Yamantaka Eye (of Boredoms) joins noise-rock duo Gagakirise to satisfy our unspoken collaborative desires [News Article]

Dialect soundtracks our industrial dystopia with upcoming release on 1080p [News Article]

NNA Tapes announces new cassettes from Olivia Block and Patrick Higgins [News Article]

Steve Hauschildt succumbs to the Sandman's strict orders, announces new album Where All Is Fled [News Article]

Battles announce La Di Da Di, a new album that's sure to make you ba bi bay bo [News Article]

Planet Mu announces µ20, a 20th anniversary box set of astronomical proportions [News Article]

Natural Snow Buildings astound with surprising concision, announce new album Terror's Horns [News Article]

Arc Light Editions reissues rare LP from Finnish/fertile experimental musician Pekka Airaksinen [News Article]

Thundercat goes it alone in his search for actual giants, announces headlining tour [News Article]

Sigur Rós members score BBC film about circuses, though they're mostly in it for the free peanuts [News Article]

Holy Sons (Emil Amos) joins Earth for American tour; Earth reciprocates with Emil Amos-shaped clouds [News Article]

Helen (feat. members of Grouper, Eternal Tapestry) announce debut album The Original Faces [News Article]

NY venue Trans-Pecos pulls in a fresh batch of curators, including James Chance, Hisham Bharoocha, and David Grubbs [News Article]

Initial lineup for MUTEK Mexico unveiled, featuring Lee Gamble, Lucrecia Dalt, Lotic, and more (obviously) [News Article]

Arovane shares new track despite illness, replaced by bvdub at upcoming Substrata Festival [News Article]

Max Richter, not your mother, tells you to go to Sleep with upcoming eight-hour album [News Article]

Blondes emerge from intense studio seclusion bearing sound collage Rein, announce Persuasion EP on RVNG Intl. [News Article]

Moog employees get a stake in the company, celebrate with purchase of actual steaks [News Article]

Basilica Soundscape 2015: Jenny Hval, Wolf Eyes, Actress, The Haxan Cloak, and more to compel an upstate pilgrimmage [News Article]

Lightning Bolt's Brian Gibson reminds us of his developer chops, details "rhythm violence" game Thumper [News Article]


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