Zammuto (the guy from The Books who sings all pretty and delicate) announces new album; sure hope it’s pretty and delicate

Zammuto (the guy from The Books who sings all pretty and delicate) announces new album; sure hope it's pretty and delicate

Nobodaddy here, reporting from the trenches, where, for the past two months following my deft and dutiful reporting on The Books’ mastermind Nick Zammuto’s colorfully-titled Zammuto project and the release of its first single, I’ve been waiting outside his house in my 1993 Honda Civic to tease details about whatever release may be forthcoming from the man’s garbage cans. I haven’t showered since the YMCA kicked me out of their bathroom on Christmas Eve, and I’ve been surviving solely on a particularly long English cucumber and one of those “squeezable” bottles of jelly.

But now it’s all worthwhile, because I finally got a lead on the Zammuto album!

Okay, ready? The new Zammuto album is titled… Zammuto!?!? Oh, fine. Thanks, Nick. Oh well. I can at least further report to you that it’s coming out April 3 via Temporary Residence Ltd. But to be honest, I didn’t get too much else from rooting around out here. Not even a tracklisting. Fuck, let’s see: there’s a discarded DVD with a cool little interview on it that I guess I can rip and upload and post for you guys. And here’s some shredded press release scraps that seem to refer to the album as “a deep reinvention,” “progressive and forward-looking,” and “intense and driven”; but since it’s torn up and in the trash, I’m guessing that maybe Nick wasn’t happy with the wording. Besides, come on; we all know that it’s just going to sound like The fucking Books.

2012 Live dates:

02.03.12 - North Adams, MA - Mass Moca
02.04.12 - New York, NY - 92YTribeca
02.06.12 - Allston, MA - Brighton Music Hall

Meanwhile, here’s a stream of an EP called, yes, Zammuto - Idiom Wind EP:

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Grouper scores new feature film, casually mentions that you were in her dream last night

I like to imagine Grouper’s music emanating from a burned bungalow on an island in the middle of a river, or perhaps from the site of a spaceship crash in the tundra — sounds that somehow defy music while simultaneously renewing it — so I think it’s rather fitting that she’s scored a film described as “a segmenting journey into the dreams of four neighbors,” a film that will screen in Sundance’s New Frontier category, which highlights experimental films that dissolve conventional artistic divisions.

According to FACT, The Perception of Moving Targets, director Weston Currie’s first feature film, includes material from Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill and A I A (TMT Review) as well as various new recordings. Check out the trailer, and see if you can name the tracks in it.

• Grouper:
• Sundance Film Festival:
The Perception of Moving Targets:

FYI: Tiny Mix Tapes will be participating in tomorrow’s PIPA/SOPA blackout

On January 18, a coordinated 12-hour blackout of websites big (Wikipedia, Reddit) and small (TMT) will be taking place in order to protest and raise awareness about the PROTECT IP and Stop Online Piracy Acts. Head here for more information on the blackout and to see the growing list of participating sites. You can also watch this video for a summary of how both bills threaten the current state of online privacy and freedom of speech.

Our participation in tomorrow’s blackout is not meant as a lecture for our readers, but simply as an act of solidarity with the movement. We encourage you to research the bills during the blackout and do what you can to raise further awareness — Congress votes on PIPA on January 24.

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PAN hosting a festival in London w/ John Wiese, R/S, Eli Keszler, C.C. Hennix, and more. So forget Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza

I’ve attended one summer music festival. I drove eight hours to get there and waited another eight hours just to get into the venue. I paid too much money for mediocre iced coffee every morning. I didn’t shower, and I often found myself squashed against strangers who also hadn’t showered as I tried to scout out places with somewhat decent views of the stages. I missed a great late-night act because I was so damn exhausted.

Judging from FACT’s report, the PAN Festival appears to be a rather different sort of event. Supported by The Wire, the festival will take place January 27-28 at London’s Café OTO, a venue that’s hosted the likes of Tim Hecker, Thurston Moore, Grouper, and Mount Eerie. Instead of suffering painfully humid weather and wandering through crowds in a dehydrated daze, you can curl up with some organic fruit juice or a ginger beer and listen to cosmic noises, haunted drone, electro-acoustic distortion, and deconstructed classical — pieces that blur the very boundaries of music. The lineup highlights PAN’s experimental roster and includes R/S (Peter Rehberg/Marcus Schmickler), John Wiese, Eli Keszler, C.C. Hennix, Werner Durand, and Valerio Tricoli — acts that might not appear in a standard summer festival lineup. You can snag tickets for just Friday or Saturday, or you can pick up a two-day pass.

Don’t get me wrong, I had a great time that one summer, and I like those festivals just as much as the next music nerd. I’m just not always down to abandon hygiene for four straight days, ya know what I’m sayin’?

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• Café OTO:

Megafaun announce tours of Europe and the US; ask them what their favorite board games are!

I’m not going to mention a certain indie-folk artist who’s recently dabbled in electro-orchestral 80s kitsch, because you probably already know that he chilled with Megafaun back in the day (before they were actually Megafaun, but that’s another story). It’s a damn good thing I came across an A.V. Club interview with Phil Cook, because now I can now rattle off a couple of slightly more obscure Megafaun fun facts:

1. Brad Cook sort of digs Top 40 country.
2. Joe Westerlund happens to be a bit of an expert on French minimalism and musique concrète.

I know that’s not much, so I’ll hazard a guess and say they all like mint chocolate chip ice cream and sometimes spend Saturday afternoons playing The Sims. However, I do know for sure that Megafaun has just announced a tour in support of their self-titled LP, which they released back in September on Hometapes. Don’t fret if they’re not playing anywhere close to you, because they’ll be announcing more dates soon. If you get a chance, ask them about their favorite colors and whether or not they like cats.


02.01.12 - Groningen, Netherlands - Vera
02.02.12 - Brussels, Belgium - Ancienne Belgique Club
02.03.12 - Nijmegen, Netherlands - Doornroosje
02.04.12 - Charloi, Belgium - L’ Eden
02.05.12 - Gent, Belgium - Kunstencentrum Vooruit
02.06.12 - Luxembourg - Rock Hall Cafe
02.07.12 - Schorndorf, Germany - Club Manufaktur
02.08.12 - Munich, Germany - Das Provisum
02.09.12 - Madonna, Italy - Bronson
02.11.12 - Senigalliano, Italy - Gratis
02.12.12 - Roma, Italy - Angelo Mai
02.14.12 - Zurich, Switzerland - El Lokal
02.15.12 - Paris, France - Cafe de la Danse
02.16.12 - Nantes, France - Maison de l’Entudiantes
02.17.12 - Rennes, France - Ubu
02.18.12 - Bordeaux, France - Le Rocher de Palmer
02.19.12 - Santander, Spain - Cafe de las Artasz
02.20.12 - Zaragoza, Spain - Lata de Bombilla
02.21.12 - Barcelona, Spain - Sidecar
02.22.12 - Valencia, Spain - Sala Loco
02.23.12 - Madrid, Spain - Club Moby Dick
02.24.12 - Lisbon, Portugal - Music Box

(deep breath)

03.15.12 - Washington, DC - Black Cat #
03.16.12 - Philadelphia, PA - Johnny Brenda’s #
03.17.12 - New York City, NY - Highline Ballroom #
03.18.12 - Boston, MA - Great Scott #
03.21.12 - Chicago, IL - Schubas
03.22.12 - Milwaukee, WI - Cactus Club
03.23.12 - Madison, WI - High Noon Saloon
03.24.12 - Minneapolis, MN - Turf Club
03.27.12 - Denver, CO - Hi-Dive
03.28.12 - Salt Lake City, UT - Kilby Court
03.30.12 - Seattle, WA - Tractor Tavern
03.31.12 - Portland, OR - Doug Fir
04.03.12 - San Francisco, CA - Cafe Du Nord
04.04.12 - Santa Cruz, CA - The Crepe Place
04.05.12 - Los Angeles, CA - Bootleg Theater
04.06.12 - Tempe, AZ - The Sail Inn
04.07.12 - Santa Fe, NM - Sol Santa Fe
04.10.12 - Austin, TX - Mohawk
04.13.12 - Atlanta, GA - The Earl
04.14.12 - Saxapahaw, NC - Haw River Ballroom

# William Tyler

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Sleigh Bells hang out with Diplo and Liturgy for Florida tour, ditch Diplo and Liturgy for non-Florida tour

Here’s a classic joke. A blown-out noise-pop duo, a Brooklyn black metal outfit, and a hedonistic globe-trotting DJ walk into a bar… in Florida. There are only dumb things that can end that joke. In real life, it’s less a joke involving a bar and more a tour that is actually happening involving a bit more than a handful of venues… in Florida. Before the release of their sophomore effort Reign of Terror, Sleigh Bells (you know, the blown-out noise-pop duo!) are going on a short tour with Liturgy (you know, the Brooklyn black metal outfit!) and Diplo (you know, the hedonistic globe-trotting DJ!).

All that noise making and carrying on is going to get annoying eventually. That’s why Sleigh Bells are dropping off that dead weight in Diplo and Liturgy after those few dates. Those guys are such dead weight ugggggggggghhhhhhh. Sleigh Bells will play roughly another handful of dates unencumbered, apparently targeting only major cities. You know, like New York! And L.A.! And Toronto! The majorest!

By the way, Sleigh Bells’s Treats (TMT Review) follow-up, Reign of Terror, is still coming out on February 21 through Mom + Pop Music. It still has a title that sure sounds like a Sleigh Bells title. Hear the first single, “Comeback Kid,” below.

Sleigh Bells dates:

02.03.12 - Gainesville, FL - Florida Theater *
02.04.12 - Tampa, FL - The Ritz *
02.06.12 - Pensacola, FL - Vinyl Music Hall *
02.07.12 -Tallahassee, FL - The Moon *
02.09.12 - Jacksonville, FL - Freebird Live *
02.10.12 - Orlando, FL - Firestone *
02.11.12 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL - Revolution *
02.14.12 - Miami, FL - Grand Central *
02.16.12 - Washington, DC - 9:30 Club
02.17.12 - New York, NY - Terminal 5
02.18.12 - Toronto, ON - Phoenix
02.21.12 - Los Angeles, CA - Music Box
02.23.12 - San Francisco, CA - Regency Ballroom
02.24.12 - Seattle, WA - Showbox at Market

* Diplo, Liturgy

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