Breaking News: Living in a cave may seriously help your defense against an RIAA court case!

Pop quiz: Which of the following tactics can be used effectively to evade an RIAA-instigated copyright infringement lawsuit?

- Give Mitch Bainwol a blow job
- Buy five thousand copies of Miracle: Happy Summer from William Hung
- Evade subpoenas and don’t show up to the trial
- Render prosecutors blind by throwing a Bible at their heads

While A would probably work, B would put you out a lot of money for a really shit album, and D didn’t help Michael Bluth very much, it seems that for one lucky Boston University student, C did the trick.

According to Ars Technica, the RIAA was unable to prosecute BU student Christopher Brennan for sharing five songs (including Smashmouth’s “Beer Goggles”) after the defendant failed to appear in court and did not respond to attempts to contact him. After the case was thrown out in February, a judge denied the RIAA’s many subsequent re-filings of motions for a default judgment, citing that no arguments could progress against a defendant who may not have been aware a case against him was pending. Looks like Mr. Brennan got lucky -- he didn’t have to face a court case or get his internet connection suspended.

So, if you’re ever caught in this situation, ask yourself: would I rather go into hiding and walk out a couple months later safe from a vindictive corporation or have this album cover all over my house?

It’s sort of a hard choice, so why not do both?

RIP: Charlie Cooper of Telefon Tel Aviv

From a MySpace post by Joshua Eustis of Telefon Tel Aviv (via Pitchfork):

It breaks my heart to inform you all that Charlie Cooper, my better half in Telefon Tel Aviv, passed away on January 22nd.

We have been friends since high school, and began making records together a decade ago. We have been so fortunate to tour the world together, while at the same time having a massive amount of laughs at one another's expense.

Aside from Charlie's singular genius and musical gifts, I can tell you that he was a total sweetheart of a guy, and a loving friend and confidant to people everywhere. His musicianship was surpassed only by his greater gift to the world - his warmth, his generosity, his unquenchable humor, and his undying loyalty to those whom he loved. In the spirit of honorable mention, however, I should mention that he had a shoe collection that was marvelous, knowledge of hip-hop that was profound, and knowledge of wine that was subtle.

He is survived by a sister, a neice, a nephew, his mother, his stepfather, me, and more adoring friends than the Universe has dark matter. As such, his family and I ask for your discretion and consideration of our privacy during these extremely turbulent waters.

- Telefon Tel Aviv official website
- Telefon Tel Aviv MySpace

Talibam! Get Bromantic on European Tour

"Research into friendship and masculinity has found that recent generations of men, raised by feminist mothers in the 1970s, are more emotionally open and more expressive," says Wikipedia. I believe it, because I believe everything I read (did you know that high fructose corn syrup is okay in moderation??). Well, get yourself prepared for a Very Bromantic Talibam! 2009, as Matt Mottel and Kevin Shea spread the bromance on their seventh European tour since 2006, supporting three split vinyls -- with But God Created Women (Holiday Records), Jealousy Party (Wallace Records), and a 12-incher with Wasteland Jazz Unit (Thor's Rubber Hammer) -- from late 2008.

What's on the Talibam! schedule after the tour?

- The Talibam! boys will even more bromantic with two forthcoming collaborative releases with Daniel Carter (Roaratorio) and PEESSEYE (Invada Records), due later this year.
- Two studio albums are "currently in production."
- From March 4-14, see Talibam! at The Kitchen with choreographer Karole Armitage's Dance Punk Series, where they'll interpret composer David Linton's "Watteau." Shea will also sit in on drums for a piece by excusable earthling Rhys Chatham.
- Talibam! will begin a U.S. tour on March 21, their first tour of the states since 2005. They'll head to Europe afterward

01.27.09 - Madrid, Spain - Wurlitzer Ball Room
01.28.09 - Braganca, Portugal - Bar da Agraria
01.29.09 - Porto, Portugal - Plan B
01.30.09 - Bilbao, Spain - Zeanuri
01.31.09 - Barcelona, Spain - TBA
02.01.09 - Torino, Italy - Velvet
02.02.09 - Basel, Switzerland - Hirscheneck
02.03.09 - Lyon, France - Ground Zero
02.06.09 - Paris, France - Instants Chavires *
02.07.09 - Nantes, France- Blockhaus
02.08.09 - Rennes, France - LA BASCULE
02.09.09 - Brussels, Belgium - Recyclart
02.11.09 - Tilburg, Netherlands - Paradox
02.12.09 - London, England - Old Blue Last
02.13.09 - Brighton, UK - TBA
03.04.09 - New York, NY - The Kitchen (512 W. 19 Street)

* TALIBAM! feat. Rhys Chatham & J.F. Pauvros! w/ Chewbacca (lyon)

# TALIBAM! in Think Punk featuring Karole Armitage, David Linton, Rhys Chatham

Isis Announce New Album Details, But Remain Mysterious

Here for your reading pleasure is an "interview" I conducted with Aaron Turner, head of Hydra Head Records, founding member of Isis, and metal music mastermind.

Kid Midnight: Hey, Aaron, great to see you again!

Aaron Turner: Oh, yeah, for sure, last time I saw you I didn’t think that you were going to get out of that prison alive.

KM: Yeah, well, you know… Mondays, right?

AT: Hahaha, you are so funny Kid Midnight.

KM: Thanks. Now let’s get down to the new album… what can you tell us?

AT: The new album is called Wavering Radiant, and it’s coming out on Ipecac Recordings May 5.

KM: Excellent, are we going to see a vinyl release?

AT: Of course, of course. We love vinyl just as much as any metal band does, which is a lot, so we’re going to have a limited-edition vinyl version that comes out April 21.

KM: Wow, I can’t wait! Can you tell us anything else about the album?

AT: It’s produced by Joe Baressi, who’s worked with Tool and Queens of The Stone Age -- Adam Jones from Tool even contributed some guitar work to two songs.

KM: That sounds awesome! Kind of like Iggy Pop singing for Ramones?


KM: Well, I’m excited for the new stuff.

AT: Good to hear.

KM: Use three words to describe the new material.

AT: Monolithic, atmospheric, dense.

KM: Ah, the classic favorites, but, like I said, I’m excited. Like I always say: a bad Isis album would still be better than most other good metal albums.

AT: Wise words…

KM: Can you tell us anything else about the album?

AT: More details will follow.

KM: Oh… that’s a little mysterious… tracklist? song titles? A peek at the album artwork?

AT: More details will follow.

KM: Alright, I get the picture, can’t pull back the veil of secrecy too far, right?

AT: More details will follow

Clap Your Hands and Say “Dan Deacon to Tour and Release Album and Split Single.” Now Clap Them Again and Say “Give Papa a Cup of Proper Coffee in a Copper Coffee Cup.” Not So Easy, Is It?

“Adversity makes men, and prosperity makes monsters.” – Victor Hugo

If the quotable 19th-century French Romantic ponce was correct, then Baltimore-based beat party monster Dan Deacon must be doing very well for himself. There is nothing quite as grotesque and powerful as witnessing the spectacle that is Deacon in a live setting. To celebrate his good fortunes, Deacon has announced a behemoth North American tour, which will group him with Future Islands and Teeth Mountain for 36 dates. The long jaunt starts in a church -- that is, the incredibly progressive, forward-thinking First Unitarian Church in Philadelphia on April 3. Much sooner than then and in just a few days, Deacon will play a solo set in Brooklyn. Alone or complemented by a couple of hometown hero opening acts and a dozen-plus musicians, you may just see the light... or cower from it.

Monster trucking:
01.30.09 - Brooklyn, NY - Danbro Studios (solo set)
04.03.09 - Philadelphia, - PA First Unitarian Church
04.05.09 - Williamsburg, VA - The Little Theater
04.06.09 - Asheville, NC - Orange Peel
04.07.09 - Knoxville, TN - Catalyst
04.08.09 - Birmingham, AL - Bottletree
04.09.09 - Athens, GA - 88/cp
04.10.09 - Atlanta, GA - Eyedrum
04.11.09 - Tallahassee, FL - FSU, Club Downunder
04.13.09 - New Orleans, LA - The Candle Factory, The Heavy
04.15.09 - Baton Rouge, LA - Spanish Moon
04.16.09 - Houston, TX - Orange Show
04.18.09 - Ft. Worth, TX - The Ft. Worth Modern Museum
04.20.09 - Tempe, AZ - The Clubhouse
04.21.09 - San Diego, CA - Ché Café
04.22.09 - Los Angeles, CA - Troubadour
04.23.09 - San Francisco, CA - Great American Music Hall
04.24.09 - Portland, OR - Wonder Ballroom
04.25.09 - Seattle, WA - The Vera Project
04.26.09 - Vancouver, British Columbia - Richards on Richards
04.29.09 - Salt Lake City, UT - Kilby Court
04.30.09 - Denver, CO - Bluebird Theater
05.01.09 - Kansas City, MO - Pistol S.C

05.02.09 - Minneapolis, MN - Triple Rock (early and late shows)
05.04.09 - Madison, WI - Majestic Theatre
05.05.09 - Milwaukee, WI - Turner Hall Ballroom
05.06.09 - Urbana, IL - Canopy Club, Club Void
05.07.09 - Chicago, IL - The Metro
05.08.09 - Mt. Pleasant, MI - CMU, The Wesley Foundation
05.09.09 - Detroit, MI - Scrummage
05.10.09 - Toronto, Ontario - The Deleon White Gallery
05.11.09 - Montreal, Quebec - La Sala Rossa
05.12.09 - South Burlington, VT - HG Showcase Lounge
05.13.09 - Cambridge, MA - Middle East Downstairs
05.15.09 - Brooklyn, NY - Danbro Studios
05.16.09 - New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom
05.17.09 - Washington, DC - 9:30 Club


“Perfectly ordered disorder designed with a helter-skelter magnificence.” – Emily Carr

The Canadian Pacific Northwest First Nations-inspired painter may have lived and died a good number of years before the Deacon seed was conceived, but she perhaps was presciently speaking of the experience of listening to Dan Deacon on record. As previously reported, his much-anticipated Bromst is due March 24 on Carpark Records.

Monster tracking:

1. Build Voice
2. Red F
3. Paddling Ghost
4. Snookered
5. Of The Mountains
6. Surprise Stefani
7. Wet Wings
8. Woof Woof
9. Slow With Horns / Run For Your Life
10. Baltihorse
11. Get Older


“We gave one guy who messed with us a popsicle that was 10% lemonade and 90% pee. We were smoking a joint and licking our popsicles when he goes 'This tastes like shit.' Without missing a beat Joan (Jett) said, 'You're getting close.’'' – Sandy West

Er, this quote given by the late Runaways drummer doesn’t make much contextual sense for a Dan Deacon story, does it? But it’s a pretty good quote, and nothing introduces a small songlist for a split Deacon/Adventure 12-inch like a blurb about a split lemonade/pee popsicle, am I right? This single features two tracks by each artist and is out TODAY on Carpark.

Mini monster tracking:

Dan Deacon:

1. Get Older
2. Cave Birth


1. Poison Diamonds
2. Lifeguard

Thurston Moore and Mats Gustafsson bring in da noise, bring in da funk on East Coast tour

Within the past week, America's first black president was inaugurated, Oscar nominations were announced, and Microsoft laid off a ton of friggin' employees. January is truly shaping up to be a historic month, a month all of us will remember as a mixture of elation and depression, a time of great steps forward and daunting steps back. At times, it seems almost overwhelming, all the things that are happening. And now there's another incredible event to add to the mix, an event that brings two giants of their era together to make history and totally rock out.

The two legends I speak of are none other than Thurston Moore and the man Matador Records deemed a "Scandinavian saxophone demon," Mats Gustafsson. Starting this Thursday, the man behind Sonic Youth (Moore -- you know this) and the man behind Christian Munthe and Gush (Gustafsson -- you might not know this) will be joining forces to play a string of crazy noise free jazz tourdates on the East Coast. They'll be joined along the way by pals Samara Lubelski, Magik Markers, Sickness, and so much more

01.29.09 - Florence, MA - Florence VFW*
01.30.09 - New York, NY - Club Rehab**
01.31.09 - Philadelphia, PA - International House
02.01.09 - Brooklyn, NY - Glasslands***
02.02.09 - Boston, MA - Middle East****

* Magik Markers, Nace/Pak/Noise Nomads

** Gene Moore, White Out-Samara Lubelski

***John Olson/Okkyung Lee/C. Spencer Yeh trio, Sunburned Hand of the Gene, Tovah D-day

**** Sickness, Ashley Paul, Perespirit

F Yeah Fest Plans Benefit Show with Two Gallants and Trash Talk for the Family of Oscar Grant; You Should Really Go To This

At 2:15 AM on January 1, 2009, Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Police officer Johannes Mehserle murdered 22-year-old Oscar Grant on a train platform in Oakland, CA. Grant and others had been detained on the platform for fighting on the train. Although officers had Grant subdued and on his knees, Mehserle inexplicably drew his firearm and shot Grant in the back in full view of the passengers on the halted train. The shooting shocked the crowd, one of whom captured the incident on a cell phone camera. Be warned – the following video is ire-inducing to the furthest degree.

Needless to say, this is one of the most egregious and puzzling acts of police brutality in California (and, therefore, American) history. The Grant family obviously has suffered a tremendous loss and must prepare for a lengthy and painful civil trial against BART.

In an admirable attempt to lighten the financial load, the always awesome folks at Los Angeles’ F Yeah Fest and Trash Talk Collective have announced a benefit concert for Grant’s family on February 8 at 924 Gilman St. in Berkeley, CA. Trash Talk, Two Gallants, and two yet-to-be announced bands will perform, along with a “very special guest” who will be named on the day of the show.

$12 is all this fantastic package will cost you, so if you happen to be in the area, lend a hand to some people who’d really appreciate it just by doing what you do best: listening to good music.

Gosh. Apparently Grandaddy singer, songwriter, and non-ironic trucker hat-wearer Jason Lytle wasn't finally killed off by one of the many robots that he talked shit about during his band's shaky tenure as one of indie rock's last major label hope! In fact, you may recall that, after poor ol' Grandaddy went the way of the ol’ fambly cat back in 2005, little Lytle toured in support of final album Just Like the Fambly Cat (TMT Review) all by himself.

Nope. Darned if Lytle (the very same man responsible for asking us to imagine forest glens littered with ovens and refrigerators and mentally-challenged pilots refusing to land their air planes because they feel unloved by society, mind you) isn’t still out there, apparently huddled-up in the mountains of Montana skateboarding, licensing music for the only the trippiest of car commercials, and recording his every blip-psych whim at his own mellow, West Coast pace.

I know, he’s not exactly Thoreau, but still... sounds romantic, doesn’t it? Well, we’ll find out together come May 19, oh ye Grandaddy faithful, when ANTI- sees fit to release Lytle’s solo debut, Yours Truly, the Commuter. And if you’re tickled by how “Grandaddy” the title of the thing sounds, just wait until you see this tracklist. I’ll bet my vintage synths that “This Song is the Mute Button” will play-out just like it sounds it will. Any takers?

Yours Truly, the Commuter tracklist:

1. Yours Truly, the Commuter
2. Brand New Sun
3. Ghost of My Old Dog
4. I Am Lost (And the Moment Cannot Last)
5. Birds Encouraged Him
6. It's the Weekend
7. Fürget It
8. This Song Is the Mute Button
9. Rollin' Home Alone
10. You're Too Gone
11. Flying Thru Canyons
12. Here for Good

Ready to Swoon? Death Cab for Cutie Announce Spring Tour

Mosaic Tiles:


Lens Flare:


Neon Glow:


Original, mint condition:

03.07.09 - Miami, FL - Langerado Festival
04.07.09 - Upper Darby, PA - Tower Theatre #!
04.08.09 - Washington, DC - DAR Constitution Hall #!
04.09.09 - Davidson, NC - John Belk Arena/Davidson College #!
04.10.09 - Louisville, KY - Louisville Palace #!
04.11.09 - Memphis, TN - Orpheum Theatre #!
04.12.09 - Tulsa, OK - The Brady Theater #!
04.13.09 - Omaha, NE - Holland Theatre #!
04.15.09 - St. Paul, MN - Roy Wilkings Auditorium #
04.17.09 - Chicago, IL - Aragon Ballroom #!
04.18.09 - East Lansing, MI - Breslin Events Center/Michigan State University #
04.19.09 - Waukesha, WI - Van Male Fieldhouse/Carroll College #!
04.24.09 - Spokane, WA - McCarthey Athletic Center/Gonzaga University #!
04.25.09 - Boise, ID - The Morrison Center #!
04.27.09 - Sacramento, CA - Memorial Auditorium #!
04.29.09 - San Diego, CA - RIMAC Arena/UC San Diego #!
05.01.09 - Austin, TX - Austin Music Hall #$
05.02.09 - New Orleans, LA - Contemporary Arts Center #$
05.04.09 - Nashville, TN - Ryman Auditorium #$
05.05.09 - Birmingham, AL - BJCC Concert Hall #$
05.06.09 - Atlanta, GA - Fox Theatre #$

# Ra Ra Riot

! Cold War Kids

$ Matt Costa

Black Dice New Album, REPO, Due In April; Repo Humor Sort Of Touchy Right Now, So Enjoy This Tame Headline

The wonderful creatures and critters of Paw Tracks have awaken from their Winter Hibernation to bring us news that the boys of Black Dice will shed their winter coats April 7 with REPO, their fifth full-length album. When we last heard from them, they were blowing our loads on Load Blown (TMT Review), their unique style of noise gibber jabbering into hearts everywhere. Well, on REPO, it seems the crew has picked up a “blues-band philosophy,” which has allowed the band to “loosen up.” Can't wait to see what this all means.

As for what Black Dice are repossessing, it seems that these jokesters are out to get the “landscape popular culture would have us believe we cannot afford.” How exactly will this be done? By mulching sounds and images of radio, TV, and the internet into a compost heap of new life (and new songs), we will have what is ours. Ahhh, the smell of new life -- isn’t it great? A bit confusing, but that’s good, right? Right?

REPO tracklist:

1. Night Cream
2. Glazin
3. Earnings Plus Interest
4. Whirligig
5. La Cucaracha
6. Idiots Pasture
7. Lazy
8. Buddy
9. Inches
10. Vegetable
11. Urban Super Mist
12. Ultra Vomit
13. Gag Shack