended in December, and the final product is dense with its own history and other sounds that Pisaro associated with the history of the piece, such as radios, field recordings, and other compositions of his.

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