Squarepusher roundly pushes all squares out of his way to squarely focus on the release of new, square-pushing album of newness

Squarepusher roundly pushes all squares out of his way to squarely focus on the release of new, square-pushing album of newness http://www.tinymixtapes.com/sites/default/files/news-12-02-squarepusher.jpg

Listen to me, party friends, of the news item for which I am to be telling you in the present time. If, as me, you too like more of the synthetic clicks and the whistles than the AC/DC’s with their deeds of dirt done cheaply, then The Squarepusher he is a guy for you! Electronics wizzard of drum and of bass acid sounds Tom Jenkinson (is alternate ego for the Squarepusher) is said by The Quietus to will be releasing new, “super bad” (which is idiom) good album in this coming of May through his homeplate labelbosses of the Warp Recorders. Hooray with me, indeed, fellow junkies of the techno jazz! For this album of newness is equal to first new album since debut of Squarepusher Presents: Shobaleader One project for which album with too many not Squarepusher music-makers was employed for from the 2,010 years.

The newness of yet unborn album has in its nature the title of Ufabulum, which is doubtless fun to speech with out in the loud if you hold in your possession the idea of time. Tiny amounts of diminutive other informations can be said to exist at such present conditions allow, if only for this quotation from horse’s mouth of Squarepusher’s: “I’ve started thinking about pure electronic music again. Something very melodic, very aggressive.” While this speech is doubtless difficult to have been understood, perhaps a teasing of its video’s music will do well to project additional sun on subjects which are of the hand after discussions just now concluded.

• Squarepusher: http://warp.net/records/squarepusher
• Warp: http://warp.net

Stephen O’Malley and Steve Noble will release a new LP on Bo’Weavil in March. Honestly.

Okay. No funny business. I’m just going to tell you straight, because you deserve to know the truth. Steve Noble and Stephen O’Malley have a record coming out together. I’m not going to sugar-coat it, because you’re old enough now to deal with it.

English jazz drummer Steve Noble and guitarist, producer, composer, and sunn 0))) member Stephen O’Malley performed together as a duo at the legendary Café Oto last year, and now the brutally beautiful gig is available as a double LP via Bo’Weavil Recordings in March.

Noble’s drumwork is featured running full-throttle, as O’Malley begins his guitar at a low roar that expands into a chaotic rampage. Bo’Weavil recommends the discs for fans of Fushitsusha and is offering them for pre-order now.

I know you’re excited and at the same time a little freaked out by my brutal honesty. But I’m real. Respect.

• Stephen O’Malley: http://www.ideologic.org
• Steve Noble: http://www.efi.group.shef.ac.uk/musician/mnoble.html
• Bo’Weavil: http://www.boweavilrecordings.com

John Peel’s record collection soon to be made available online as virtual museum… those poor BBC interns

Can you imagine what 25,000 LPs looks like? It makes the organizer ladies over at Hoarders shake in their boots. Add in 40,000 singles and god knows how many CDs and you’ve got one hell of a massive collection on your hands. All of this vinyl, metal, and plastic belongs to the estate of the late John Peel, the famed Radio 1 DJ who passed away at the age of 65 back in 2004 from a heart attack, and for the first time, it’s soon to be made available online.

Peel’s widow, Sheila Ravenscroft — recently discovered among towering piles of cassette tapes and empty jewel cases — is thrilled to know that Peel’s collection will soon be brought into the digital age with help from the BBC and The Arts Council.

Initially, Peel’s collection will be made part of a new experimental digital service ominously called The Space and will be available on the web, via mobile devices and as an on-demand service from Freeview HD from May to October. Eventually, though, the “idea is to digitally recreate John’s home studio and record collection, which users will be able to interact with and contribute to, while viewing Peel’s personal notes, archive performances and new filmed interviews with musicians,” notes Frank Prendergast of Eye Film and Television. Funding for the project is being provided by The Arts Council, and the BBC is chipping in its technical expertise.

Unfortunately for small labels that specialize in reissuing long-lost treasures from the English-speaking world, public access to this unparalleled collection may make their services all but obsolete. For the rest of us, this is an awesome opportunity to do some musical exploration in the type of online museum space that we’ll hopefully see much more of in the future.

• John Peel: http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/johnpeel
• The Space: http://www.artscouncil.org.uk/funding/apply-for-funding/strategic-fundin…

Domino Records entices with Smugglers Way flexi disc zine featuring Dirty Projectors, John Maus, Real Estate, and more

The all-mighty Record Store Day rears its triumphant head again April 21 and things just got a little sweeter with news that Domino Records USA will publish its first Flexi Disc Zine in honor of Record Store Day, which will feature a) unreleased songs from five super-duper Domino artists; b) literary treats; and c) an ultra-snazzy cover from Black Dice’s Bjorn Copeland.

Entitled Smugglers Way, the flexi disc zine will include five unreleased songs from Domino artists Dirty Projectors, John Maus, Cass McCombs, Real Estate, and Villagers. Packaged lovingly along with all that good music will be 24 pages of artsy treats from both Domino and Ribbon artists. Artists contributing both long and short written pieces include Alex Bleeker (Real Estate), Ade Blackburn (Clinic), Tom Fleming (Wild Beasts), and Laura Marling. New illustrations will be provided by folks like Andrea Estella (Twin Sister), Alison Mosshart (The Kills), Connor O’Brien (Villagers), and Jon Hopkins. Jana Hunter will contribute new photography and Owen Pallett (Final Fantasy) will throw in an original arranged score. And the whole thing comes wrapped in Bjorn Copeland’s sweaty arms! Look for it on April 21, and listen to the Real Estate contribution below.

Smugglers Way tracklist (all on individual flexi discs):

Dirty Projectors - “You Against The World”
John Maus - “No Title (Molly)”
Cass McCombs - “Teachers”
Real Estate - “In My Car”
Villagers - “Shards”

• Domino: http://www.dominorecordco.us

Governor’s Ball announces 2012 lineup: Beck, Modest Mouse, Built to Spill, Devendra Banhart, no actual governors

Andrew Cuomo is such a cool governor! Well, I mean, I don’t actually know the guy. I don’t live in New York and the timeline of my knowledge of the guy goes as such: “New York governor” search –> “Andrew Cuomo” Wikipedia page –> now. What I do know for a fact, though, is that when he has a ball, it’s a pretty alright ball. On June 23 and 24, the second-annual Governor’s Ball Festival will take place in the largest city in New York: New York City!

While most lame-o governors would have gotten some old lame-o crooners like Tony Bennett (yuck gross), Andrew Cuomo is a cool guv, so he’s got quite the lineup planned: Beck, Modest Mouse, Built to Spill, Passion Pit, Cults, Devendra Banhart, Duck Sauce, Explosions in the Sky, and some other folks. Two names in particular stand out. First is something called Special Disco Version, which apparently consists of James Murphy and Pat Mahoney. That’s probably cool governor code for “DJ Set,” though. The second is the block of question marks on the festival’s second day. Which, I suppose, isn’t actually a name, but still, intrigue! The full lineup can be found at the Governor’s Ball website. If you really want more info, you can write Cuomo yourself, though he’ll probably just respond with a swear-filled tirade about how he has nothing to do with this festival and please stop writing him, you dumb internet writer.

• Governor’s Ball: http://governorsballmusicfestival.com

Mission of Burma leave Matador and sign to Fire Records, plan July LP release. This headline is far more interesting if taken literally.

Reunited post-punkers Mission of Burma have left one storied independent label for another. In late January, the band cut ties with Matador, the label that represents Sonic Youth, Fucked Up, Stephen Malkmus, and many more of your favorite post-bands. No official reason for their departure has been given, but in the opinion of this writer and with absolutely no factual basis for the following statement, they definitely wanted more money.

However, we can now report that Fire Records has struck a worldwide-release deal with Mission of Burma, who are currently in the studio recording a new album that’s reported to be “their most ambitious, progressive and vibrant recording yet.” The band is to tentatively release the LP (their fourth post-reunion, fifth overall) on July 10, “or else.” The albums Mission of Burma have released since their 2002 reunion — 2004’s ONoffON, 2006’s The Obliterati (TMT Review), and 2009’s The Sound The Speed The Light (TMT Review), were released by Matador.

Meanwhile, a religious mission in Myanmar has fled from a decorated bullfighter and entered into a contract requiring them to launch legal documents from some sort of catapult. Mission of Burma do not believe this will impede the July 10 release of their new album.

• Mission of Burma: http://www.missionofburma.com
• Fire: http://www.firerecords.com


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