RIP: Damon Harris of The Temptations

RIP: Damon Harris of The Temptations

From The Baltimore Sun:

Baltimore native Otis “Damon” Harris, a one-time member of the legendary Motown act The Temptations, died on Monday after losing a 14-year-long battle to prostate cancer, according to family spokesman Chuck Woodson. Harris was 62.

Harris, a resident of Owings Mills, died at the Joseph Richey Hospice in Seton Hill. Woodson said he was in remission until three years ago. The cancer had “gotten pretty bad” by the end of last summer, Woodson said, leaving Harris in the hospital from November until last week, when he was transferred to the hospice.

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RIP: Justin Benoit, former member of Cold Cave

From Pitchfork:

Justin Benoit, a former member of Cold Cave, has died, as the band’s Wes Eisold notes.

Benoit, who was also an author and poet, toured in Cold Cave’s live band surrounding their debut LP, 2009’s Love Comes Close. He also played on the split tape with Prurient, Stars Explode, released via Hospital Productions.

Benoit’s writing was published through Eisold’s own Heartworm Press.

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Beat Delete helps validate your love for obscure Ninja Tune records by reissuing vinyl via crowdsourced interest

Did you arrive late to the Amon Tobin party, only to realize your new favorite artist’s seminal records are out of print on vinyl? FACT is reporting that Beat Delete, a new project backed by Ninja Tune Records, is looking to help you out of your very specific conundrum. Following the now-ubiquitous Kickstarter model, Ninja Tune is putting up select out-of-print records for the crowdsourcing treatment. If enough people pre-order the yet-to-be-reissued slab of vinyl in question, the label will repress the piece with the security of knowing the discs will already have new homes to call their own.

While the majority of albums available for pre-purchase are from the Ninja Tune catalog, like-minded labels such as Domino, Beggars Archive, and Big Dada have joined the fun with a handful of releases, allowing the small but dedicated fan bases for individual artists and records to dictate the reissue process instead of relying on the often unreliable whims of the unwashed masses. This process could also help shine some light on a label’s back catalog, which might contain some gems of which newer fans are unaware.

In a world where it’s increasingly difficult to predict what’s going to sell, let alone keep an ‘independent’ operation afloat financially, it’s definitely worth trying any model that might ensure income and increase overall awareness (with very little input or risk on the part of the participants). Look for more labels to join this bandwagon soon, or for the public to adopt the model all on their own, demanding via pre-order that records be reissues for their consumption. Power to the people!

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Swans announce festival dates, continue mission to melt all faces

Michael Gira does not rest.

As Swans are currently globetrotting on the heels of a massive 2012 tour in support of an album we here at Tiny Mix Tapes really liked, The Seer (TMT Review) the band has announced a handful of summer festival dates.

They’ll be playing the middle day of Spain’s Primavera Sound festival before returning to the states for a gig at Brooklyn’s Northside Festival, a stop in Pittsburgh, and a set on the second day of Bonnaroo. Given the fact that recent touring has seen Gira and company playing sets upward of two-and-a-half hours, it will be interesting to see how their performance changes to fit the truncated festival format.

Swans dates:

05.24.13 - Barcelona, Spain - Primavera Sound Festival
06.13.13 - Brooklyn, NY - Warsaw (Northside Festival)
06.14.13 - Pittsburgh, PA - Rex Theater
06.16.13 - Manchester,TN - Bonnaroo Festival

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Inga Copeland releases (magical) preview EP in advance of (wondrous) forthcoming debut solo album

Inga Copeland — she of Hype Williams, she of the Inga Copeland half of Dean Blunt and Inga Copeland — is striking out on her own for a debut LP called Don’t Look Back, That’s Not Where You’re Going, due to land sometime this year. (Dean Blunt’s The Redeemer will be out May 1.) Thirty-second previews on this thang have been appearing on the internet for the past few months, but sometimes 30 seconds just isn’t enough, ya know? Sometimes you want, like, at least eight minutes of music. Sometimes you just want, like, a full-on three-track teaser 12-inch. And if anything, Inga and friends are known for giving the people what they want.

Hence, Hype Williams’ World Music imprint, the benevolent candy-dispensing psychedelic Easter Bunny of weirdo music labels (you know what I mean, don’t act like you don’t know), is making three very special tracks available to you, the listener, on March 4. Produced by fellow Hyperdub associates Martyn and DVA, this EP of wonders includes tracks “So Far So Clean,” “Speak,” and “A&E,” and is available for pre-order from Boomkat. (The magical part is that you get a free digital download dropped into your account on release day. Ooooh modern technology. Top hats. Doves. MAGIC.) Like a unicorn, this shit is gonna be rare, limited edition, act now, etc.

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ZS lubricate the portal to their new lineup, release LP of old trio recordings remixed by new trio

If you’ve seen the mighty ZS live lately, you may have been wondering why Sam Hillmer looks the same as ever, while guitar player Ben Greenberg and drummer Ian Antonio have completely switched styles and undergone extensive cosmetic surgery. Well, it turns out that Greenberg and Antonio left the lineup last year and those fellas playing up there are Patrick Higgins and Greg Fox!! Oh man, now I get why they were so resistant to spooning in my bed after the show… :(

For anyone else rocked by the news of an all-new ZS trio, the band has an LP planned for release that will help guide the listener from past to future with minimal motion sickness and maximal ~~ZS~vibe~~. Grain, out April 30 on LP and CD via Northern Spy, introduces ZS PHASE III by presiding over the final unreleased recordings of PHASE II, remixing the former trio’s work to a time-obliterating extreme across two side-long tracks, much like when fashion designers create new apparel from the husks of last year’s runway models. Side A is manhandled by Hillmer and Higgins, while Side B is all Greg Fox’s doing.

FYI, Grain is a “remix” in the same sense that MMW (TMT Review) and New Slaves (TMT Review) were “studio” recordings — where the given constraint is treated like the lead instrument, pushing beyond the physical limits of the band and transforming their sound into something huge. The new ZS have arrived… it’s just in the form of a ghostly, sweaty hologram.

Grain tracklisting:

01. Grain Part One (by Patrick Higgins and Sam Hillmer)
02. Grain Part Two (by Greg Fox)

March tourdateZS:

03.03.13 - Brooklyn, NY - The New Music Bakesale at Roulette *
03.06.13 - Pittsburgh, PA - Gooski’s *
03.07.13 - Cleveland, OH - Now That’s Class *
03.08.13 - Chicago, IL - Experimental Sound Studios *
03.08.13 - Chicago, IL - The Observatory *
03.09.13 - Chicago, IL - Swerp Mansion #
03.10.13 - Chicago, IL - The Empty Bottle *
03.11.13 - Little Rock, AR - house show *
03.12.13 - Dallas, TX - Bryan Street Tavern *
03.13-15.13 - Austin, TX - SXSW
03.16.13 - Louisiana - TBA *
03.17.13 - Orlando, FL - Timucua White House
03.18.13 - Orlando, FL - Lil Indies *
03.19.13 - Atlanta, GA - 529 *
03.20.13 - Raleigh, NC - NC Kings Barcade *
03.21.13 - Richmond, VA - Strange Matter *
03.23.13 - New York, NY - location TBA %

* Guardian Alien
# ZS solo performances (Greg Fox, Patrick Higgins, Diamond Terrifier)
% Mivos Quartet

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