Rhys Chatham, William Basinski, Oneida, and more added to Deerhunter-curated ATP lineup

Rhys Chatham, William Basinski, Oneida, and more added to Deerhunter-curated ATP lineup http://www.tinymixtapes.com/sites/default/files/1301/news-13-01-deerhunter-atp-rhys-chatham-william-basinski-oneida.jpg

If you like Deerhunter (and more specifically Deerhunter frontman Bradford Cox), then the upcoming Deerhunter-helmed ATP in Camber Sands, UK (June 21-23) is the must-see show for you this year. The Quietus is reporting that the curators will perform their three studio albums in their entirety (2007’s Cryptograms, 2008’s Microcastle, and 2010’s Halcyon Digest), Atlas Sound will do a set, and Atlas Sound collaborator Laetitia Sadier of Stereolab is also on the bill. Put on your fanciest sun dress and swing from the rafters in joy!

If that wasn’t enough, though, a who’s who of clear Deerhunter-influencers will also be on board, including The Breeders shambling their way through Last Splash, Wiliam Basinski recreating his Disintegration Loops, Kim Gordon performing with longtime collaborate Ikue Mori, Tom Tom Club, Rhys Chatham with Oneida, Pere Ubu, Dan Deacon, Avey Tare, Blues Control, former Talking Head Tina Weymouth, members of Broadcast, and more. It’s kind of a really good lineup.

Can’t make it to the UK this summer? Bummer, man. Maybe you can have a friend do a fake British accent while you listen to Microcastle on shitty headphones in a loud room? Just close your eyes and it’ll be like you’re there.

• ATP: http://www.atpfestival.com
• Deerhunter: http://deerhuntertheband.blogspot.com

Broken Social Scene to play Field Trip Festival, stirring awake like Smaug from Peter Jackson’s hit motion picture The Hobbit

Did y’all see The Hobbit? It’s the touching story of a group of at least nine heroes venturing to the Dwarven homeland in hopes of retaking it from the fearsome dragon Smaug. It was based on a book by a British man.

Do y’all know Broken Social Scene? They’re a touching group of at least nine musicians who play a fluid, expansive brand of art rock. In a way, they remind me of the protagonists from Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit (box office of over $600 million), except, instead of embarking on an adventure, they’ve been on hiatus since November 2011. To mix similes, they’re more like Smaug, who slumbers for much of Warner Bros’ The Hobbit.

Much like how Smaug awakens at the film’s end (…spoiler?), Consequence of Sound reports that Broken Social Scene are awakening from their musical sleep to play Arts & Crafts Records’ Field Trip Music & Arts Festival. On June 8, the band will take the stage to cover onlookers in a terrible fire play some classic Broken Social Scene numbers from their four albums. Broken Social Scene members Leslie Feist and Jason Collett appear elsewhere on the festival’s bill, so it’s not unreasonable that they will make an appearance during Broken Social Scene’s set. Other acts playing the fest include Bloc Party, Ra Ra Riot, Hayden, and Timber Timbre, all of which will likely not appear during Broken Social Scene’s set and are really more of Harry Potter people anyway.

• Broken Social Scene: http://www.brokensocialscene.ca
• Field Trip Music & Arts Festival: http://fieldtriplife.com

Steve Hauschildt leaves Emeralds, effectively ending the group

Just two weeks after the surprising announcement that Emeralds guitarist Mark McGuire had left the group, Steve Hauschildt has just announced his own departure via Twitter.

Citing personal reasons, he makes the result of his decision quite clear: “The band is now over and all tour dates are cancelled.” Solo material is still very much in the works for all former members, as ever, but Emeralds as a group is RIP 2006-2013. Listen to their final transmission, off last year’s Just to Feel Anything (TMT Review), below.

• Emeralds: http://editionsmego.com/artist/emeralds

Solange announces February tour, bumps Beyoncé off my vision board

Beyoncé, I have bad news for you. You know my vision board? The one where you had a plumb spot in the center, right next to that picture of a Flying-V guitar? Well, it’s over. You’re just not vision board material anymore. These days, I’m more into your sister, Solange. She’s like a radiant star in the middle of my dreams, the likes of which include owning a big dog and flying a kite. And I just know she’ll love seeing this vision board when, as Pitchfork reports, she goes on tour for a string of dates this February.

These dates find Solange hopping all over the United States (with a little bit of Canada thrown in for good measure), supporting last year’s True EP. Or this year’s True EP, since it just got a physical release this week, if you’re a stickler for such things. You can argue about that. Me, I’ll be busy cutting out a picture of a basketball going through a basketball hoop.

Solange dates:

02.05.13 - San Francisco, CA - The Independent
02.07.13 - West Hollywood, CA - House of Blues
02.19.13 - Boston, MA - Paradise
02.20.13 - New York, NY - Webster Hall
02.21.13 - Washington, DC - Black Cat
02.22.13 - Toronto, ON - The Hoxton
02.23.13 - Chicago, IL - Bottom Lounge

• Solange: http://www.solangemusic.com

Lil B not performing at the Grammys. #wrong #cruel #shameonCBS #bitchmob #taskforce #pinkflame

Well fuck. I’m gonna make this quick. Looks like Lil B won’t be performing at the Grammys after all. He wasn’t selected as a finalist in CBS’ “Gig of a Lifetime” contest, which Nobodaddy was really hyping the other day. Word over at p4k is that Lil B might have been removed from the competition before CBS even announced the winners of his region. Did the pop-punk kids who beat him rig the whole thing?


But probably not.

I’m done here. My internet connection sucks, and so does bad news.

• Lil B: https://twitter.com/LILBTHEBASEDGOD

William Basinski and Richard Chartier hold hands and wait for the sun to rise on their next release, Aurora Liminalis

While the world (or just people with really really excellent taste in music) dutifully awaits the release of William Basinski’s next full-length album Nocturnes, one’s affinity for gradual, hypnotic tones must not go unfulfilled. I’m talking about really gradual — the type of gradual where (because it’s so gradual), you don’t realize how gradual the tones actually are, until silence marks the end of the recording. You started listening to the album on a Tuesday in the winter, and by the time it’s finished, it’s the second Twednesday of August, in the year 3144. That’s right, the music was so gradual and immersive that, unbeknownst to you, it coincided not only with magnificent medical breakthroughs, but also the invention of a new day of the week: Twednesday.

Hyperbole aside, the first collaborative album between William Basinski and microsound musician Richard Chartier, released in 2004, certainly blurred the occasionally indistinct line between ambient and drone. Can we expect the same for their upcoming release, Aurora Liminalis, due out next month? The official description from Chartier’s own LINE imprint suggests… oh god, yes: “Disintegrating spatial shifts incorporating the two artists’ distinct sonic palettes mesh to create a slow, deep ebb and flow… like some melting spectral transmission.” Listen to the clip below, and feel free to get your preliminary melt on.

Aurora Liminalis tracklisting:

01. Aurora Liminalis

• William Basinski: http://www.mmlxii.com
• Richard Chartier: http://www.3particles.com
• LINE: http://www.lineimprint.com