Wolfmother Experience Empty Nest Syndrome When Members Depart

Dude, I know, Wolfmother fan. The worst has happened, right? Keyboardist/bassist Chris Ross and drummer Myles Heskett have exited your second favorite campy-ass Australian MOR-Hard Rock act (right after Jet, but still well ahead of The Vines) due to what they only describe as "longstanding frictions." Yeah, I mean... this is rough news. You should definitely take a minute, man.

Okay. Ready to go on? Here we go: "Please understand that in spite of their best efforts over a long period of time, they just could not find a harmonious way to work together," reads a statement about the band from Universal Music Australia. Following extensive touring in support of their breakout self-titled album in 2006 (I know, you still have that disc poised in one of the most prime slots of your Jetta’s visor CD organizer! Just try to say with me!), Wolfmother officially went on hiatus late last year, emerging in April to road-test their new material. But alas and alack, band member tensions remained, and following an appearance at the Australia's Splendour in the Grass festival, the painful decision was reached to split up.

But don’t despair too much, dude-who-likes-Wolfmother. There’s some silver-lining to report. Frontman Andrew Stockdale has stated that he will continue the blatant influence-aping that you have come to love and respect so much with new members -- meaning that you certainly haven’t heard the last of that man’s obnoxious voice. And Ross and Heskett have also announced their plans to bring a new project together soon. But yeah, I hear you; it probably won’t be the same, will it? A Wolfmother divided against itself just cannot stand in your eyes. I mean, who are you supposed to cite as your second favorite Australian rock band now??? Nick fucking Cave?!?! I don’t think so.


RIP: Robert Hazard, New Wave musician and songwriter

From Philly.com:

Robert Hazard, 59, the Philadelphia-bred rock troubadour who wrote the pop anthem "Girls Just Want to Have Fun," died yesterday after cancer surgery in Boston, his widow, Susan, confirmed today.

Mr. Hazard, who lived with his wife and two teenage sons in the Adirondacks and in Vero Beach, Fla., last month had canceled a planned fall tour without explanation.

- Robert Hazard official website/MySpace
- Robert Hazard Wikipedia entry
- Philly.com article: "Robert Hazard, Philly rocker, dies at 59"
- YouTube video: Robert Hazard and The Heroes

Goddamn, You Fake-Japanese Tourmates! Weezer to Play with Tokyo Police Club… Who Are Actually Canadian

Seems Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo’s Japanese fetish doesn’t just apply to cello-players, wives, sumo-wrestlers, meditation, and fragile stationary. For the first time since 2005’s Foozer, America’s favorite eponym addicts are out of the black-walled apartment and back on the road with some super friends to promote their latest self-titled, Weezer (The Red Album) (TMT Review).

But this time around, the tour support doesn’t come from a compatible act like Dave Grohl & Co. Weezer’s enlisted the show-opening help of premature eject-ulators Tokyo Police Club, whose last two whiny releases (TMT Review) both clocked in under 30 minutes. Ticket holders will also have to sit through Blink-182 spin-off Angels and Airwaves. Do not want!

C’mon, Cuomo; if you’re going to indulge a passion, why not do it right? You’re telling me Geffen couldn’t get you Yuka Honda? OLIVIA? Not even the Harajuku Girls? That shit is bananas. B-a-n-a-n-a-s.

Rage Against the Machine Announce Show in Minneapolis During Republican National Convention

News Story Color Key:

Black = Me standing next to a tree

Blue = Me in my soapbox

Just days after playing a headlining show at Lollapalooza in Chicago, RATM have announced a show September 3 in Minneapolis. The band will play the local “venue” Target Center. Interested? Tickets will be available this Saturday morning. Don’t forget your riot gear!

As you may have heard by now, Rage’s set at Lollapalooza was like a pile of oily rags inches away from a lit match. Attendees near the front of the stage were being pulled out of the crowd in large numbers and required medical attention. Later in the set, police officers on horseback responded to a large crowd of citizens, non-attendees, who attempted to storm through a fence and make their way to the show. Throughout the violence, the band even stopped playing for several minutes on multiple occasions, making efforts to calm the more aggressive fans. Singer Zach de la Rocha pleaded with the multitude of listeners to step back, make room for everyone, and treat each other with respect. Following a second interruption of the music, in a truly disappointing and frustrating moment, de la Rocha’s appeals for calm were followed by the declaration of their next song: “This next one is called ‘Bullet In Your Head.’”

I laughed at first; the total opposite nature of the two moments seemed ridiculous. Then I realized that the irony was unintentional: did Rage really hope to put out a blaze by tossing in more wood? How can a band honestly expect peace when even their band name signifies action and protest? Can you really expect a throng of excited people, already annoyed with a day spent in the blazing sun, desperate for release, to mellow out to the hardcore sounds that Rage Against the Machine has to offer? Does anyone else see the utterly ludicrous nature and darkly humorous laughs that this situation has to offer? “Please calm down... Bullet In Your Head.”

That’s why this next date in Minneapolis has me worried. Rage Against The Machine's Target Center show coincides with this year's Republican National Convention, which will be held in St. Paul, a short highway drive away from where Rage will be performing. You’ll be able to taste the tension in the air; you may be able to cut it with a spoon. Now, I'm not suggesting that RATM are planning a violent demonstration. I know that this is just a single show, not a multiple-day festival with the antagonizing nature of heat, exhaustion, and long lines to irritate the crowd. However, with the potential for very high tensions due to the RNC invading the generally democratic Minneapolis, I fear the worst. The early days of September already look to be unstable, and a band like RATM, who seem intent on motivating their fans to action, only adds more unease.

Black Lips to Tour, Probably to Piss Onstage and/or Get Naked

...Yeah. And, speaking of fun and getting naked, check drummer Joe Bradley's (and others?) awesome rap side-project, Incoqnekro.

Over the weekend, The Black Lips played shows at Lollapalooza and Empty Bottle, as well as a free gig at MacCarren Park Pool in Brooklyn, NY, but don't worry:

I Was Partially Right: Max Tundra Readies Parallax Error Beheads You in Preparation for Hot Chip Tour

Remember last week when I wrote up a story (TMT News) about Max Tundra touring with Hot Chip? Of course you don't, because you never read my shit. :*( Anyway, so the story was primarily about the tour, but I spent the majority of it bitching about how his new album has been in the works for a ridiculously long time. Fed up with the empty promises of the new album, I said the following:

But fuck it, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say the new album is done and it’s being released October 7. I have nothing (really, nothing) but my gut instincts to go off from, but October 7 would be a great date, as it would coincide nicely with his upcoming UK tour with Hot Chip.

And what do you know? A week later, Domino has officially announced the arrival of Parallax Error Beheads You, due not on October 7, but October 13 (presumably October 14 in the U.S.). I was only a week off! And, since I posted the tour story a week earlier than the official announcement, perhaps my internal clock is simply a week off. Or, more likely, I can see into the future. Besides, I just knew that Greyhound bus dude was going to repeatedly stab the guy sitting next to him, behead him, eat parts of him, and then stuff body parts in his pockets.

& Wiley

^ Hot Chip

$ Domino's Crystal Anniversary series with Juana Molina

* Clinic, of Montreal, DAT Politics, James Chance