Danger Mouse and Beck Team Up to Create The Ultimate Album/Song Sure to be Used in an Advertisement

In a move sure to delight car companies looking for new artist collaborations to spice up their Toyota Camry commercials, Harp
revealed that awesome producer dude Danger Mouse will be working his production magic on the forthcoming Beck album. Rumors have been confirmed by the Mouse's management, so if the excitement resulting from those recent Beck reissues is just too much, you might wanna sit down. Envision the possibilities: Beck joining Gnarls Barkley to not only crank out the hits, create the summer's most danceable crossover hit, or just create some damn good music to score a stylish and safe drive along Santa Monica Boulevard. I feel myself wanting to buy things already!

But that's not all Danger Mouse has in store for this year; he also has projects in the work with Martina Topley-Bird, MF Doom, the Black Keys, and the late, great Ike Turner. Move over, Will Smith's "Summertime" -- we may have a new "hottest jam ever" on our hands!

So, The Notwist’s The Devil, You + Me Walks Into A Record Store This June…

Well, this news seemed to have come out of nowhere. Germanic trio The Notwist have just announce that they have a new album coming out in June. The 11- track LP, The Devil, You + Me, will be released by Domino, the label that put out the band's last effort, 2002's Neon Golden (TMT Review). It should also be noted that the 20+ members of the jazz-art weirdo known as Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra will be in the house, er, on the album.

Unless you are incredibly aware of the doings and happenings of The Notwisters, I'm sure you're thinking, "What the hell took so long? I am the consumer, and you are the musician, so make some damn music already, so I can consume it and, if I have time, talk a bunch of shit about it in a few blog comment boxes." (Btw, you're a dick.) But do the names 13 & God, Lali Puna, Ms. John Soda, Console, and Tied And Tickled Trio ring a bell? These are all side projects by the various members of the band, which have occupied their time since promoting NG. In other words, they have been busy, so shut up and circle the whole month of June in red marker on your calendar. Then, in a month or so, when the record has a specific release date, make a bunch of arrows from the circle inward toward the exact day of the album's release. Then sit and wait.

The Devil, You + Me tracklist:

Sonic Youth:contenterror#1987 Master-Dik EP; SYR 7 PerformthisfunctiononApril22

I'll spare you the details of my hellacious week, but suffice to say, I'm in a bad mood and pretty tired, so I'm not going to use any exclamation points in this news article. Don't take it as a lack of enthusiasm for Sonic Youth -- I'm a big fan. Yay, Sonic Youth.

So, it's March, spring cleaning time, which is exactly what Sonic Youth was doing when they discovered the master tapes to the 1987 Master-Dik EP they never got around to releasing on CD.

Thurston Moore: Shit... you wanna run out and put this on a CD?

Some other member of Sonic Youth: Yeah, boss.

And there you have it. Eight tracks, including a cover of The Ramones' "Beat on The Brat" and a probably-hard-to-endure sound collage of "psycho-distorto-soundscapes recorded by the band while on tour and at Wharton's Palace of Confusion," available now at the Sonic Youth gift shop.

Master-Dik EP tracklist:

1. Master-Dik
2. Beat on the Brat
3. Under the Influence of The Jesus and Mary Chain/Ticket To Ride/Master-Dik(version)/Introducing the Stars
4. Ringo/He's On Fire/Florida Oil Drums/Westminster Chimes
5. Chinese Jam
6. Vibrato/Guitar Lick/Funky Fresh
7. Our Backyard
8. Traffik

But wait, there's more -- like the seventh installment of Sonic Youth's experimental goulash, which touts itself as a self-released, vinyl-only edition, among several other abstruse adjectives and compound modifiers. SYR 7 consists of two pieces, Side A's "J'accuse Ted Hughes" and Side B's "Agnes B Musique," merging as a total of 40 minutes of experimentation that I honestly don't have the patience for when I'm moody and tired. Available April 22; get ‘em while they're hot.

SYR 7 tracklist:

1. J'accuse Ted Hughes
2. Agnes B Musique

Stephen Malkmus And His Jicks Show Up Younger Bands By Adding Tourdates

It’s a tough world out there for those elder statesmen of indie rock. You’re trying to put out new albums and stay relevant -- Real Emotional Trash (TMT Review) in Stephen Malkmus’ case -- and meanwhile, you have an entire new generation of bands yipping at your tired heels. Bands that are young enough to be your kids!

Well, Malkmus is not about to let Vampire Los Weekend Campesinos get him down. Oh no, he’s going to show those kids that he and his merry band of Jicks are worth their salt by adding a few European dates to his already lengthy Spring tour.

Take that, youngsters:

# John Vanderslice

^ The Joggers

Hide your ones and zeroes, folks, ‘cause the the criminal organization of musicians known as Sigur Rós will be releasing their potentially deadly Heima virus on YouTube tomorrow (Friday). Word has it that Sigur Rós will take over all 12 video slots on YouTube's front page, plastering them with ten videos from the "Minn Heima" YouTube/Sigur Rós competition, a "special message" from the band (possibly of the terrorist variety), and Heima in full, their viral documentary most likely about amateur pornography and Icelandic carpentry.

You can read the terrorist propaganda on their site here.

Half Japanese Make Rare Live Appearances at SXSW!

Half Japanese are playing five shows at SXSW this year, with one of its early lineups of Jad Fair, David Fair, Mark Jickling, Rick Dreyfuss, John Dreyfuss, and John Moremen. A couple of the shows will exhibit art by both Jad and David (worth checking out because Jad's art is AWESOME, and I'm sure David's is too), while the WFMU Showcase will feature Yo La Tengo's Ira Kaplan on saxophone.

Meanwhile, you can checkout free Jad Fair albums at his MySpace, and you might as well start changing your SXSW plans to fit in all five Half Japanese shows. I'll be sure to tell you to do other things in future TMT news stories.

We Are Those Who Ache With Amorous Love, as long as you have a badge:

* Jad Fair art exhibition

# Jad Fair and David Fair art exhibition

Pitchfork.tv; Chicago Sun-Times’ Jim DeRogatis Interviews Bryan Shreiper

So, I came into the TMT offices today, and guess what? Same old shit. Mr P's in his office with a couple TMT fans, Gumshoe is yelling at a newbie for incorrectly using a semicolon, and NicoleMC99 is complaining to Squeo about the ass-chafing, eco-friendly toilet paper. Nobodaddy called in sick, and P Funk hasn't even showed up for the past two days! Don't get me wrong; I love TMT. But I'm getting so sick of it here.

Which is why I'm thinking of applying to Pitchfork. In addition to its foray into branding (TMT News), Pitchfork actually has its shit together. I'm sure you've heard of Pitchfork.tv by now, Pitchfork's "online music video channel" that debuts April 7. It'll feature full-length concerts, feature films, and more! I mean, why can't TMT do anything interesting? Seriously. Mr P's all "I don't want to post MP3s and videos because it's too promotional, blah blah blah." What a d-bag. I hear where he's coming from, but what about trying to expose new acts to readers? Is it really so bad to promote bands you believe in? Criticism is dead, Mr P! The lines have blurred a long time ago!

It really comes down to this: Jim DeRogatis (critic for Chicago Sun-Times and co-host of Sound Opinions) interviewed Pitchfork editor-in-chief Ryan Shreiber for his blog -- when asked if he knew who Mr P was, he responded: "Mr P? Isn't that a pizza shop on 46th?" Anyway, it's worth checking out the interview. He asks Shreibtown some tough questions:

- Now, what band is going to deny you the right to videotape them and show that content for free on Pitchfork.tv if it’s worried about not getting a good review on the Web site? What band is going to say no to playing the festival, even if it has a better offer somewhere else, and what band is going to reject letting you include them on a videogame soundtrack?

- I don’t know if I believe in the notion of selling out, but I do believe in the notion of credibility, and you guys have been very credible critics up to now. But when you get into the business of lining up bands for the soundtrack of a baseball video game, I’m going to start to wonder if I can trust that 9.4 rating anymore.

- What about the video game soundtrack? Doesn’t that kind of tarnish what you say Pitchfork is doing?

(Read the full interview here)

Meanwhile, check out Pitchfork.tv in April, and, really, stop reading "pizza shop" Tiny Mix Tapes. I've had one foot out the door for quite some time now. Oh shit, Mr P's coming. Gotta publish this quick!

Goodbye Winter, Hello Bonde do Role Tour!

Spring time: a time for gently falling rains, blossoming flowers, and the hatching of tiny, fuzzy chickens still too cute to be eaten. As the evil, cold, greying snow melts from the ground, new life bursts forth into the balmy, sweet air. It's a time for rebirth, for new hopes, for celebrations. But whatever, who really cares about all that when you know that it is also time for a Bonde do Role tour?!?!?!

After the departure of singer Marina Vello late last year, the future of the Brazilian baile funk dance powerhouse Bonde do Role was a big question mark. But they're back, and possibly better than ever! (Judge for yourself -- I haven't seen the new lineup yet.) They're performing at Coachella and across North America, and they've added not one but two new vocalists! These upstanding young women, Ana Bernardino and Laura Taylor, joined the band after what must surely have been a grueling audition process staged in conjunction with MTV Brasil.

Take off that parka, and get ready to get down, because Bonde do Role is coming to a town near you!

Four Score and Several Weeks From Now, Silver Jews Will Release Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea

Good day consumers! Why the happy greeting, you ask? When your dependence and concerns over shares and other equities about your portfolio are at an all-time high, when subprime losses are turning everyone into headless investment chickens, when you throw good money after bad in the vain hopes of recovering some market and personal respectability, when both big-wig hedge funders and half-penny stock players are running for life's exits doors, why have I dared to open this otherwise asinine news story with that pert and positively perky welcome?

Because all news is not bad.

Drag City's financial advisers are standing by to give you some much needed respite from your anguish with this following optimistic portent: Silver Jews will return with a new album, Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea. The band, the label, and a frothing pack of industry experts say that June 17 is the day when you should divert funds normally headed to your over-padded 401(k) or to your over-spudged collection of vintage Oui and Cheri skag mags and put them toward the latest effort by the incomparable David Berman and his current gang of touring, and now recording, collaborators: partner Cassie, Tony Crow, Brian Kotzur, Peyton Pinkerton, and William Tyler.

Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea, Lookout Song Titles:

1. What Is Not But Could Be If
2. Aloysius, Bluegrass Drummer
3. Suffering Jukebox
4. My Pillow Is the Threshold
5. Strange Victory, Strange Defeat
6. Open Field
7. San Francisco B.C.
8. Candy Jail
9. Party Barge
10. We Could Be Looking for the Same Thing

Berman seems hellbent on making up for lost time lately, jumping into mundane muso activities like press and promotion and touring, with a zest that he used to reserve for things like shunning the telephone and daylight. When a Silver Jews North American tour is announced, we will bring it to you, but for now, the following dates are on Berman's sched:
05.07.08 - Brighton, England - Concorde 2
05.09.08 - Glasgow, Scotland - ABC #
05.16-18.08 - Minehead, England - Butlins Holiday Resort *
05.29.08 - London, England - Indig02
05.30-31.08 - Barcelona, Spain - Primavera Sound Festival

# Monotonix

* Explosions in the Sky ATP

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