Superchunk announce fall tourdates! Supernice!!!

Superchunk announce fall tourdates! Supernice!!!

Ah, superlatives. Where would we be without them? How could I convince my girlfriend that I refuse to apply for jobs because I know that I’m destined to be the most important songwriter of the 21st century? And how would my annoying friends ever qualify LOST as the “best show ever” on Facebook every 18 seconds? How the heck would my mom try to convince me for the millionth time that Catholicism is the ONE TRUE FAITH? I don’t mind telling you that it’d be hard. Damn hard.

And hey, what about Superchunk? They might be the most superlative indie rock band there is right now: the “most indie” band on the “coolest” label with the “best” use of “super-” in its name. I mean, without superlatives at their disposal, the name of their band would be “Chunk.” And who the hell would care that fucking Chunk have festival dates planned this summer followed by East Coast dates in September to support their long-anticipated new album Majesty Shredding (their first studio full-length since 2001’s Here’s to Shutting Up)?? I submit to you that no one would.

Don’t believe me? Well, fine. Here’s a list of CHUNK tourdates. Have fun being the only one there, man. The rest of us will be at the Supertramp show rocking out to/empathizing with the protagonist in “Goodbye, Stranger.”

06.19.10 - Denver, CO - Westword Music Festival
06.20.10 - Chicago, IL - Taste of Randolph Street Festival
07.24.10 - Omaha, NE - MAHA Music Festival
09.17.10 - Washington, DC - 930 Club
09.18.10 - New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom
09.19.10 - Brooklyn, NY - Music Hall of Williamsburg
09.21.10 - Boston, MA - Royale
09.22.10 - Philadelphia, PA - Trocadero

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Grizzly Bear flesh out tour, including US shows, because there are a couple of folks in the US who want to see them

Did you know that Grizzly Bear are extremely popular? It’s true. Last year, the Brooklyn group released Veckatimest (TMT Review), which sold a whole ton of copies, ended up on about every major publication’s year-end list, and gave thousands of college freshmen new ringtones in the form of “Two Weeks.” Basically, Grizzly Bear are all sorts of popular now. So, what do you do when you’re all sorts of popular? If you’re smart, you go on tour and enjoy that string of almost-certainly sold-out shows. If you’re really smart, you add some US dates to that tour. Grizzly Bear are really smart.

Grizzly Bear tourdates:

05.27.10 - Porto, Portugal - Coliseu do Porto *
05.29.10 - Barcelona, Spain - Primavera Sound
06.20.10 - Brooklyn, NY - Williamsburg Waterfront &
06.25.10 - Cork, Ireland - Live at the Marquee ^
06.27.10 - Pilton, UK - Glastonbury
06.28.10 - London, UK - Serpentine Sessions @ Hyde Park
06.29.10 - Paris France, L’Olympia %
07.02.10 - Oxford, ME - The Nateva Music Festival @ The Oxford Fairgrounds
07.18.10 - Southwold, UK - Latitude Festival
07.25.10 - Newyorn, Australia - Enmore Theatre
07.27.10 - St Kilda, Australia - Palais Theatre
07.30.10 - Woodford, Australia - Splendour in the Grass (Queensland)
08.07.10 - Chicago, IL - Lollapalooza
08.12.10 - New York, NY - Governor’s Island $
09.18.10 - Hollywood, CA - Hollywood Bowl #

* Cibelle
& Band of Horses
^ Midlake, Camera Obscure
% Dirty Projectors
$ Gang Gang Dance, The Walkmen
# Phoenix, Girls

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Omar Souleyman leads Middle Eastern invasion of North America

Remember back when we talked about how Syrian techno overlord Omar Souleyman is releasing a new collection of tunes through Sublime Frequencies and touring the UK? Yeah, that was cool. Then we announced that he would be expanding his tour to include a fair amount of European shows with a hint at possible North American dates, remember? Well, lo and behold, it just so happens that the man is quite serious about bringing that Middle Eastern groove over to the states. If you’re doubting just how serious he is, just take a look at the photo above: now that’s a serious stare if I’ve ever seen one.

Turns out we here at TMT aren’t the only ones showin’ love for the mustached dabke master. Björk apparently is also a huge fan and gives some mad props over at NPR.

North American dates:

06.19.10 - Cleveland, OH - The Cleveland Museum of Art
06.20.10 - Dearborn, MI - Arab-American National Museum
06.24.10 - Chicago IL - The Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs
06.25.10 - Ottawa, Canada - Ottawa International Jazz Festival
06.26.10 - New York, NY - SummerStage in Central Park
06.27.10 - Brooklyn, NY - Issue Project Room
06.28.10 - Montreal, Canada - Festival International de Jazz de Montreal
06.29.10 - Vancouver, Canada - Vancouver International Jazz Festival

European dates:

07.03.10 - Belfort, France - Eurockeennes Festival
07.04.10 - Rotterdam, Netherlands - Metropolis Festival
07.06.10 - Nantes, France - Le Lieu Unique
07.07.10 - Paris, France - Nouveau Casino
07.08.10 - Nijmegen, Netherlands - Doornroosje
07.09.10 - Brussels, Belgium - Recyclart
07.10.10 - Kortrijk, Belgium - Kortijk Conge Festival
07.13.10 - Porto, Portugal - Casa Da Musica
07.14.10 - Vigo, Spain - Festival Sinsal
07.15.10 - Lisbon, Portugal - Lux Fragil
07.17.10 - Cartagena, Spain - La Mar de Musicas
08.12.10 - Cannes, France - Festival Pantiero
08.13.10 - Berlin, Germany - Wassermusik Festival
08.14.10 - Helsinki, Finland - Flow Festival

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Juan MacLean gets his “DJ KiCKs” on the road

At Tiny Mix Tapes, we often like to rewrite press-release headlines in an attempt at approximating what someone might call “humor.” For this story, though, the press release did all of my work for me. Juan MacLean will indeed be getting his “kicks” this summer, most likely in a city near you, and most likely playing songs from his newest mix, DJ KiCKS, out now on !K7 Records. The press release also promises that Maclean’s tour will be “a driving, sweaty session thick with pumping keys and velvety warm bottom end sexing up dancefloors.” I cannot confirm or deny that statement, but if the press release headline is any indication, I think we’re good to go.

KiCK out the jams:

06.03.10 - Milwaukee, WI - The Moct
06.04.10 - Chicago, IL - Green Dolphin Street
06.05.10 - Brooklyn, NY - Fixed Party @ Public Assembly
06.08.10 - Austin, TX - Beauty Bar
06.09.10 - Jacksonville, FL - Square One
06.10.10 - Philadelphia, PA - Makin’ Time @ Voyeur
06.11.10 - Toronto, ON - Wrongbar
06.12.10 - Los Angeles, CA - TBA
06.13.10 - Phoenix, AZ - Days Inn @ Camelback
06.20.10 - Playa Del Carmen, Mexico - La Santernera
06.24.10 - Dallas, TX - PM
06.25.10 - Houston, TX - Boondocks
06.26.10 - West Palm Beach, FL - Respectable Street
06.30.10 - Salt Lake City, UT - W. Lounge
07.02.10 - Denver, CO - La Rumba

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Animal Collective’s ODDSAC pushed back to July 27, brain-melting summer edges further out of reach

Planning a brain-melting summer with your friends Animal Collective? You had best re-plan. The DVD release of ODDSAC, Animal Collective’s “visual album” with filmmaker Danny Perez, has been delayed until July 27. Sad news for your brain-melt summer, but our review of ODDSAC suggests it should be worth the wait.

Until then, there’s always the in-theater experience. Or you could also throw your hundredth Here Comes the Indian listening party.

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Lisbon bouncers hate No Age and let them know with their fists! Dean Spunt attacked in Portgual

“We had a great day walking around Lisbon. We came back to ZDB to chill for a second. I decided to stay in, but Dean, Scotty and Will wanted to hit the town,” says the blog post on No Age’s website, written by guitarist Randy Randall. He’s detailing the fun times had in Portugal. But then it all goes to hell…

“I fell asleep and was woke up when they all came back. they tried to get into some club and the bouncers jumped them. Out of nowhere these dudes were all getting punched in the face, Will got strangled!!! What the Fuck!?!?!?!?” What the fuck, indeed.

The post goes on to detail the events of the night wherein drummer Dean Spunt, sound engineer Scott Cornish, and temporary-third-member William Kai Strangeland Menchaca finished up their show for the night and headed out on the town to have some fun. They came across a nightclub that seemed tantalizing, but when they tried to enter, they were told that the club didn’t want “English.” Spunt then tried talking to the bouncer but was punched in the face and a fight ensued.

Despite the injuries seen above and at No Age’s website, a publicist assures the world that the band is okay and will be traveling forward to better shows and clubs where “English” are allowed.

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