William Basinski’s Disintegration Loops to be performed in NYC for 10th anniversary of 9/11

William Basinski's Disintegration Loops to be performed in NYC for 10th anniversary of 9/11 http://www.tinymixtapes.com/sites/default/files/news-11-07-william-basinski.png

When William Basinski’s Disintegration Loops collection was released in 2002, it reached an audience that normally might have been unreceptive to the kind of hushed, largely static music within, but because of its thematic (and sonic) link to the events of a few months prior, these haunting, fragile recordings affected a lot of people and served as a peaceful meditation, memorial, and reminder. When we looked back at our favorite albums of the 2000s, Disintegration Loops came in at #10, and Keith Kawaii had this to say about its historical/personal significance:

Disintegration Loops was a perfect example of an album’s narrative completely shaping its perception. Like most, I was introduced to the work through its connection to 9/11, and the imagery of Basinski blaring his loops across a smoke-filled New York skyline has never left me. I can only assume that my own experience with those loops was common: they became an aural monument to the tragedy of 9/11, a crystallization of the events through sound. Connecting this sprawling piece to such a horrible act was a very human impulse, spun from the desire to compartmentalize an experience and covet a linear narrative that might obscure the chaos of real life. In my mind, the work instantly became something “more” than four albums pressed to and released on CD. It served a personal and collective experience in a way that records rarely do. Through loss, the mythology of Disintegration Loops was perpetuated, and its simple yarn allowed typical album/culture trappings to fall away. Basinski’s method of looping sounds endlessly — and letting the aleatoric results comprise the finished work — further separated the artist from his art; in fact, it appeared as non-art, the antithesis of ego, filled with illusions of eternality instead of opportunist rockisms. For me, that sheen of endless purity has allowed an inherently flawed pretense — that Disintegration Loops was somehow above the work of a single man — to serve a deeply cathartic purpose: reliving tragedy without the full sting of reality.

This upcoming September marks the 10th anniversary of 9/11, and as a remembrance The Wordless Music Orchestra will be performing “dlp 1.1” — the 63-minute first track off Disintegration Loops I — in Manhattan at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. This performance is part of a larger “Remembering September 11” concert, with renditions of Ingram Marshall’s Fog Tropes II, Osvaldo Golijov’s Tenebrae, and Alfred Schnittke’s Collected Songs Where Every Verse Is Filled with Grief also happening before the main event. It all starts in The Temple of Dendur exhibit at 3:30 PM and is free with museum admission; should be amazing. Check out the entirety of “dlp 1.1” below.

• William Basinski: http://www.mmlxii.com
• Wordless Music Series: http://wordlessmusic.org

George Harrison documentary to premiere on HBO this fall, finally shed light on what the fuck he was thinking when he wrote “Blue Jay Way”

For half a century, everyone in the world got by just fine thinking they knew everything they needed to know about The Beatles’ most Eric Clapton-enjoying member, lead guitarist George Elizabeth Harrison. In the beginning, he was known as the Quiet Beatle. Later on, he became the Sitar Beatle. By the end of the the band’s career, he was the “I just bought a Moog, lads; lets shoehorn it into this last record” Beatle. Finally, with the dawn of the CD era, he was the Skip-this-track Beatle. All the scholars agreed that this was the end of Harrison road. What more could there be to know about the esteemed author of “Piggies”?

But now, as John Lennon himself once sang, “the times they are a-changin’.” As Rolling Stone reports, a new documentary about the life and times of George Harrison is fixing to premiere on HBO in October. It’s called George Harrison: Living in the Material World, and it will reportedly feature a wealth of highly invasive home movies, unseen footage, and lit-cigarette-for-no-reason interviews with Paul “Macca” McCartney Ringo “Dickie” Starr, Yoko “Hold On” Ono, George “Fifth Beatle” Martin, Phil “Sixth Beatle” Spector, and Eric “HarrisonFan45” Clapton. The film was produced by Harrison’s widow Olivia and Martin Scorcese, who hadn’t really heard of these Beetle guys until pre-production, stating that he instead preferred Glen Miller as his summer of love soundtrack. A book meant to accompany the film that features photos, letters written on blotting paper, and embarrassing diary entries will hit stores in September in advance of the documentary, which is set to air in two parts on October 5 and 6. Check out George’s website below for more info, and get ready for the Autumn of George.

• George Harrison: http://www.georgeharrison.com
• HBO: http://www.hbo.com

Employee at Warner Music caught taking $700,000 from the company since 2007 — but at least he didn’t use BitTorrent

According to the New York Post, Warner Music caught an employee for stealing, and for once, it wasn’t music that got him in trouble! Andrew Robinson, (as of now) formerly a staff member at Warner Music in New York City, allegedly ripped Warner off for $700,000 and is now facing grand larceny charges.

According to the Manhattan Criminal Court complaint, Robinson “was in charge of ordering products […] [and the higher-up] realized that since 2007, over […] $700,000 was paid to a company called A.I. Robinson for products that were never provided […] [and that] A.I. Robinson bore the same address as the defendant’s employment application.” In case you need help putting the obvious together, A.I. Robinson was in fact said Andrew Robinson, and he would “buy products using [his] personal account and submit invoices for more than the amount paid for said products.” He sustained this project from 2007 until earlier this month, when Warner’s VP caught on. Pretty clever, eh? Except now he’s out $10,000 for bail and doesn’t even have any illegal Mp3s to get him through these hard times, a solace reserved for respectable, music-stealing pirates. Ouch.

Interpol and David Lynch collaborate on short film; and now for a crappy Unsolved Mysteries-style dramatic reenactment


Famous director, coffee grower, and transcendental meditation enthusiast DAVID LYNCH is seated at a table, drinking a damn good cup of coffee. A red light flashes intermittently in the background, where a giant rabbit person is seen taking notes on the day’s meeting. The members of INTERPOL, an icy post-punk trio from New York City, enter one by one.


This is a social call. We are simply here to discuss coffee and our appreciation for your work, as further elaborated upon in this Huffington Post article.


Thank you, gentlemen. Have you tried my delightful David Lynch Signature Cup Coffee?

Close up on rabbit taking notes for future Huffington Post article, as conversation continues in the background. The band gets up from their chairs to to leave the kitchen and go do rock ‘n’ roll stuff. Lynch picks up the phone and gestures at the steaming pot of delicious David Lynch Signature Cup Coffee sitting on the table.


Get the boys some beans! Some beans in bags!

…And CUT! That’s how the first David Lynch/Interpol encounter happened. Or at least a moderately realistic dramatic reenactment of it. That was just the opening scene, however. The real action happened a few years later, when Interpol was putting together their audiovisual aids for their big Coachella performance. The group and the director met up in L.A. and Lynch presented them with his vision: a simple sketch of something known only as “I Touch a Red Button Man.” Using this sketch and Interpol’s song “Lights,” forces aligned and magic appeared, in the form of this short. “I Touch a Red Button” DID originally appear at Coachella, and is now available on Matador’s website for your viewing pleasure. A slightly less animated version of the band can be witnessed on the dates listed below. And that’s a wrap!

07.15.11 - Atlantic City, NJ - Borgota Music Box
07.17.11 - St. Louis, MO - Busch Stadium
07.18.11 - Cleveland, OH - House of Blues Cleveland
07.20.11 - East Rutherford, NJ - New Meadowlands Stadium
07.22.11 - Indianapolis, IN - IN The Vogue
07.23.11 - Minneapolis, MN - TCF Bank Stadium
07.25.11 - Detroit, MI - The Fillmore Detroit
07.26.11 - Pittsburgh, PA - Heinz Hall for the Perf. Arts

• Interpol: http://www.interpolnyc.com
• David Lynch: http://davidlynch.com

Xiu Xiu announce new 7-inch, leave out the hair and blood but keep the rest as harrowing as possible; tour the eastern halves of Europe and the US

So Xiu Xiu have announced a new 7-inch, which obviously means there are limited edition t-shirts with Jamie Stewart’s blood and hand-numbered packets of fecal matter sent out, right? Wrong. This time, there’s nothing tangibly related to bodily functions accompanying the single, though it’s not without its share of surprises. To make up for the physical lack of corporeal flourishes, the A-side, “Daphny,” is based on a devastating true story in which Jamie’s friend was arrested for shoplifting an Xbox and was then raped in custody by a police officer. Pretty brutal, even in Xiu Xiu’s scope. Zac Pennington (Parenthetical Girls) and Sam Mickens (The Dead Science) co-wrote the song with Jamie Stewart, their first writing collaboration since Pennington and Mickens officially joined Xiu Xiu earlier this year.

If you thought “Daphny” packs a punch to the gut, wait till you hear the B-side: a cover of Rihanna’s “Only Girl (In the World)” — nearly the most perfect pairing since Chardonnay and gruyère cheese (think about it: it works wonders). Only 1,000 copies of the 7-inch (pressed on light blue vinyl) will be available from Polyvinyl Records come September 6, but you can listen to both tracks over at Pitchfork now (or better yet, preorder your copy here). Once you have the record in hand, if you’re somehow embarrassed about buying a Rihanna cover, you can just tell friends the 7-inch is a tribute to N.W.A. (re: the explicit cop-bashing artwork).

Xiu Xiu have also announced tourdates with the new lineup, beginning a massive sweep of Eastern Europe before returning to the States in September. Finally, you can see Stewart, Seo, Pennington, and Mickens officially united under one name, just as you thought should happen years ago!


07.29.11 - Kosice, Slovakia - Momento More Festival
07.30.11 - Bratislava, Slovakia - Subclub
07.31.11 - Kutna Hora, Czech Republic - Creepy Teepee Festival
08.01.11 - Dresden, Germany - Groove Station
08.04.11 - St. Petersburg, Russia - Za! Ozhidaniya
08.05.11 - Riga, Latvia - Dirty Deal Cafe
08.06.11 - Katowice, Poland - OfF Festival
08.07.11 - Zilina, Slovakia - Stanica
08.09.11 - Dubrovnik, Croatia - Klub Orlando
08.11.11 - Budapest, Hungary - Sziget Festival
09.08.11 - Raleigh, NC - Hopscotch Music Festival
09.09.11 - Asheville, NC - The Gray Eagle *
09.10.11 - Charlottesville, VA - Southern *
09.11.11 - Baltimore, MD - Metro Gallery *
09.12.11 - Pittsburgh, PA - Alter *
09.13.11 - Wilkes Barre, PA - Redwood Art Space *
09.14.11 - Hartford, CT - Wadsworth Museum *
09.15.11 - Ithaca, NY - The Haunt *
09.16.11 - Buffalo, NY - Mohawk *
09.17.11 - Rochester, NY - Dubland Underground *
09.18.11 - Cleveland, OH - Happy Dog *
09.20.11 - Detroit, MI - Pike Room *
09.21.11 - Grand Rapids, MI - Pyramid Scheme *
09.22.11 - Louisville, KY - Zanzabar *
09.23.11 - Cincinnati, OH - Midpoint Music Festival
09.24.11 - Urbana, IL - Pygmalion Festival

* Kindest Lines

• Xiu Xiu: http://xiuxiu.org
• Polyvinyl: http://www.polyvinylrecords.com

Leyland Kirby, your favorite uncle, stops by your dad’s house to say hi and release Intrigue & Stuff Volume 2

Mom says it’s wrong to play favorites with family, but Uncle Leyland Kirby is my favorite! Uncle Leyland’s always putting out highly acclaimed records as The Caretaker along with ambitious solo work at a prolific rate. All my other uncles just want to watch football and play catch. It’s a bummer. I hate my other uncles.

Just the other day, Uncle Leyland dropped by our house, just to say hi! I was so happy to see Uncle Leyland! But I was even happier when he told me he had a present. He told me that, at that very moment, he was releasing Intrigue & Stuff Volume 2, the second part of his four-part 12-inch series. Then he told me not to tell anybody (but that if I told everybody on the internet then that was okay) the record was available in a limited run of clear 12-inches through his History Always Favours the Winners label.

What I like most about Uncle Leyland is when he tells me stories. He told me a story about the B-side of Intrigue & Stuff Volume 2, about how it was a 20-minute song called “Complex Expedition.” I liked that story a lot, but I wanted to know more about the next two volumes of Intrigue & Stuff. “Well, young man, you’ll just have to wait,” he said. “Those are in, well, various states of construction, but they will be out by the end of the year.” I hate waiting and I hate cliffhangers. But I love Uncle Leyland!

Intrigue & Stuff Volume 2 tracklist:

01. Eventually, it eats your lungs
02. Speeded up slow motion
03. Complex Expedition

• Leyland Kirby: http://brainwashed.com/vvm