“Southern Lord reissues Sleep’s Dopesmoker.” Now, who wants to go to the blackboard to diagram that sentence?

"Southern Lord reissues Sleep's Dopesmoker." Now, who wants to go to the blackboard to diagram that sentence? http://www.tinymixtapes.com/sites/default/files/news-12-03-sleep.jpg

Hit I.

Dude, did you hear that Southern Lord Records is reissuing a deluxe version of Dopesmoker by Sleep this year?

Hit II.

Dude, did you know that the reissue of Dopesmoker by Sleep is gonna be remastered to sound better and that it’ll have new artwork by long-time Sleep artist Arik Roper that reportedly is totally smokable? Dead serious.

Hit III.

Dude, did you know that inspired Seal Team 6 to take down Osama Whathisface?

Hit IV.

Dude, I heard the reissue of Dopesmoker by Sleep contains this live track “Holy Mountain,” recorded at San Francisco’s I-Beam in 1994, and at that show, the whole fucking audience turned to stone when fucking guitarist Matt Pike played ripped out this one ancient melody that was carved on the gravestone of fucking Rutherford B. Hayes.

Hit V.

Dude, I just realized that if Dopesmoker by Sleep was, like, a woman… oh man…

Hit VI.

Dude, did I already tell you this crazy shit that Southern Lord is gonna be reissued on Dopesmoker by Sleep this year on Southern Lord via Dopesmoker by Sleep on Southern Lord?

Hit VII.

Dude, haha seriously, did you know that if your copy of Dopesmoker by Sleep is bigger than your face, you’re retarded?


Dude, ever think of how far away the stars are?

Dopesmoker tracklisting:

01. Dopesmoker
02. Holy Mountain (Live @ the I-Beam SF, CA. 1994)

European Spring Dates:

04.14.12 - Tilburg, Netherlands - Roadburn Festival
05.03.12 - Wroclaw, Poland - Asymmetry Festival *
05.04.12 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Amager Bio *
05.05.12 - Oslo, Norway - Betong *
05.06.12 - Stockholm, Sweden - Strand *
05.08.12 - Helsinki, Finland - Tavastia
05.09.12 - Berlin, Germany - Berghain *
05.10.12 - Leipzig, Germany - Conne Island *
05.11.12 - Prague, Czech Republic - Lucerna Music Bar *
05.12.12 - Budapest, Hungary - Club 202 *
05.13.12 - Zagreb, Croatia - Tvornica Kulture *
05.14.12 - Vienna, Austria - Arena *
05.16.12 - Rome, Italy - Circolo Degli Artisti *
05.17.12 - Cortemaggiore, Italy - Fillmore Club *
05.18.12 - Bern, Switzerland - Dachstock *
05.19.12 - Dortmund, Germany - Fzw *
05.20.12 - Athens, Greece - Gagarin 205
05.22.12 - Glasgow, UK - The Arches *
05.23.12 - Dublin, Ireland - Button Factory *
05.24.12 - Leeds, UK - Stylus *
05.25.12 - London, UK - I’ll Be Your Mirror
05.26.12 - Paris, France - Villette, Sonique
05.27.12 - Antwerp, Belgium - Trix *
05.28.12 - Munich, Germany - Feierwerk *
05.31.12 - Barcelona, Spain - Primavera Sound

* A Storm of Light

• Sleep: http://www.weedian.com
• Southern Lord: http://www.southernlord.com

Fennesz and Jon Wozencroft let Liquid Music simmer for 11 years, release it now that it’s nice and tender

Famed electronic composer Christian Fennesz was in the grocery store. Eggs, butter, apples, asparagus, and some laundry detergent. He thought he had everything he needed, but something was missing. No matter how he racked his brain, Fennesz just couldn’t figure it out. Once again, standing firm on his anti-list policy had proved his downfall. What was it? What could it be? Salmon? No, Fennesz had some salmon in his freezer. Then it hit him. He had completely forgotten to release Liquid Music, the film he made in 2001 with Touch Records founder Jon Wozencroft.

Fennesz pulled out his phone and dialed Wozencroft’s number, not caring that his cart was halfway-blocking the aisle. “Jon! Jon! We have to release Liquid Music! We completely forget about it,” Fennesz cried. Out in Touch headquarters, Wozencroft sighed to himself. As he had before, Wozencroft explained to his friend, “Fennesz, we didn’t forget to release Liquid Music. We didn’t release it because DVD mastering techniques have never been advanced enough to capture the water footage we filmed on Hi-8 and mini-DV between 1995 and 2001 in Prague, Paxos, Crete, Cephalonia, Messinia, London, and, um, I think there was a short clip from Monterey Bay.”

Fennesz was briefly stunned, before remembering that Jon had, in fact, explained this before. They had premiered the video back in the Touch 2001 tour, around the time he put out Endless Summer. Since then, they had shown the piece during dedicated screenings and live projections. “Right, right, Jon. Sorry about that. I really wish we could put that out, though,” Fennesz replied.

A smile formed on Wozencroft’s face. “I have good news, buddy,” he said. “We have put it out. It’s out now through Touch, as a USB stick. It contains the .mov file, along with text files and images. Hell, I even already told FACT about it.”

“Wonderful news, Jon,” Fennesz said. “Now, I have to finish my shopping. And, oh, you know what, artichoke hearts. That’s what I need to get.”

• Fennesz: http://www.fennesz.com
• Touch: http://www.touchmusic.org.uk

Animal Collective releasing Record Store Day 12-inch of Transverse Temporal Gyrus material

Aw dude no way. I thought those fruits who think they’re animals an’ shit were fukkin’ long gone dog. They had that gay as hell My Girls album (an’ look, no hate, it’s gay like bad not like dudes fukkin’.. big difference brah) and then some Winters Bone EP shit which ripped only cuz you sample mah dog Jerry Garcia once an’ you got a fukkin’ ripped song in the can, but after that it was like phew how bout some not gay shit now as a breather pitchfork?

But nope, fruits will produce juice LOL so for Record Store Day on April 21 (big ups on this shit, last year I stole a Bob Dylan 7-inch box and sold it for like half an ounce), Animal Collective are selling (LOL) a limited (to 5000) 12-inch of music used in that SUPER fruity Transverse Temporal Gyrus installation at the Guggenheim last year. Domino are droppin’ product and the news comes from P4K obvs. I’m pretty much far from stoked but maybe you are. For real though if you’re in the SF area and you pick this up at Amoeba, just show it to the dude in the thick wool hoodie outside afterward and I’ll give you like a 10% discount on doses. Here’s some other shit said:

The music on this 12” is a collage we made consisting of the original tracks, as well as live recordings made inside the Guggenheim before the doors were opened to the public. It will be the only physical format on which any of the music will be released. Coinciding with Record Store Day, we will also launch a website which will contain an audio player that recreates the computer program designed for the Guggenheim event. This will give listeners a new and unique collage each time the program is run. Danny Perez, who created the artwork for this 12”, will also create video content for the website consisting of footage from, and projections used in the original event.

• Animal Collective: http://animalcollective.org
• Domino: http://www.dominorecordco.us

Lindstrøm heads out on US tour… like an astronaut!!!!!!!!!! Oneohtrix Point Never and Owen Pallett remixes on the way too

Sun Ra once said that space is the place. Most likely, he said it because he really liked space and also because it rhymed. However, some theorize that Sun Ra was, in fact, speaking prophecy. By these readings, Sun Ra spoke of the birth of a man, the sort of man who would lead electronic disco into a new cosmic realm. Unfortunately, Sun Ra was completely wrong on these matters, as Hans-Peter Lindstrøm (or, you know, just plain Lindstrøm) was actually born in Norway, instead of space. Sorry, Sun Ra, maybe next time! Oh wait, you’ve been dead for nearly 20 years. Sorry, Sun Ra’s ghost, maybe next time!

Forget Sun Ra for a minute. (But how could you???) Whether he’s born in Space or Norway or a third location, Lindstrøm does make a good bit of electronic disco that sounds like it at least hangs out in space a lot. He even put out a new record of that stuff called Six Cups of Rebel earlier this year. Now, he’s planning on doing a quick run of US dates, probably all at former space shuttle launching pads. Or just regular venues. Beyond that, his work should be subject to remix from artists like Owen Pallett, Oneohtrix Point Never, and Rub N Thug later this year. No more info on when and how those remixes will materialize, nor do I have any info on who Rub N Thug is. I could probably fix that pretty easily, though.

Lindstrøm dates:

03.16.12 - San Francisco, CA - Mezzanine
03.18.12 - Los Angeles, CA - El Rey Theatre
03.24.12 - Denver, CO - Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom
03.25.12 - New York, NY - Webster Hall
03.26.12 - Toronto, ON - Wrong Bar
03.27.12 - Detroit, MI - Hart Plaza

• Lindstrøm: http://feedelity.com
• Smalltown Supersound: http://www.smalltownsupersound.com

Swans nearly finished recording The Seer double album: “complete synthesis of everything […] Swans has done”

Swans were dead. Then, in the middle of the band’s long-delayed burial ritual, Swans’ father — overcome with grief — upended the ceremony by guiding the band up a rope to the sky via circuit-bent remote control. Now, with the funeral audience captivated and nervous, whispering theories on how Michael Gira’s cowboy hat stayed on through the whole process, Swans’ father has his index finger poised and trembling before the concealed button that will ignite the kerosene-doused rope and spray mourners’ faces with bits of unidentifiable pink goo from the sky.

A.K.A. Swans are almost finished recording their new album The Seer, and it’s going to be BRIG! Wait sorry I mean BIG! Gira spoke with Spin today about the album’s progress and guessed that it should be out sometime this summer on Young God. Swans recently released a two-disc live album to raise recording funds, which offered a whiff of the new album’s grandiosity. The Seer will be a massive two-hour epic on double CD and triple vinyl that is “the complete synthesis of everything [Gira’s] done and Swans has done,” including “pretty intense” moments mixed with “pastoral” ones, and featuring guest appearances from Karen O, Alan and Mimi of Low, and Akron/Family.

Yep. Now don’t get so excited that you forget about these Michael Gira solo dates… he’d be very sad and might cancel the whole Seer project if these venues aren’t packed. We all have to do our part to get this Swans record finished!

Michael Gira solo dates:

03.15.12 - San Francisco, CA - Great American Music Hall $
03.16.12 - Los Angeles, CA - Echo $
03.22.12 - Seattle, WA - Triple Door $
03.23.12 - Portland, OR - Mississippi Studios $
03.24.12 - Denver, CO - Oriental Theater %

$ Sir Richard Bishop
% Wovenhand

• Swans: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Swans/13879391977
• Young God: http://www.younggodrecords.com

[Photo: Amelie Sjöstrand Gereholt]

Fat Possum signs UK sibling duo 2:54; band preps detailed and itemized tour itinerary

I know what you’re thinking: “Finally! A band with a name that sounds like I’m constantly checking the clock, a band with a name I’ll never ever in a million years remember!” But you will remember 2:54, you ol’ time-hating naysayer! In fact, you’ll remember these saucy English sisters every time you happen to hear that wonderful, numerical combination, and you’ll feel a hankering for their yearning, tough-girl rock ‘n’ roll. The London-based sibling duo of Colette and Hannah Thurlow have been racking up accolades since their Scarlet EP was released in Europe last fall and Fat Possum signed them on for a record deal here in the US.

The lovely Thurlows will touch down in the US for their first stateside tour this March, complete with bicoastal stops and the obligatory venture into the land of wonders known as SXSW, where they’ll be playing showcases for NME, Brooklyn Vegan, and Stereogum. After their American tour, 2:54 head back to the UK, where they’ll tour with amazing doom folk high priestess Chelsea Wolfe and wistful English/Welsh up-and-comers Deaf Club. Although Scarlet has been out in Europe for a minute, US fans can pick up the EP through Fat Possum on March 5.

Scarlet tracklisting:

01. Scarlet
02. Wait / Awake
03. Got a Hold
04. Dawn


03.12.12 - New York, NY - Mercury Lounge *
03.14.12 - Austin, TX - Bar96 (Brooklyn Vegan Showcase)
03.15.12 - Austin, TX - Roy’s Austin (Stereogum Showcase)
03.16.12 - Austin, TX - Latitude 30 (NME Showcase)
03.16.12 - Austin, TX - Fader Fort
03.20.12 - Los Angeles, CA - The Echo *
03.22.12 - San Francisco, CA - The Rickshaw Stop

* Big Deal

• 2:54: http://www.twofiftyfour.net
• Fat Possum: http://www.fatpossum.com