Zomby to release Nothing on 4AD, though technically he’s already released something

Zomby to release Nothing on 4AD, though technically he's already released something http://www.tinymixtapes.com/sites/default/files/news-11-10-zomby.jpg

I had the rather unique opportunity of catching Zomby perform at Decibel Festival in Seattle this past September, which was somewhat of a surprise in and of itself, considering the British dubstep producer has a history of just not showing up for scheduled live events. But he showed up for this one, and boy was it… something. After a fairly enthusiastic first half of gamut-running electronic music, the mysterious man in the Guy Fawkes mask seemed to lose energy in a manner similar to a cigarette-smoking Solid Snake. Only those weren’t fags Zomby was smoking. Possibly discouraged by the obvious technical issues that seemed to increase as time went on, he spent the latter portion of his set toking up, sitting backstage, and occasionally returning to touch his laptop once or twice. He ended the show with possibly the most I-don’t-give-a-shit V sign I’ve ever seen.

I dare say Zomby’s general attitude toward life may be the inspiration for the title of his upcoming EP Nothing, to be released November 28 in the UK and December 6 in the US. Details are scant, but when a release is only 22 minutes in length, I’m not sure how much detail you really need. The EP, according to a press release, is being billed as, “both a companion piece and ‘something of a bridge’” between it and the slightly longer LP Dedication (TMT Review), which was released in July, also via 4AD. If this is what an indifferent Zomby sounds like, I’d love to see what an energetic and aspirational Zomby could accomplish.

Nothing tracklisting:

01. Labyrinth
02. Digital Fractal
03. Equinox
04. Sens
05. It Was All a Dream
06. Trapdoor
07. Ecstasy Versions

• Zomby: http://www.myspace.com/zombyproductions
• 4AD: http://www.4ad.com

Akira Sakata and Chikamorachi (Chris Corsano, Darin Gray) tour the world, spraying notes all over your clothes

In 2008, supreme alto saxophonist Akira Sakata made his way through Japan in a van, playing collaborative shows with Jim O’Rourke and back-up duo Chikamorachi a.k.a. many-limbed percussionist Chris Corsano and double-bassist Darin Gray. The recordings from these shows were deemed so “smokin’ hot” that Family Vineyard waited three years for them to cool down before releasing some selections last month as And That’s the Story of Jazz… (TMT Review). The 2-CD set was given Eureka! status, the TMT equivalent of something being “smokin’ hot.”

Now, after receiving critical approval from the place where criticism counts, Sakata and Chikamorachi are suiting up again for some trio shows in a small number of cities across the globe, accompanied on one date by Sergey Letov and pianist Yōsuke Yamashita on another. Seeing these guys shoot fire out of their instruments right in front of you is reason enough to attend, but if you’d like another incentive, here’s an easy way to get more out of the experience. Get into one of these shows early, position yourself as close to the front as possible, wait until a quiet moment in the set, let out a jarring, phlegmy cough, wait until 2014 for Family Vineyard to release that tour’s recordings, and finally impress your friends by fast-forwarding to the part where you coughed in Brussels three years ago and ruined a set by a jazz legend. Good luck!


10.25.11 - Moscow, Russia - School of Dramatic Arts Theatre %
10.27.11 - Krakow, Poland - Alchemia
10.28.11 - Poznan, Poland - Dragon Club
11.01.11 - London, UK - Cafe Oto
11.02.11 - London, UK - Cafe Oto
11.04.11 - Brussels, Belgium - Recyclart
11.05.11 - Hasselt, Belgium - Open Circut, Japanimprov Fest
11.06.11 - Brussels, Belgium - Les Ateliers Club #
11.09.11 - Tokyo, Japan - WWW ^

% quartet w/ Sergey Letov
# Corsano/Gray only
^ quartet w/ Yōsuke Yamashita

• Akira Sakata: http://www.akira-sakata.com
• Family Vineyard: http://family-vineyard.com

Florian Hecker to release 8/8 of new material on 2x10-inch via Presto!?

People seem to be considering everything in divided proportions these days. On Wall Street, for instance, for income brackets you’re either that loathed 1% or the disadvantaged 99. It’s good to know how much of the population I am obligated to hate. It’s also good to know how much fat is in my milk. You know what I really appreciate, though? When recordings do the math and provide information regarding exact proportions of all the ingredients. Lucky for such people, as well as fans of electronic composer Florian Hecker who are anxiously awaiting his contributions to the upcoming Russell Haswell release, Presto!? has announced the release of 2/8 Bregman 1/8 Deutsch 7/8 Hecker 1/8 Höller, a double 10-inch vinyl set produced and compiled by Florian Hecker with a contribution by Carsten Höller.

According to the press release, the title “indicates the percental inputs of the eight pieces, intertwines practical, theoretical, and conceptual proportions and its audible dramatizations.” Confused? You must be from the 1%. Poser. Tourist. Get out, and take Kanye West with you.

The press release also alludes to the record having 6/8 of the pieces untitled, with 2/8 titled “Gelbgrün” and “UpDown,” and “8/8 of the record playing on 45 RPM.” Beyond that, this release is shrouded in mystery, as 5/8 of said press release only consists of references to music theory journals.

Meanwhile, check out Hecker’s Speculative Solution (TMT Review), out now on Editions Mego.

• Hecker: http://florianhecker.blogspot.com
• Presto!?: http://prestorecords.com
• Understanding Fractions: http://www.aaamath.com/fra.html

Jacaszek to release ominous new album Glimmer, naturally signs to label with “ghost” in its name

The 2008 release of Treny from Polish musician Michał Jacaszek was, by most accounts (including my own), a startling and memorable achievement in the realm of dark ambient music, gracefully navigating the middle ground between contemporary classical and something much more haunting. The 2009 release of Pentral was, with all due respect to the artist in question, a spectacular decrease in quality and innovativeness. Supposedly Jacaszek was the author of that album, but I’m not entirely sure it wasn’t just something he was screwing around with when he was in his teenage years, which he subsequently decided to release. In any case, the initial qualitative inconsistency of Jacaszek’s formal releases has made me cock an eyebrow at the news of his signage to Ghostly International, as well as the release of a new album Glimmer on December 6. I temper what would otherwise be girlish excitement (if, say, Pentral had never seen the light of day) and replace it with hopeful skepticism.

From a press release, Jacaszek has this to say regarding his new album: “I tried again to create some fragile beauty glimmering behind the veil of reality. I built a kind of curtain out of dirts and fuzzes, and used pure sound of clarinet and harpsichord playing beautiful melodies as a contrast to its harshness.” Certainly, one of the most blatant and appealing characteristics of Treny was how outwardly emotional it was and how inspired it felt. Therefore, it can only be a positive that Jacaszek appears to have taken a similar approach with Glimmer. The jury’s out on what his production techniques will ultimately lead to, but he’s definitely got the attention of many. I’ll try not to glare too critically while I’m listening.

Glimmer tracklisting:

01. Goldengrove
02. Dare-gale
03. Pod Światło
04. Evening Strains to Be Time’s Vast
05. Seiden Stille
06. What Wind-Walks Up Above!
07. Only Not Within Seeing of the Sun
08. As Each Tucked String Tells
09. Windhover

• Jacaszek: http://www.jacaszek.com
• Ghostly International: http://ghostly.com

Modest Mouse! Fancy seeing you here in Texas and Brazil! How the hell are ya?

Oh hey, Modest Mouse! It’s been forever — I mean, I haven’t heard much from you guys since We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank (TMT Review). Oh, and that EP/compilation thing from 2009, No One’s First, and You’re Next. So! How the hell have you been? Pretty busy? I heard you played a couple new songs at Sasquatch back in May. “Poison the Well” and “Lampshades on Fire,” right? Still pretty bummed I couldn’t make it out to the festival, but luckily I found the songs on YouTube! Cool stuff!

Word on the street tells me you’ve been collaborating with Big Boi? That’s pretty wild. I’m stoked to hear this new album — when’s that supposed to drop, anyway? Anytime soon? No? Oh well, at least you have some cool shows coming up. I mean, cool if you live in/near Texas or Brazil. But still, I’m sure they’ll be pretty swell! Hope to see you guys soon!


11.09.11 - Austin, TX - Stubb’s Waller Creek Amphitheater *
11.10.11 - Dallas, TX - Palladium Ballroom *
11.13.11 - Sao Paulo, Brazil - SWU Music and Arts Festival

* Talkdemonic

• Modest Mouse: http://www.modestmousemusic.com

Ladies Auxiliary tour AND release their second album of the year. Damn those overachievers!

In his email regarding the upcoming Ladies Auxiliary tour, singer/keyboardist Colin Pate stated, “we’re not a real popular band.” I couldn’t help but grin. That sort of timid honesty always charms me to pieces, and it just so happens that Ladies Auxiliary play the wistful, Beach House-y sort of dream pop that I currently can’t get enough of. Plus, the tour swings through a string of Southern cities — my neck of the woods! Are they vying for my personal affection? Probably not, actually.

Even if Ladies Auxiliary aren’t particularly popular, they sure have been busy this year. They released their debut album, My Side of the Mountain (TMT Review) back in March, and they’re about to release another one titled On the Shadow, which the band describes on their Tumblr:

Without much thought for a unifying sound, the group submerged their twangy, whimsical impulses, and went right for the gut. Taking cues from early Factory Records, Suicide, Philly Soul, Scott Walker and anthemic heartland rock, the songs have gigantic hooks and melodies, but still allow plenty for nuance and space. Lyrical themes, though they remain personal, touch on universal notions of the comforts and distress of nostalgia, instability of friendship, and fear of demise.

My Side of the Mountain is currently available on the Ladies Auxiliary Bandcamp page (name your own price), and On the Shadow is slated for a November 8 release. Also, since most of the upcoming shows are just a hop, skip, and a jump away from me, who knows, maybe I’ll see you there?


11.01.11 - Harrisonburg, VA - Downtown 34
11.02.11 - Winston-Salem, NC - Elliott’s Revue
11.03.11 - Wilmington, NC - Satellite
11.04.11 - Columbia, SC - Conundrum
11.05.11 - Atlanta, GA - Wonderroot
11.06.11 - Raleigh, NC - King’s Barcade
11.07.11 - Richmond, VA - The Camel

• Ladies Auxiliary: http://ladiesauxiliary.tumblr.com

[Photo: David Norbery]