What the heck? We’re already announcing this year’s What the Heck Fest? And Earth are performing??

What the heck? We're already announcing this year's What the Heck Fest? And Earth are performing?? http://www.tinymixtapes.com/sites/default/files/2011header.jpg

Summer in the Pacific Northwest: a time when the rains finally subside, the gray skies are dispersed by fresh sunshine, and the mass string of seasonally produced suicides slow down — at least for the time being. What could be a better time or place for the yearly What the Heck Fest, scheduled this year at various venues all over the bustling little coastal town of Anacortes, WA from July 15-17. So you’re saying to yourself, “why the heck would I go to the far end of the country to some podunk town like Anacortes, WA for an event called What the Heck Fest?” Well, I’ll tell you, kind sir or ma’am. Because not only are local notables and K Records vets such as Mount Eerie, D+, and Arrington de Dionyso’s Malaikat dan Singa performing, but the fest has also attracted quite a Northwest A-list, if you will.

Some other bands worthy of mention include Earth (!) from Seattle, Broken Water from Olympia, and Thrones from, well… somewhere around there. Also being featured over the weekend will be an exhibit hall of publishers, as well as Anacortes’ very own “Shipwreck Day” — a junk sale taking place in downtown Anacortes on Saturday. You can go ahead and snag a weekend pass including a free meal for the modest price of $65 right here with the option of receiving your meal Friday or Saturday evening. Choose wisely, for you know not what your dietary future may hold.

Initial lineup:

Wyrd Visions / Ben & Bruno / Earth / Angelo Spencer et les Hauts Sommets / For The Birds / LAKE / Arrington de Dionyso’s Malaikat dan Singa / Takhoma / Laura Leif / Bitpart / Broken Water / Sam Lohmann / The Drink Up Honey / D+ / Lovers Without Boarders / Mount Eerie / Ô Paon / Mecca Normal / Thrones / Brave Irene / The Zaps

• What the Heck: http://whattheheckfest.com

Flying Lotus unites with Erykah Badu to create a double rainbow of musical collaboration

Once in a lifetime, forces combine to create devastatingly awesome displays of nature’s wonder, power, and beauty. Double rainbows. Unicorns. That YouTube video of a slow loris getting tickled. All of these things are amazing, but perhaps none so exemplify the concept of the divine as much as a Flying Lotus/Erykah Badu collaboration. The world got a sneak peak of what such a union might yield when electronic guru Flying Lotus co-directed Ms. Badu’s video for “Gone Baby, Don’t Be Long” back in February, but now the runes have aligned, the sage has spoken, and Flying Lotus has announced that he’s been working on production for Erykah Badu.

Flying Lotus is acclaimed amongst electro/experimental fans for his work on Warp and collaborations with Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim programming block. But he also knows his way around a guest star, as evidenced by his work with Thom Yorke. After all, music is in his BLOOD — dude is related to the illustrious Alice Coltrane. So I think it’s safe to rip off Casablanca and say that I think we are about to witness the beginning of a be-auuuuu-tiful friendship.

• Erykah Badu: http://www.erykah-badu.com
• Flying Lotus: http://www.flying-lotus.com

Glastonbury announces 2011 headliner: Omar Souleyman! And I guess U2 and Coldplay and Beyoncé will be there too.

England’s Glastonbury Festival is the biggest music festival in the world. And when you’re a headliner for the biggest festival in the world, it’s a pretty huge deal. In the past, headliner positions have been held by such musical giants as Bruce Springsteen, David Bowie, The Cure, Jay-Z, and Skunk Anansie (a band I just learned existed, thanks to Wikipedia). So it’s with great honor to tell you, our wonderful readers, that Glastonbury is teaming up with Tiny Mix Tapes to announce this year’s headliner. We’ve got the exclusive on this enormous scoop, so without further ado, the 2011 Glastonbury headliner is… Omar Souleyman!!

Yes, the Syrian techno master and biggest pop star in the entire world is king of Glastonbury this time around. What a coup! Now, I know everybody’s really just going to be pumped for Souleyman all weekend, but you can pass the time by watching some of these other notable acts: James Blake, Fleet Foxes, Big Boi, The Walkmen, Caribou, Battles, Robyn, Janelle Monae, Hercules and Love Affair, TV on the Radio, Morrissey, DJ Shadow, and Nick Lowe. Oh and some young up-and-comers named U2, Coldplay, and Beyoncé will be there, too. The aforementioned names probably make up, say, one-fifth of the ridiculously enormous full lineup, which you can view over at the festival’s website. But remember, the only name that really matters… is Souleyman.

• Glastonbury Festival: http://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk

Godspeed You! Black Emperor take their own hiatus on the road with string of UK shows

Hey kids! Grab a snack and turn up the TV, because your lovable cartoon pals in Godspeed You! Black Emperor are at it again! Just like last season, when the the lovably buffoonish ATP managed to bring GY!BE’s wacky cast of goofballs (well, most of the cast) out of a long hiatus with some hilarious sacks with dollar signs on them, Godspeed You! Black Emperor have announced that they will once again return to the UK this summer to play ATP’s I’ll Be Your Mirror festival.

Longtime fans can expect to see the band’s critically acclaimed display of cartoonish physical violence and hi-speed hi-jinx on full display. The festival, taking place July 23-24 at London’s Alexandra Palace, will also feature live performances from Portishead, PJ Harvey, and Caribou, as well as banana creme pie-throwing contests, mallet & anvil tents, a face-painting and disguise emporium, and a Rube Goldberg Machine contest sponsored by Acme.

But that’s not all! GY!BE will also extend the summertime fun by headlining a few shows in Glasgow, Norwich, and Leeds! Laughs are always on tap when these characters are around. You don’t want to miss a minute! (Always ask your parents’ permission before going online for tickets.)

GY!BE dates:

07.22.11 - Glasgow, UK - Barrowlands
07.23.11 - Norwich, UK - UEA
07.24.11 - London, UK - Alexandra Palace (I’ll Be Your Mirror festival)
07.25.11 - Leeds, UK - Met University

• Godspeed You! Black Emperor: http://brainwashed.com/godspeed
• ATP: http://www.atpfestival.com/events/ibymportishead.php

[Photo: Valerio Berdini]

You Say Party, We Say Split: YSP announce break-up

You Say Party have had a tough year since the death of their drummer Devon Clifford last April (inciting the removal of “You Say Die!” from the band name). Months after XXXX finally came out in the States in early 2010, November saw the release of a split 7-inch with Duloks. Aside from that, you could say You Say Party weren’t partying too much. Now, just shy of the anniversary of Clifford’s death, You Say Party are calling it quits. Stephen O’Shea gives the official announcement on the YSP website:

Becky, Derek and I are announcing the immediate cease to activity as YSP.
Call it a hiatus.
Call it a break.
Call it whatever you want.
It’s been a hard year for us. Not a bad year.
We’ve experience wonderful support from people.
But you gotta listen to your body and your mind when it begins to revolt against what you think it is you have to do.
So we’re gonna stop for a while, and we’re gonna work on who we are as people. We know that everyone understands exactly why and where we’re coming from.
Thanks for the support over the years.
Special thanks to Robert and Al for their commitment over the last year and to the team members we worked with over the last 7 years.
Please support this Foundation set up in Devon’s name: http://devonrbclifford.com/
Also, please enjoy this music video we made for ‘Laura Palmer’s Prom’ in Abbotsford last summer.

That is all, -Stephen

• You Say Party: http://www.yousayparty.com

Nation reaches consensus: The Antlers definitely going on tour this summer

The Antlers: they’re the band everyone can agree on! They might all be agreeing that the band depresses the hell out of them, but they’re agreeing nonetheless. In our splintered society, isn’t that enough? Sure, whatever, maybe. We can also all probably agree that The Antlers are going on tour this summer. And if we can’t, then hate to break it to you, but The Antlers are definitely going on tour this summer. Come on, mope with me.

Or don’t! As you already well know, the band has a new album called Burst Apart coming out May 10 on Frenchkiss Records. It is a record that has absolutely nothing to with terminally ill children and, as such, is that much less likely to force me into uncontrollable sobbing.

Antlers dates:

05.17.11 - Washington, DC - Black Cat *
05.18.11 - Philadelphia, PA - First Unitarian Church Sanctuary *
05.19.11 - Brooklyn, NY - Music Hall of Williamsburg *
05.20.11 - New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom *
05.28.11 - George, WA - Sasquatch Festival *
05.31.11 - San Francisco, CA - Great American Music Hall *
06.03.11 - Los Angeles, CA - El Rey *
06.04.11 - Pomona, CA - Glass House *
06.07.11 - Austin, TX - Emo’s *
06.08.11- Dallas, TX - The Loft *
06.09.11 - Tulsa, OK - The Marquee *
06.10.11 - St. Louis, MO - Firebird *
06.11.11 - Chicago, IL - Metro *
06.12.11 - Detroit, MI - Magic Stick *
06.14.11 - Toronto, ON - Mod Club *
06.15.11 - Montreal, QC - La Tulipe &
06.16.11 - Boston, MA - Paradise *
06.17.11 - Hamden, CT - The Space *

* Little Scream
& The Dodos

• The Antlers: http://antlersmusic.com
• Frenchkiss: http://www.frenchkissrecords.com


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