Traxman invites you to private tour of his superior temporal gyrus on Da Mind of Traxman Vol. 2

Traxman invites you to private tour of his superior temporal gyrus on Da Mind of Traxman Vol. 2

Welcome, welcome to this guided tour of Da Mind of Traxman! Please make yourself comfortable, but remember, the mind we are about to tour is currently in use. In other words, look, but don’t touch! Yes, you there in the black hoodie in the back, a question? Well I wouldn’t personally say that brains are gross at all, sir. I actually find the “weird grayish” color you reference quite aesthetically pleasing. I even painted my foyer that color! And further, I’m not really sure what you mean by “some Magic School Bus shit” but I’d ask you to please keep your language PG. There are children around after all!

I’m sure you all recall that the initial iteration of this brain-tour began back in 2012 under the name Da Mind of Traxman (TMT Review). In fact I think I recognize a few familiar faces… back for more I see! Anyhow, after a bit of an update to the Architekture last year, we’re back for the second volume of this tour a.k.a. Da Mind of Traxman Vol. 2. The whole thing is officially available via Planet Mu on May 19 (you can pre-order it now, however), but today we’re going to take an exclusive dive straight into the guy’s superior temporal gyrus, his amygdala, and maybe if you’re good, his occipital lobe! So, if everyone could just double check that their brain suits are securely on… okay, good, let’s go!

Da Mind of Traxman Vol. 2 tracklisting:

01. Time Slip
02. Blow Your Whistle (Tha Out of Here Remixx)
03. Nothing Stays The Same
04. Mic
05. Computer Getto
06. Make Love to Me
07. Bubbles
08. Let It Roll Geto
09. Ever and Always
10. Under Cover Jack
11. Can Nutin Hold Me Back
12. 15416
13. Gone and Hit That Shit
14. I Need Too Do It (ft. DJ Fred)
15. Your Just Movin
16. Tha Edge Of Panic
17. I Wanna Be High
18. U Got Me Runnin (Remixx)

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Ende Tymes Fest IV (featuring Kevin Drumm, Phill Niblock, Pete Swanson, and Bastard Noise) has one week left to raise a little DIY $krilla on Indiegogo

Look, I bet you didn’t know this about me, but my favorite book of all time is Tribulation Force, the powerful second novel in Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins’ classic Left Behind series. Why am I telling you this now? Well aside from the fact that my mom told me in order to make new friends I’m going to have to get used to not lying about my life, I’m also trying to establish that I know a whole heck of a lot about the end times, putting me in the unique position of being way over-qualified to talk about the the fourth annual Ende Tymes festival planned for May 8 through May 11 in Brooklyn at Silent Barn and Outpost Artist Resources.

So what is Ende Tymes? In addition to being the period of seven years between the rapture and Christ’s glorious return to Earth, it’s also an annual noise and video art festival in New York. I mean, if your memory is not totally terrible you probably remember reading about it on this site already. All those facts, mind you, are still true. However, now, in addition to announcing a call for video artists (the deadline for submission is April 15), Ende Tymes has made it clear that it needs your help by way of making an Indiegogo dealy! This is like that part in my second-favorite book, Soul Harvest (book four in LaHaye and Jenkins’ seminal Left Behind series), when the Antichrist almost eats a fellah, but then Jesus goes ahead and saves the guy. In this analogy you are Jesus, the fellah is the Ende Tymes Fest, and the Antichrist is not having enough money, I guess.

The fundraising campaign has about a week left to get to its $5,000 goal, and there’s all sorts of special treasures you can get if you donate at different levels, including mix tapes, posters, signed memorabilia, and the chance to literally purchase a performer. That’s right, for the low low price of $100, you can buy an entire Kevin Drumm to take home, teach tricks, and feed bon bons. I’m personally thinking of picking up a Bhob Rainey of my very own. Scope the full lineup below and see which of the artists you might like to make yours.

Hiroshi Hasegawa
Bastard Noise & SICKNESS
Kevin Drumm
Damion Romero
Phill Niblock
Maria Chavez
David Linton
Pedestrian Deposit
MV Carbon & Bill Nace
Marcia Bassett & Samara Lubelski
Pete Swanson & Jefre Cantu-Ledesma
Ursula Scherrer & Bruce Andrews
Al Margolis & Katherine Liberovskaya & Leslie Ross
Jason Soliday & Jon Satrom
Rat Bastard
Telecult Powers
Clang Quartet
Bhob Rainey
R. Jencks
Mesa Ritual
Andrew Coltrane
Skin Graft
Dog Lady Island
Jeff Carey
Tom White
Slasher Risk
Mincemeat or Tenspeed
Don Haugen
C. Lavender
Shredded Nerve
Sharlyn Evertsz
Jean-Sebastien Truchy
Gay Shapes
Blessed Thistle
Philip White & Chris Pitsiokos
Limax Maximus

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Jack White confirms headlining tour, and I know this because he’s actually my alter ego!

I don’t wanna brag, buuuuuut, yeah. Jack White and I are tight. He totes tells me stuff that other people don’t know about. Like, did you know his real name is actually Jonathan J. de la Baptiste Osterhaus-Sampson? Or that even though he says he’s from Detroit, he’s really from Scranton, PA? Or did you even know that he’s planning a huge whirlwind headlining tour in support of his new album, Lazaretto, that’s coming out in June and about which we so ably reported to you nary a week ago? Pssssh-sht! Yeah, right. No you didn’t. What’s a “pitchfork”?

Anyway, so yeah, let’s agree that this is me, exclusively telling you that my friend Jack White is doing all this exclusive stuff, exclusively for TMT. And speaking of exclusive stuff, did you know that, prior to the tour around North America and Europe, ol’ Jack’s gonna be celebrating this year’s Record Store Day (a holiday that he and I invented together while stoned in his hot tub) by “recording, pressing and releasing the World’s Fastest Released Record: a live version of […] Lazaretto’s title track recorded direct-to-acetate that morning in the blue room of Jack’s Third Man Records in Nashville.” Seriously. We talked last night! He’s doing that. Like, the master is gonna be rushed right over to United Record Pressing that same day so that they can “immediately begin pressing 45s to be slipped into sleeves and then whisked back to Third Man” to be sold in the store.

See? You didn’t know that shit. Just admit it. Jack White and I are friends. Fuck, we might even be the same person, for all you know. What’s a “Nobodaddy”?

I am Jack’s 2014 tour dates:

04.19.14 - Nashville, TN - Third Man Records
05.29.14 - Tulsa, OK - Cain’s Ballroom *
05.30.14 - Lubbock, TX - Wild West *
05.31-06.01.14 - Houston, TX - Free Press Summer Festival
06.02.14 - Shreveport, LA - Municipal Auditorium *
06.03.14 - New Orleans, LA - Saenger Theatre *
06.05.14 - Charlotte, NC - The Fillmore Charlotte *
06.07.14 - New York, NY - Governors Ball
06.12-15.14 - Manchester, TN - Bonnaroo
06.25-29.14 - Somerset, UK - Glastonbury
06.26.14 - Dublin, Ireland - Royal Hospital Kilmainham *
06.29.14 - Paris, France - L’Olympia *
06.30.14 - Paris, France - L’Olympia *
07.03.14 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Heineken Music Hall *
07.04.14 - Gdynia, Poland - Open’er Festival
07.05.14 - London, UK - Eventim Apollo *
07.19.14 - Louisville, KY - Forecastle Festival
07.20.14 - St. Louis, MO - Fox Theatre +*
07.21.14 - Milwaukee, WI - Eagles Ballroom + *
07.23.14 - Chicago, IL - Chicago Theatre + *
07.24.14 - Chicago, IL - Auditorium Theatre +*
07.27.14 - Pittsburgh, PA - Stage AE Outdoors +*
07.28.14 - Detroit, MI - Fox Theatre +*
07.30.14 - Detroit, MI - Masonic Temple Theatre +*
07.31.14 - Toronto, ON - Air Canada Centre +*
08.01-03.14 - Montreal, QC - Osheaga Music & Arts Festival

* Kelley Stoltz
+ Benjamin Booker

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Remember that MYSTERY record on Blood Music? Well put on your Cloudkicker and kick some shit!

Despite my handle here at TMT, I’m not much of a sleuth these days. I do what I can with limited resources and wet my beak in a lot of troughs genre-wise, mostly minding my own business in regard to hype and release dates. One label, however, that has captured my imagination is Blood Music, doubly so when the small-run metal powerhouse announced it was releasing two records whose identity would not be revealed to the public. That idea alone is a true slap to the senses of traditional practices, but like an A1 Thick N’ Hearty from Whataburger (it’s a Texas thing), I found once I bit into this mystery and tasted its tangy juices, I couldn’t stop taking more hearty man-chomps.

Before I reveal to you the full extent of what I know (which includes the identity of the band! Holy shit! READ ON to discover the One, the Only, the Chosen) allow me to reveal the inner machinery of this fascinating venture. You see, the powers-that-be at Blood Music not only released these two albums without telling the public who created them, they also released the albums without the artist’s knowledge or consent. “Woah, slow down Gum; isn’t that illicit?” you might ask, and you’d be right to broach the subject of legality. However, under the current Creative Commons agreement the artist in question had entered into with Bandcamp, all music found wherein was and is fair game. In other words, Blood Music lifted a band’s music from Bandcamp, ripped it to vinyl, and released it, all without telling the band or the public what the futt-buck is going on. In fact, they’ve stated they’re worried the band might be upset with them when they learn what happened! Which, to me, is… awesome?

So you probably want to know who the band is right? Yeah, I was just like you a few hours ago, cold and alone, but now I know that the artist in question is none other than Cloudkicker. To me they sound like a progressive, perhaps math-y update on the best Pelican material. I still didn’t pull the trigger on these personally, before or after learning of the odd ethics of this release; to me, it’s just nice to know a label is trying something new. And wouldn’t you know, looks like the biz strategy worked because the elusive ‘Mystery’ LPs have all sold out, albeit as records from Blood Music are wont to do.

Wow, we’ve come so far together; does it have to end here? NO, says Blood Music:

And the most incredible part of all this: once you receive your copies - you are also entitled to participate in the fruits of this work. If you somehow see a particular usage for the CD or LP that you receive, you are entitled to use it - free of any claims - and to build upon it for your own, so long as you use the proper methods of attribution in the legal code linked above.

And so it goes. Read Blood Music’s full explanation of these rootin’ tootin’ record shenanigans HERE and don’t forget to write your cloud-kickin’ congressman!

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M. Geddes Gengras patches in detachment on upcoming album Ishi, out on Leaving in June

Ever reluctantly attended a leg-shaving party where the regular attendees rotate unorthodox shaving creams every week, from peanut butter to aged chicken broth? If so, then alienation might be a feeling with which you’re intimately acquainted, despite an expressed willingness to maintain an open mind when it comes to all hair-removal fetishes.

On a larger scale, M. Geddes Gengras will be releasing Ishi on June 24, and like the last wild Indian for whom the album is named, it’s said to be a tale of, or was at least inspired by, chronic human disconnect. Specifically, Gengras describes the conceptual underpinnings of the album as having to do with the “schism that exists between the world we live in and those stuck on the margins of it,” affected as he was by the recent deaths of two people who “suffered from this affliction.” Accordingly, as a contrast to the enthralling modular flux emanating from his previous album Test Leads, Ishi stands to be somewhat more appreciable in its introspection and ambience. The separation isn’t as small as the insensitive would like to trivialize; the distance feels worlds apart! And Gengras ably conveys this while simultaneously making me feel like a disguised extraterrestrial. “They still haven’t figured out my true identity…”

I’d recommend getting on the Gengras train prior to its fashionability, as if Icon Give Thank (TMT Review) didn’t already serve as motivation. Really enjoyable stuff.

Ishi tracklisting:

01. Ishi
02. Passage
03. Threshold
04. Vigil (CD/digital-only)

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Boris premiere song from forthcoming album Noise, announce tourdates, continue to call their band Boris

Lovers of loudness, rejoice! After a (relatively) long and super-uncomfortable silence following a whole slew of 2011 albums, we got loud-ass and glorious word today via Pitchfork that the Japanese shredders are coming back with a new album in June! The loudest month! YEAH!

Perhaps inevitably, the thing’s called Noise. And, well, if it means anything to you, the band apparently thinks it’s pretty awesome. “If we had to suggest just one album for those unfamiliar with BORIS’ music, we will pick this for sure,” they said in the press statement. Most ingenious press statement for a new album ever? Yeah, pretty much.

Either way, this album of glorious loudness will be available everywhere (except Japan, ironically?) on June 17. But luckily, since you’re super-hardcore and will TOTALLY be all kinds of mega-hungover after another raging Bloomsday, you can preview the album ahead of time by listening to the epic track “Quicksilver” down below. It’s… a little loud.

Oh yeah, and there’s a (largely) North American tour. That’s less loud-seeming on paper, sure, but will probably be loud as balls in real life.

Noise tracklisting:

01. Melody
02. Vanilla
03. Ghost of Romance
04. Heavy Rain
05. Taiyo no Baka
06. Angel
07. Quicksilver
08. Siesta

Boris tour:

04.27.14 - London, UK - Desertfest
06.14.14 - Tokyo, Japan - Fever
07.24.14 - San Diego, CA - Casbah
07.25.14 - Phoenix, AZ - The Crescent Ballroom
07.26.14 - Tucson, AZ - Club Congress
07.28.14 - Dallas, TX - Trees
07.29.14 - Austin, TX - The Mohawk
07.31.14 - Atlanta, GA - Terminal West
08.01.14 - Carrboro, NC - Cat’s Cradle
08.02.14 - Washington, DC - 930 Club
08.03.14 - New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom
08.05.14 - Boston, MA - Paradise
08.07.14 - Toronto, ON - Lee’s Palace
08.08.14 - Buffalo, NY - Tralf
08.09.14 - Detroit, MI - Magic Stick
08.10.14 - Chicago, IL - Bottom Lounge
08.11.14 - Milwaukee, WI - Turner Hall
08.12.14 - Minneapolis, MN - Triple Rock Social Club
08.16.14 - Seattle, WA - The Crocodile
08.17.14 - Vancouver, BC - Rickshaw Theatre
08.18.14 - Portland, OR - Doug Fir Lounge
08.20.14 - San Francisco, CA - The Independent

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