SXSW sets up charity in aftermath of March 13 tragedy

SXSW sets up charity in aftermath of March 13 tragedy

Maaaan, this hasn’t been a good week at all. We might have to get our war on, some plane peaced out in the middle of the sea (which sea we don’t even know), and some washout ruined Banksy’s okay name. Most importantly, though, Austin’s South by Southwest Festival suffered an unfortunate tragedy: A suspected drunk driver, attempting to flee police following a sobriety checkpoint, rammed through the barricades near the Mohawk club and drove through attendees, injuring 23 and killing two. The driver is currently in custody and is facing capital murder and aggravated assault charges.

No doubt that everyone, everyone who is involved in the business is shocked, saddened, and worried about all this. While questions remain to be answered, SXSW is doing what it can to mitigate the effects of the tragedy. The festival has opened an Emotional Support Center at the Austin Convention Center that will run through the remainder of the festival, and both the Mohawk and next-door club Cheer Up Charlie’s will be open for business for the duration of the festival as well.

So yeah, things are pretty somber at the moment. But what can you, reader who skipped out on the festival but are reading every site to find out what’s been happening, do to help? Well, SXSW is partnering with the City of Austin and the Austin Convention and Visitors Bureau to run a charity for those who wish to help the victims. Called SXSW Cares, the charity, operated by the local Austin Community Foundation, will distribute funds to victims through a community-based system. Any remaining money will be placed in a trust in the event of a future tragedy similar to this one. Donate at the link above, and send some empathy to Austin, will ya?

[Note: E. Nagurney’s roommate was one of the injured. TMT is keeping her and the other victims in our thoughts.]

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Fat Worm of Error solo squelcher Bromp Treb embarks on first-ever US tour, drops three tapes at once!!

RANK AND FILE, ninkumquats: Bromp Treb is coming to town. Yeah, you heard me! It’s Bromp Treb, betch. Bromp Treb a.k.a. Neil Young Cloaca a.k.a. Fat Worm of Error drummer par excellence is tiptoeing out of his New England hobbit hole and then full-sprinting around the East Coast/Midwest, demonstrating via “onomatopoeic flailings” a little something called American ingenuity. It’s the SPRING TICKLES TOUR, and though it started a week ago it’s really cookin’ starting tonight. Check out this trailer, NOW:

You like that? We’re just getting started, Jax. Bromp Treb’s been training for this debut tour for 13 years (hey, why not release one of the best albums of the 2000s along the way), so he’s not about to slide into these cities sans posse. But whoa: take the sunglasses off each member of that posse and you’ll find yourself staring back at THREE BRAND-NEW TAPES! The first one is 78 Red Sticks, which introduces simple objects (glass, styrofoam, cardboard, the now-famous red sticks) to simple electronics (transducers, motors, effects) and lets them shoot the breeze:

Then there’s Abuse Abandon Abort, a bunch of Bromp-beaten garbage from the last decade-plus, dumped back onto the dinner table:

Your final selection is Nonfood Bespoke Innovation, which can only be explained in this way: “tape collage ruminating product packaging evolving the nature of nature”:

All are limited to 50 cassette copies, or you can just grab the digi(mon) for $4 each. Grammy’s gums are waitin’.


03.14.14 - Brooklyn, NY - Silent Barn
03.15.14 - Baltimore, MD - Red Room
03.16.14 - Philadelphia, PA - The Vat
03.17.14 - Oberlin, OH - Fairchild Chapel
03.18.14 - Pittsburgh, PA - The Shop
03.19.14 - Detroit, MI - North End Studios
03.20.14 - Chicago, IL - Bijou Theater
03.23.14 - Columbus, OH - Cat Science
03.24.14 - Buffalo, NY - Dreamland

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Wooden Wand announces Farmer’s Corner for May release, grows more woodenier and wandier with every passing year

James Jackson Toth, as Wooden Wand, is about to get as Wooden Wandy as he’s ever gotten, and he’s going to do it right up in your business. What I mean is, he’s got a brand-new full-length planned for Fire Records entitled Farmer’s Corner. Now, you may think to yourself, “Didn’t he just put out two albums last year, what is he, a robot?” and you will be correct on both counts. Yes, he did put out two albums last year — Blood Oaths of the New Blues (TMT Review) and Wooden Wand and the World War IV (TMT Review) — and yes, he is a robot (though as a long-time Star Wars fan, he prefers droid). I have personally seen the metallic glint of his exoskeleton on no less than three occasions.

With Farmer’s Corner, Toth has brought together some of his best musical pals, including William Tyler, Darin Gray, and Doc Feldman. Together they form what’s called a band. Instead of posting up in one studio for a short period of intensive work like he’s done in the past, though, Toth opted to let the recordings for Farmer’s Corner unfurl in “fits and starts” across four studios in three states. The press release says this resulted in the “most ‘Wooden Wand’ album in the Wooden Wand discography,” and though I’m not 100% sure what that means, I’m going to go ahead and include it here because it sounds good. At any rate, it turns out that this is the first self-produced Wooden Wand album ever. You wanna know what the Wooden Wandiest of the Wooden Wandy sounds like? Listen to “Dambuilding” from the album below.

Farmer’s Corner tracklisting:

01. Alpha Dawn
02. Uneasy Peace
03. When the Trail Goes Cold
04. Adie
05. Dambuilding
06. Sinking Feelings
07. Home Horizon
08. Port of Call
09. Gone to Stay

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Excepter announce European tour, intend to finish what they started nine years ago

Nine years ago, Brooklyn noise act Excepter crossed the ocean with the intent of conquering Europe. Clearly, they failed, as evidenced by the governing body of the entire continent of Europe being someone other than the band Excepter. In that time, they’ve licked their wounds, and they’ve put out some records. They’ve not, though, attempted to return to the site of their greatest failure. But, friends, their dream remains alive. This April, the group will venture once more into Europe. Will they succeed in obtaining absolute power within the territories? No, there’s no way, that doesn’t even make sense. They will, however, play a bunch of concerts. Here’s a promo video for the tour:

When not attempting to conquer continents, Excepter keep busy by releasing music. The group has two releases set for the coming year: the Familiar LP through Blast First Petite and The Stand EP through Dekorder. Neither has a set release date yet, but they’re coming sometime relatively soon. Until that relatively soon comes, watch the video for “Maids” off Familiar. If you need to kill more time, then watch this video of Excepter at Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn.

Excepter dates:

04.03.14 - Porto, Portgual - Culturgest
04.04.14 - Lisbon, Portugal - Galeria Zé dos Bois (w/Tropa Macaca)
04.05.14 - Madrid, Spain - Electronica en Abril @ La Casa Encendida
04.06.14 - Barcelona, Spain - Apolo
04.07.14 - Lyon, France - SONIC
04.08.14 - Geneva, Switzerland - Cave12
04.09.14 - Turin, Italy - Velvet
04.10.14 - Milan, Italy - Wave Milano
04.11.14 - Innsbruck, Austria - p.m.k.
04.12.14 - Wien, Austria - fluc
04.13.14 - Prague, Czech Republic - Pilot Klub
04.15.14 - Berlin, Germany - Kantine am Berghain
04.17.14 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Jazzhouse
04.18.14 - Stockholm, Sweden - Fylkingen
04.19.14 - Tallinn, Estonia - ULME
04.20.14 - Helsinki, Finland - Korjaamo
04.23.14 - Rotterdam, Netherlands - WORM
04.24.14 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - OT301
04.25.14 - Paris, France - Instants Chavires
04.26.14 - Gent, Belgium - Vooruit

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clipping. plan Sub Pop debut for June 10, so mark your calendars and pray the world doesn’t end

This just in: turns out that musical group number two on my ongoing list of musical groups that I was all like, “Wait, they signed to Sub Pop? You mean that Sub Pop?” is those noise-rap cool-guys clipping. (first on that list were those sweethearts Condominium). No hate, y’all, just saying there’s more Postal Service reissues than you can shake a stick at between us and the noisy Nirvana/Mudhoney days of yore. But all of that is in the past. Literally everything that’s ever happened is in the past! That’s how time works!

As you may have gleaned from the previous paragraph when I pretty much came out and said it, clipping. have signed to Sub Pop. You might remember their debut full-length from last year Midcity (TMT Review). We sure do (don’t believe me? scope that link in the last sentence), and we thought it was pretty swell. Good news for everyone who agreed that Midcity was “swell.” As bands often do when they sign to record labels, clipping. are now planning to release their label debut with Sub Pop, entitled CLPPNG! The band has collaborated with Sub Pop to tell Siri that they would like to release the album on June 10 in North America and June 9 in Europe. After a bit of confusion where Siri gave them directions to a hardware store, the date was added to their calendar, so they drafted a press release, and now I’m telling you about it.

If you want to scoot on over to the Sub Pop Mega Mart, you can pre-order this sucker right now, on CD and LP. Pay attention though, because the LP version doesn’t include the tracks “Intro,” and “Ends.” But! If you pre-order, in addition to getting access to a special-edition white vinyl version of the album, you’ll also get an exclusive two song 7-inch including “Ends” as well as “Brian” featuring Brian Chippendale of Lightning Bolt. Choose wisely, friends. And in case you already listened to “Work Work” via that lyric video below and were all like, “Hmm, it’s pretty solid, but it seems a little less noisy than the shit on Midcity,” never fear, my good pal. The double LP version of CLPPNG has music on three sides, and then 100 LOCKED GROOVES ON THE FOURTH SIDE. If you ask me, that is EXPERIMENTAL AS SHIT and also TOTALLY WORTH USING CAPS LOCK TO EMPHASIZE.

CLPPNG CD / download tracklisting:

01. Intro
02. Body & Blood
03. Work Work (feat. Cocc Pistol Cree)
04. Summertime (feat. King T)
05. Taking Off
06. Tonight (feat. Gangsta Boo)
07. Dream
08. Get Up (feat. Mariel Jacoda)
09. Or Die (feat. Guce)
10. Inside Out
11. Story 2
12. Dominoes
13. Ends (feat. Charlemagne Lazarus Kinsman)
14. Williams Mix (feat. Tom Erbe)

CLPPNG LP tracklisting:

01. Body & Blood
02. Work Work (feat. Cocc Pistol Cree)
03. Summertime (feat. King T)
04. Inside Out
05. Tonight (feat. Gangsta Boo)
06. Dream
07. Get Up (feat. Mariel Jacoda)
08. Or Die (feat. Guce)
09. Taking Off
10. Story 2
11. Dominoes
12. Williams Mix (feat. Tom Erbe)


03.12.14 - Austin, TX - SXSW / Hotel Vegas (Volstead Inside) / Inland Empire
Touring Day Party (3:30pm)
03.14.14 - Austin, TX - SXSW / The Owl of Austin / PORTALS Day party (2pm)
03.15.14 - Austin, TX - SXSW / 512 (Downstairs) / Official SXSW Showcase
03.18.14 - Scottsdale, AZ - The Western
03.22.14 - Los Angeles, CA - The Church on York
03.26.14 - Leizpig, Germany - Conne Island
03.27.14 - Cologne, Germany - Baustelle Kalk
03.29.14 - Nurnberg, Germany - K4
04.30.14 - Krems an der Donau, Austria - Donaufestival
05.16.15 - Flushing, NY - Knockdown Center (Red Bull Academy Extreme Music
Mini Fest)
06.12-14.14 - Barcelona, Spain - Sonar
07.04.14 - George, WA - Sasquatch

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Sleigh Bells announce US tour dates for April, just in time for this coincidental news story!

Hey, perfect timing. No sooner does spring begin to thaw out our creaky-ass crank-bones, crippling seasonal depression, and aversion to any music that’s louder than whisper-level-quiet, than Brooklyn-based noise pop duo of Alexis Krauss and Derek Miller (whom, you’ll recall, released their third studio album as Sleigh Bells, Bitter Rivals, last year on the Mom + Pop label) come out to deliver the goods!

They’re still promoting that same album as last year, but there’s several super-dooper jammin’ festival stops in the mix this time — including stops at SXSW, Coachella, and Firefly — as well as some boring old regular-type shows here and there. I mean… shit, did I say “boring”? No. That’s winter-talk! Everything’s going to be amazing and warm and fun and sunny and loud and brash and killer-diller from now on! Say it with me, kids! KILLER! DILLER! We got this. Killer diller.

Sleigh Bells tour dates:

03.14.14 - Austin, TX - SXSW
03.21.14 - New Orleans, LA - BUKU Festival
04.05.14 - Norman, OK - University of Oklahoma - East Lawn
04.06.14 - Houston, TX - Warehouse Live
04.07.14 - San Antonio, TX - White Rabbit
04.09.14 - Phoenix, AZ - Crescent Ballroom
04.11-13.14 - Indio, CA - Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival
04.15.14 - Mexico City, Mexico - El Plaza Condesa
04.18-20.14 - Indio, CA - Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival
04.21.14 - Boulder, CO - Fox Theater
04.22.14 - Omaha, NE - Slowdown
04.23.14 - Des Moines, IA - Wooly’s
04.25.14 - Gambier, OH - Kenyon College - South Quad
04.26.14 - Carrboro, NC - Cats Cradle
04.27.14 - Atlanta, GA - Counterpoint Music Festival
04.29.14 - Charlotte, NC - Fillmore
04.30.14 - Charleston, SC - The Music Farm
05.02.14 - Tampa, FL - Big Guava Music Festival
06.06-09.14 - Randall’s Island, NY - Governors Ball NYC Music Festival
06.13-22.14 - Toronto, ON - NXNE - Yonge Dundas Square
06.19-22.14 - Dover, DE - Firefly Music Festival

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