Vinyl sales rise 55% in the UK, pretty much entirely because of The King of Limbs

Vinyl sales rise 55% in the UK, pretty much entirely because of The King of Limbs

Vinyl has been on the rise exponentially in the US ever since Urban Outfitters started positioning copies of Give Up next to 15-page hardcover books about having a hangover, and now it’s looking like our brothers and sisters in materialism across the pond are following suit. According to Billboard, in the first six months of this calendar year, vinyl sales in the UK have risen 55%, with 168,296 albums sold, compared to the 108,307 albums sold in the first half of 2010. Demand for vinyl has been growing steadily since 2007, at roughly the same rate as people have started to turn away from society and hole up in elaborate sound-dungeons.

Thus far, the best-selling vinyl of 2011 is The King of Limbs by a landslide of 20,000 copies, with second place going to Different Gear Still Speeding by Beady Eye (Liam Gallagher’s latest spoonful of dung) with a measly 2,374 copies. Record Store Day’s increasing popularity is also a major factor, and you can’t rule out the purchasing power of Adele-loving audiophiles that need to hear all the high end used in 21. Radiohead, for their part, seem to have picked up on this industry trend to say the least.

Back in the land of John Boehner, our mid-year vinyl sales are at 1.88 million units, and that’s not even taking into account how many were bargains and how many were $400. (NEU! have nothing against people shoplifting their box sets, right?) This number is a 41.2% increase since last year, so by 2016 we should ALL be really interesting people who care about sound quality.

WU LYF announce North American tour after a lifetime of being told they’d never announce anything

Let’s go way back to the beginning of 2010 when you first heard about the hype surrounding around WU LYF, the four-piece band from Manchester, England who were supposedly turning old notions of indie-rock into something exciting and new. The band was immersed in mystery, which filled the hole in many people’s hearts left from the departure of the television series Lost. Where did they come from? What does WU LYF mean? Oh… well in that case, how can we join the Lucifer Youth Foundation?

WU LYF have garnered attention by releasing Go Tell Fire to the Mountain independently on their own L Y F Recordings label, due for physical release on September 6, and also by giving the press little information. But the time for answers is now! WU LYF will embark on a US tour, answering burning questions from fans, such as, “Will they wear button-down shirts, t-shirts, or wife-beaters?” No matter your question, I challenge you (the reader) to see WU LYF live and discover the truest answer — whether or not they’re just another over-hyped band or really something special.

In the meantime, Go Tell Fire to the Mountain is available for digital release through their website and other digital vendors. Or is it? Yeah, it is.

WU LYF dates:

07.30.11 - Naeba, Japan - Fuji Rock
08.12.11 - Gothenburg, Sweden - Way Out West
08.13.11 - Oslo, Norway - Oya Festival
08.19.11 - Kiewit Hasselt, Belgium - Pukkelpop Festival
08.27.11 - Paris, France - Rock En Seine
10.17.11 - Newcastle, UK - The Other Rooms
10.18.11 - Birmingham, UK - Temple Rooms
10.19.11 - Leeds, UK - Brudenell Social Club
10.21.11 - Nottingham, UK - Rescue Rooms
10.22.11 - Liverpool, UK - Kazimier
10.25.11 - Bristol, UK - Thekla
10.26.11 - London, UK - Sheperd’s Bush Empire
10.27.11 - Brighton, UK - Coalition
11.02.11 - Paris, France - Les Inrocks Festival
11.05.11 - Philadelphia, PA - Voyeur
11.06.11 - Washington, DC - Rock & Roll Hotel
11.08.11 - Brooklyn, NY - Music Hall of Williamsburg
11.10.11 - Boston, MA - Middle East
11.11.11 - Montreal, QC - Il Motore
11.12.11 - Toronto, ON - Horseshoe Tavern
11.14.11 - Chicago, IL - Empty Bottle
11.15.11 - Minneapolis, MN - 7th Street Entry
11.18.11 - Vancouver, BC - Electric Owl
11.19.11 - Seattle, WA - The Crocodile
11.21.11 - San Francisco, CA - The Independent
11.22.11 - Los Angeles, CA - The Troubadour


Dan Deacon gets interrupted repeatedly by Francis Ford Coppola at Comic-Con, plans to reissue two old LPs on Carpark

At the very beginning of the year, word got out that legendary Baltimore electro-fantastico magician Dan Deacon would be working on the score for a new flick by Francis Ford Coppola, the equally legendary director of little blockbusters like The Godfather trilogy and Bram Stoker’s Dracula. It sounded crazy then, it sounds crazy now, but on July 23, Coppola, Deacon, and leading star Val Kilmer sat together at a panel at the San Diego Comic-Con to unleash the official trailer from Twixt (watch footage of the presentation at Stereogum, or check out plot info here).

I’ve always believed that once you’re on a first-name basis with “Francis,” your life is changed forever. However, even with this unexpected step in Dan’s career, Wham City fans can rest assured that he’s still true to his music — even that old stuff he wrote in college. Deacon recently announced, for example, that two early albums, Meetle Mice and Silly Hat vs. Eagle Hat — both of which are now and have been up on his website as free downloads since forever — will be reissued together as a double LP. As optimum reassurance, he’s not moving up to some big fancy label for the reissue, either: the package comes out September 13 from old friends at Carpark Records. Vinyl reissues of Spiderman of the Rings and Bromst are forthcoming too, so I’m sure Francis Ford Coppola is asking himself when he’ll ever get to reissue an album.

• Dan Deacon:
• Carpark:

Avant-garde music journal Source gets anthology published in book form, which is a step up convenience-wise from its old format of being written out in I Ching sticks

Here at Tiny Mix Tapes, we’re all about stressing how next-level our tastes are in such areas as music, film, visual art, Fabergé, maple syrup, and serial commas. But when it comes to books? Eh. Let’s just say reading isn’t exactly compatible with the office Wii. We read about as often as you don’t dress like an idiot… which is why this writer was surprised to learn (upon completion of his standard TMT brunch of Fabergé eggs covered in Grade A Vermont medium amber syrup) that his assignment for today was to cover the release of a new anthology published by The University of California Press this month. I was dubious at first, but then Squeo assured me that it was artsy, and I was all over it.

So, here we go. The anthology, entitled Source: Music of the Avant-Garde, 1966-1973, collects interviews, scores, essays, artwork, poetry, photos, and maple syrup fudge recipes that were originally printed in the avant-garde music journal Source. Printed semi-annually in relatively small runs of 2000 between 1966 and 1973, Source dished with some pretty heavy-hitting artists and musicians, including Morton “Subotnick” Feldman, Robert “Wilson” Ashley, John “Lennon” Cage, Pauline “McCartney” Oliveros, David “Fats” Tudor, Harry “Not Patch” Partch, Steve “Philip Glass” Reich, Anthony “Unbreak My Heart” Braxton, and many others with nicknames too ridiculous to recount here. And talk about your “right place, right time” luck: Source was there to document all the crazy changes in performance practice, live electronics, computer music, notation, installations, politics, technology, and social conceptions of art-music that we’re always trying to one-up one another in our purported “vast knowledge of” here in the TMT office. Score.

The anthology was edited by founder Larry Austin, along with Douglas Kahn, and includes almost 400 pages of content from all 11 issues of Source. And it even includes a handy-dandy index of every article that ever appeared in the thing. If you can stomach a little more reading for the day, head to the University of California Press site to read the introduction by Larry Austin and for ordering info.

• University of California Press:

RIP: Joe Arroyo, Colombian salsa singer

From NPR:

The world of Latin music has lost one of its greats: At age 55, Colombian salsa singer Joe Arroyo died Tuesday morning at a hospital in Barranquilla, Colombia. On the day of his death, it was announced that he was to be among the recipients of the Latin Recording Academy’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos mourned Arroyo’s death, calling it on his Twitter account “a great loss for music and for Colombia.”

• Joe Arroyo:

Idiot Glee going on tour throughout North America, if he can even figure out how

There are a few things that people say about Idiot Glee, the kinda-sorta asinine name that 23-year-old James Friley has adopted for his doo-woppy pop project. He loves Pet Sounds (which, apparently, he discovered somewhat belatedly in 2008). He’s Mormon (which no, doesn’t have to do with anything, but people just can’t seem to help mentioning it). His voice has the same pure, crooning quality as Jens Lekman’s, not to mention their music’s shared 60s temperament. Sure, you say, he’s another 2011 band highlighting Brian Wilson and sundaes on summer days (queue triangle chimes, sha-wa-shoop). You know what, though? We happen to think Idiot Glee’s pretty good.

This June, Idiot Glee released his debut EP Paddywack on Moshi Moshi, and after letting it percolate through the indie summer buzz, this September Idiot Glee is going on tour. Go see for yourself that James is up to more than the simple harmonies and typical loops of most “60s-style” bands that you probably raise your nose at today. If you don’t believe it, I’ll consider eating my hat.


07.30.11 - Meaford, ON - Funny Farm (Electric Eclectic Festival)
09.16.11 - Grand Rapids, MI - DAAC
09.22.11 - Missoula, MT - Zoo City Apparel
09.23.11 - Seattle, WA - The Josephine
09.24.11 - Vancouver, BC - Waldorf Hotel
09.25.11 - Portland, OR - Mississippi Studios
09.27.11 - San Francisco, CA - Hemlock Tavern
09.29.11 - Fullerton, CA - Continental Room
09.30.11 - North Hollywood, CA - The Smell
10.01.11 - San Diego, CA - Tin Can Alehouse
10.02.11 - Phoenix, AZ - Yellow Canary Dancehall
10.04.11 - Austin, TX - 29th St Ballroom
10.05.11 - Dallas, TX - Canton Co-Op
10.06.11 - Springfield, MO - Outland Ballroom
10.08.11 - Louisville, KY - Zanzabar

• Idiot Glee:
• Moshi Moshi:


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