Garage rock planets align: White Fence trades in bedroom for recording studio, enlists Ty Segall to produce new album, tours North America

Garage rock planets align: White Fence trades in bedroom for recording studio, enlists Ty Segall to produce new album, tours North America

Another garage-psych album release is actually anti-news; there would be something wrong with the world if one of those scruffy scallywags didn’t release a record every other week. The July 22 release of For the Recently Found Innocent from White Fence (his fifth if you’re counting) is something of a benchmark, though.

Not only is this the first time White Fence has ventured out of his bedroom to lay down his sweet, 60s-tinged fuzz jams, but he’s also roped in other humans to play on the album too, notably in the form of garage renaissance man Ty Segall on production and drums. Also noteworthy: NASA has just confirmed that with the release of For the Recently Found Innocent you can now make a single stack of every garage record recorded in California during the last decade that would be visible from the moon.

Being the chronically hyperactive type that he is, when White Fence isn’t recording he’ll be out on the road somewhere, so, true to form, there’s a string of dates that you can check out below, including a run of shows in October with bizzaro Australian counterparts King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard.

To the Recently Found Innocent tracklist:

01. The Recently Found
02. Anger! Who Keeps You Under?
03. Like That
04. Sandra (When the Earth Dies)
05. Wolf Gets Red Faced
06. Goodbye Law
07. Arrow Man
08. Actor
09. Hard Water
10. The Light
11. Afraid of What’s It’s Worth
12. Fear
13. Raven on White Cadillac
14. Paranoid Bait


07.12.14 - San Francisco, CA - Phono Del Sol
07.24.14 - Los Angeles, CA - Echo
07.25.14 - Los Angeles, CA - Echo
08.05.14 - Big Sur, CA - Henry Miller Library (Woodsist Fest)
10.13.14 - Brooklyn, NY - Baby’s All Right
10.14.14 - Allston, MA - Great Scott #
10.15.14 - Montreal, QC - Il Motore #
10.16.14 - Toronto, ON - The Garrison #
10.17.14 - Cleveland, OH - Happy Dog #
10.18.14 - Chicago, IL - Subterranean #
10.19.14 - Buffalo, NY - Tralf Music Hall #
10.20.14 - Baltimore, MD - The Metro Gallery #
10.21.14 - Philadelphia, PA - Underground Arts #
10.23.14 - Kingston, NY - BSP Lounge

# King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard

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Hyperdub celebrates 10 years with second of four compilations featuring Dean Blunt & Inga Copeland, Jessy Lanza, Kode9, more

Many years ago, in a time nearly forgotten, a seed was planted. That seed grew into a tall tall tree. Eventually that tree was cut down, a victim of humankind’s ever-expanding need to bend the Earth to its will. The wood from that tree was worked by the rough hands of a man with marital troubles, and eventually it found its way into a factory that created lumber for home construction. That wood then went on to make up the framework of one Steve Goodman’s childhood home, and, at least in part, it was that home that led Goodman, under the guise of his Kode9 moniker, to form Hyperdub as a webzine back in 2000 and a label in 2004. And thus, here were are today, 10 years hence from that storied day in 2004.

The above was an example of how someone can bullshit about the passage of time. Hyperdub, who are in fact turning 10 this year, aren’t doing any of that. Instead, as we already told you once you forgetful goober, they’re releasing four compilations containing highlights from their few years as a label as well as a few new tracks thrown in to the mix. We’ve already seen their first comp (grab it here), which showcased the grimey/dancey/footwork-y end of the label’s discography, and now the label has announced the second comp. Planned for release on July 22, Hyperdub 10.2 plays up the label’s more R&B-leaning side, featuring tracks new and old from Jessy Lanza, Dean Blunt & Inga Copeland, Cooly G, and Kode9 himself. The label also has a few celebratory dates left featuring several of the artists on this second comp, which I’ll list below. Aaaannnnd, rumor has it they’re planning a US tour for early fall, so keep your ticket-purchasing fingers limber.

Hyperdub 10.2 tracklist:

01. Dean Blunt & Inga Copeland - Signal 2012
02. Burial - Shell of Light
03. Jessy Lanza - 5785021
04. Cooly G - Obsessed
05. Fhloston Paradigm - Never Defeated (feat. Rachel Claudio)
06. DVA - Solid (feat. Zaki Ibrahim)
07. Ikonika - I Know (That U Are The 1) (feat. Dam-Funk)
08. Morgan Zarate - Pusher Taker (feat. Roses Gabor)
09. Jessy Lanza - You and Me
10. Morgan Zarate - Sticks & Stones (feat. Eska & Ghostface Killah)
11. DVA - Just Vybe (Soule Power Mix) (feat. Fatima)
12. Terror Danjah - You Make Me Feel (feat. Meleka)
13. DJ Rashad - Only One (feat. Spinn & Taso)
14. Kode9 - Lies Lies Lies (feat. copeland)


06.13.14 - Berlin, Germany - Berghain $
06.14.14 - Barcelona, Spain - Be Cool %

$ Kode9, Scratcha DVA, DJ Spinn & Taso, Laurel Halo, Cooly G, Kuedo
% Kode9, DJ Spinn, Scratcha DVA, Cooly G, Ikonika

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SoundCloud makes like a supercell and moves into huge, new schmancy pants digs at 5th Avenue, NYC

It’s been a year since SoundCloud set up shop in NYC. Working day in and day out like tiny little gnomes, they’ve used their magical gnome powers and grown their team to a whopping 20 gnomes, but they won’t stop there. No, they won’t stop there. They will likely double in size before the end of the year!

So, all that being said, it was probably a good idea to move into some respectable, schwanky-ass digs, as they continue to assert their relevance in the otherwise befuddled world of music streaming services. “We are far from the Ramen noodle-eating days of our youth,” we imagine CBO Jeff Toig said at the meeting where they all decided to pack up their Macs and move into the real world like big adults. We wonder how much of their $60 milli dolla-dolla-bill-y’all reported that the office is located at 5th Avenue between 17th and 18th. Click that link to see some extra drool-worthy real estate pr0n. We imagine the kitchen cabinets are filled with gnome-friendly foodstuffs, such as unsalted flax seeds, dried kelp, and apricots.

P.S. - Dear SoundCloud, do you have an orange couch? And… can we crash on it?

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James Blackshaw forgot to book studio time again, announces live album Fantômas: Le Faux Magistrat

Tompkins Square, everyone’s favorite purveyor of folk music old and new, was all set to release a new studio album by their prodigal son, James Blackshaw, but then the kid went and screwed it all up. Something about oversleeping, getting in a fight with his girlfriend maybe, you know, excuses, excuses. Typical Blackshaw. The point is, he didn’t book studio time like he was supposed to even though Tompkins Square told him, like, five times.

But the little rapscallion lucked out this time, because French musician Yann Tiersen invited him to Paris to perform a live score of the film Le Faux Magistrat, the fifth and final installment in Louis Feuillade’s Fantômas silent film series, as part of a celebration of the 100th anniversary of the series. Since he didn’t have any ideas planned for the album anyway because he’s really just got a lot on his plate right now, this was the perfect opportunity. Close call there, Blackshaw.

So, on July 8 Tompkins Square will release Fantômas: Le Faux Magistrat. Recorded live at the Théâtre de Châtelet in October, the performance features Duane Pitre, Simon Scott (of Slowdive), and Charlotte Glasson performing with Blackshaw on his noirish score. He claims that he drew on the works of French impressionist composers, Brazilian guitar music, and musique concrète among other things in writing his score, but let’s be real, with his track record he probably just threw it together the night before.

I’ve got to admit though, he always cleans up really, really well. I guess you got away with it again, Blackshaw.

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Baptists confirm conversion to Christianity and a sophomore LP called Bloodmines

Vancouver’s favorite hardcore thrashers, Baptists, have announced a follow-up to their 2013 debut, Bushcraft. Their sophomore LP, Bloodmines — which will also be released via Los Angeles’ ultra-heavy label Southern Lord this September — has been touted as “a fast, exhilarating album of rage, oozing with genuine raw emotion and punk rock fury.” Recorded at GodCity Studio in the metal-friendly town of Salem, Massachusetts with Converge guitarist and producer Kurt Ballou, Bloodmines is sure to be as bloody as a Canadian coal mine, which is to say, a lot bloodier than you would think.

Rumor has it that during the creation of Bloodmines, the four members of Baptists finally renounced the ways of Satan and enrolled in an online seminary course to become Southern Baptist ministers. The seminary, — which features an “Ordination Package” that includes an official credential, a Letter of Good Standing, a wallet credential, and a Complete Wedding Kit (with embossed certificates and a clergy parking placard) for the reasonable price of $26.99 — likely ushered the boys into their new life of service to Christ. Track titles from Bloodmines, such as “Vistas” and “Calling,” testify to the holy spirit now residing within the talented hardcore band. A full church tour along the Bible Belt will be announced in the coming months. In the meantime, some of their transcendent new material can be viewed on the Baptists’ Rain City Sessions, which were recorded in January at Vancouver’s Rain City Recorders.

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Majical Cloudz announce tour dates supporting Lorde, North America braces itself

This fall the enchanting Majical Cloudz (who released the great Impersonator on Matador last year) will lift off into outer space with the maroon-haired singer Lorde, whom you might have heard of once or twice (maybe?). The double-spectacle only applies for Lorde’s North American dates, but it should be a good break between all that studying that consumes your life in the academically motivated month of September. Ahead of that you can catch the MCz at some dope little festivals around the way, girl.

Festival dates:

06.06.14 - New York, NY -Pitchfork Nightcap at Webster Hall
07.11.14 - Saugerties, NY - The Hudson Project Festival
07.19.14 - Toronto, ON - TIME Festival
07.20.14 - Chicago, IL - Pitchfork Festival
07.26.14 - Guelph, ON - Hillside Festival

Dates supporting Lorde:

09.05.14 - Philadelphia, PA - Mann Center for the Performing Arts
09.07.14 - Lewiston, NY - Artpark
09.12.14 - Toronto, ON - TD Echo Beach
09.14.14 - New York, NY - Pier 97
09.15.14 - New York, NY - United Palace
09.16.14 - New York, NY - United Palace
09.18.14 - Raleigh, NC - Red Hat Amphitheater
09.22.14 - Nashville, TN - Grand Ole Opry House
09.23.14 - Columbus, OH - The LC Pavilion
09.24.14 - Cleveland, OH - Jacobs Pavilion at Nautica
09.26.14 - Milwaukee, WI - BMO Harris Pavilion
09.27.14 - Council Bluffs, IA - Harrah’s Council Bluffs
09.28.14 - Broomfield, CO - 1st Bank Center
09.30.14 - Las Vegas, NV - The Joint
10.02.14 - Berkeley, CA - Greek Theater – UC Berkeley
10.06.14 - Los Angeles, CA - Greek Theater
10.09.14 - Santa Barbara, CA - Santa Barbara Bowl
10.10.14 - San Diego - Open Air Theater

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