The Books’ videos released on DVD. But I really wanted to watch that church procession from 1989 on Blu-ray!

The Books' videos released on DVD. But I really wanted to watch that church procession from 1989 on Blu-ray!

You know the cliché when you’ve just finished a thoroughly engaging piece of literature and you’re remarking to your friends or peers about how engaging it was? “I couldn’t put it down!” one might be inclined to say, ignoring the fact that you’ve very obviously put it down to socialize and provided zero useful information to anyone who might be interested. “So, uh, what’s it about?” “I just seriously couldn’t put it down!” “Oh, okay.”

By contrast, the musical The Books aren’t letting you put them down, despite formally breaking up some time ago (in the midst of the 1960s counterculture movement, but prior to LBJ’s promotion of the Great Society). About two months ago, The Books (or an intermediary thereof) announced the separation-for-sale of Music for a French Elevator and Other Oddities from their total and gargantuan artistic compendium A Dot in Time., released last year. A reasonable decision, considering the price of the latter, so now, Temporary Residence Ltd have decided to do the same for Freedom of Expression, a DVD of all the quirky videos that The Books utilized during their live shows and elsewhere. Experiencing one of those shows quickly revealed how complementary the “surreal mix of bizarre found footage, home movies, and psychedelic animated imagery” was to the music, so it’s certainly worthy of consideration.

Here’s where you can buy. Below: what’s in store. Oh those humans!

Freedom of Expression (2 hours long, btw) tracklisting:

01. That Right Ain’t Shit
02. Be Good to Them Always
03. Smells Like Content
04. Take Time
05. Meditation
06. It Never Changes to Stop
07. Tokyo
08. All A’s
09. If Now, Whenever
10. Classy Penguin
11. 8 Frame
12. An Owl with Knees
13. Twelve Fold Chain
14. Cello Song (feat. Jose Gonzales)
15. Handfart Man
16. Group Autogenics I
17. I Didn’t Know That
18. A Cold Freezin’ Night
19. Chain of Missing Links
20. We Bought the Flood
21. Mommy Daddy

• The Books:
• Temporary Residence Ltd:

Thrill Jockey brings the future of the past to the present today with first-ever cassette-only release, Jan St. Werner’s Transcendental Animal Numbers

Hey there, colleagues. Taylor Peters here, reporting from my wi-fi-enabled plane en route to the Social Media Leveraging and Positioning 2K13 conference/bacchanal in the Maldives. I just wanted to holler at you re: a new disruption in the brand-o-sphere vis a vis the globality of tech/musical interchange. At the end of the day, all things considered, and with all the cards on the surprisingly heavy imported marble table, it’s probably going to substantially re-configure how we generate actionable concepts of release-oriented solutions within a substantial chunk of extant sub-genres, so listen up.

I trust you’re familiar with Thrill Jockey, the innovative Chicago firm who last year celebrated their 20th anniversary. Well they’re at it again. It, of course, is “a headlong drive toward a tactical uptick in modular synergy.” By way of innovative and hands-on solutions to real human problems, they’re planning their first-ever cassette-only release in just a few short days. It’s from Jan St. Werner, one-half of Mouse on Mars, who also occasionally records under the solo name Lithops. Now, though, he’s leveraging his birth name with a solution-oriented approach to “carefully edited sounds derived from computer algorithms” on Transcendental Animal Numbers. Over two 20-minute tracks, the release stitches together constant sonic and tonal shifts into a coherent whole that still manages to be disruptive at both the technological and genre level. You can listen to Experimedia’s album preview below.

Scheduled for release on November 12, Transcendental Animal Numbers will be limited to 150 copies worldwide (each cassette comes with a download coupon), a fact that ensures a substantial ROI for anyone interested in shoring up their Google Dollars (preorder it here). The release is the second in St. Werner’s Fiepblatter Catalogue, the first of which, Blaze Colour Burn, arrived earlier this year. What I’m saying is this: if one of your KPIs is a steady release schedule, this Fiepblatter Catalogue might be as good a place as any to invest — especially with Thrill Jockey innovating release formats like they are here. Though details have yet to emerge, there have been some pretty clear indications that there’s more planned for this Fiepblatter Catalogue down the line, so keep your phone device close to your face, friend, and I’ll inform you as the data drips down the pike.

Transcendental Animal Numbers tracklisting:

01. Transcendental Animal Music
02. Parrodisia

• Jan St. Werner:
• Thrill Jockey:

Secret Boyfriend’s had enough of being locked away in the cellar, preps This Is Always Where You’ve Lived LP on Blackest Ever Black

I’ll spare you the obvious quip about why you probably haven’t heard of Secret Boyfriend until now. Oh, wait, no I will not!

As circumstance would have it, the project of North Carolinian Ryan Martin, founder of the Hot Releases label, has taken the secrecy of its intimacy to a whole new level — in fact, to an extent that’s forced obliviousness to the musical lovin’ that he’s provided since around 2009 or so. Let me italicize the musical part of that phrase; there are no legal boundaries being crossed or straddled in a non-consensual manner here. Instead, Martin and his alias have so far kept the anniversary-celebrating and the sweet “Good morning :)” texts deep in the underground, a few live shows to supplement the limited cassettes, and… fuckin’ hell, that’s what I call secret. Who’s tired of all the sneaking around?

Secret Boyfriend has a new album out December 9 (his first genuine LP, as it turns out) entitled This Is Always Where You’ve Lived, sponsored by (in a notable step into the limelight) the UK label Blackest Ever Black. “Potent” and “fully realized” though the album may be, I’ve had the chance to listen to some of it, and it’s nothing if not heterogeneous. It’s not quite folk. It’s not quite noise. Were we still in the age of antenna-based cable, you might find the best description during a thunderstorm. Here’s the official release page, and there’s a little SoundCloud preview embedded on that page too.

This Is Always Where You’ve Lived tracklisting:

01. Summer Wheels
02. Silvering the Wing
03. Form Me
04. Flashback
05. Remarkable Fluids
06. Beyond the Darkness
07. Dream Scrape
08. Glint and Glow
09. Have You Heard About This House?
10. Last Town
11. Deleted Hill
12. This Is Always Where You’ve Lived

• Blackest Ever Black:

Cloud Becomes Your Hand becomes a band that’s signed to Northern Spy, also becomes a band that tours the East Coast

Clap your hands and say, “wait, what the fuck is happening? My hands seem to have morphed into a visible mass of liquid droplets how am I supposed to perform my duties at the factory or pleasure my spouse?” because Brooklyn-based acid-trip-prog band Cloud Becomes Your Hand just signed to Northern Spy. In case you’re unfamiliar, Cloud Becomes Your Hand is a band that The New Yorker described explicitly as “kaleidoscopic” and implicitly as “maybe okay for wealthy white people to know about. We’ll see.”

Since starting out back in the Year of our Lord 2010 as the bedroom project of Stephe Cooper, the band has really perfected the art of evading concise description. One minute they’re all folky, then there’s a proggy synth line out of nowhere, then all of a sudden you’re like “Wait a minute, why am I suddenly in a video game?” Now they’re all grown up and planning both a full-length album on Northern Spy for February of next year, and a brief East Coast tour jaunt for THIS VERY MONTH (the dates are below).

You can check out two songs from the forthcoming album over on the group’s Bandcamp, or, if you look below, you can hear recordings from their performance at Shea Stadium, so named for the (in)famous Schmitty Shea, who on that ground back in the Year of our Lord 1905 finally perfected his recipe for a type of butter that you can totally justify rubbing on your face.


11.06.13 - Brooklyn, NY - Secret Project Robot #
11.07.13 - Philadelphia, PA - West Kensington Ministry $
11.08.13 - Boston, MA - Cantab Lounge
11.09.13 - Providence, RI - Bldg 16 %
11.10.13 - Northampton, MA - Feeding Tube Records ^

# Zula, Ava Luna, Ashcan Orchestra, Sam Owens (of Celestial Shore)
$ Scott Churchman
% Black Pus, Ed Schrader’s Music Beat, Japanther
^ Happy Jawbone Family Band, Quilt, Laminated Apes

• Cloud Becomes Your Hand:
• Northern Spy:

Noveller announces December tour with Anna von Hausswolff, together they create new holiday: Novhaussmas!

Forget Christmas. Forget Hanukkah. Forget Kwanzaa. Forget Thanksgiving, if you can. There is only one fourth-quarter holiday worth celebrating now. I speak, of course, of Novhaussmas, the one true holiday. Forgo gift-giving and feasting this holiday season, your only gift, your only sustenance will come from the elemental power of a crushing drone. Many historians have asked where this new holiday came from, but what they should be asking is, where will it come from? The one true holiday has not been invented, yet it soon will be, when drone-but-not-drone guitarist Noveller goes on tour with gothic-but-not-gothic songwriter Anna von Hausswolff. Praise be and all that.

And, hey, if you’re looking to cook up some of that Novhaussmas cheer with some new music, have I got some great suggestions for you! Noveller just released her sixth record, No Dreams, through Important Records, while Hausswolff released Ceremony last year. Boy, will these releases put you in the right frame of mind to think about the crushing everything of existence! Happy holidays.

Noveller and Anna von Hausswolff dates:

12.04.13 - Washington, DC - Lang Theatre (Atlas Performing Arts Center)
12.05.13 - Philadelphia, PA - Johnny Brenda’s
12.06.13 - Brooklyn, NY - Union Hall
12.07.13 - New York, NY - Mercury Lounge
12.09.13 - Chicago, IL - Schubas Tavern
12.10.13 - Minneapolis, MN - 7th St Entry
12.13.13 - Seattle, WA - The Vera Project
12.14.13 - Portland, OR - Doug Fir Lounge
12.15.13 - San Francisco, CA - Rickshaw Stop
12.17.13 - Los Angeles, CA - Bootleg Bar

• Noveller:
• Anna von Hausswolff:

Lynchian artist David Lynch announces new 12-inch on Sacred Bones, features Cronenbergian Venetian Snares remix

Sometimes when things have a certain way, a certain atmosphere, we refer to them as “Lynchian.” Usually a little creepy, focusing on the horror of the mundane, sometimes there’s clowns, sometimes there’s roadies in plain sight. It’s a popular lens to see things through, but if we’re being honest, it has only one master: David Lynch. Yes, this director/musician has an unprecedented control over all things Lynchian. Just this past July, he put out his very Lynchian second album The Big Dream (TMT Review). But when the Lynchian-ness overflows from your very pores, there’s bound to be a few extras that don’t quite make the record. As such, on November 12, the most Lynchian label in the game, Sacred Bones, is putting out a limited 12-inch of “Bad the John Boy,” an unused track from The Big Dream’s recording process.

To maximize the Lynchian nature of things, the release is limited to a one-time pressing of 1,500 copies. Those who acquire one can revel in an ocean of Lynch, though, as each copy includes a 24” x 24” poster of an original David Lynch painting. Regarding the song itself, I’ll let Dean Hurley, Lynch’s Lynchian producer, describe it: “[It’s] music for the end crawl of a bootlegged sci-fi/horror film that you borrowed from your friend’s older brother and caused you to realize for the first time that you were actually scared in broad daylight.” Pretty Lynchian, guys, pretty Lynchian.

On the record’s B-side sits a remix of the song by Canadian producer Venetian Snares. Now, look, Venetian Snares is a great producer. He’s put out a ton of excellent work, which I heartily recommend you check out. But, let’s face it, he’s clearly Cronenbergian.

• David Lynch:
• Sacred Bones:



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