Doseone (cLOUDDEAD, 13 & God) to release solo album G Is for Deep on anticon., criticizes alphabet conformism [News Article]

OM announce Advaitic Songs 2xLP for Drag City; melodic chants of enthusiasm encouraged [News Article]

Demdike Stare release live album, and yes, you can genuinely hear the audience being possessed by demons [News Article]

Prefuse 73 and Teebs join together to form Sons of the Morning; Satan sues for trademark infringement [News Article]

Antony Hegarty, Blixa Bargeld, Gaspar Noé to appear on Throbbing Gristle's final album Desertshore; TG insist on discipline among those waiting for its release [News Article]

Tompkins Square announces series of 78 rpm 10-inch records, because that newfangled digital stuff is overrated anyway [News Article]

Motion Sickness of Time Travel to release self-titled double-LP — 80 minutes of you wondering whether your limbs are still attached to your body [News Article]

Laurel Halo to make you feel anything but sickly with debut album Quarantine on Hyperdub [News Article]

Mice Parade announce mini-tour, live record, full-length studio album, and their own personalized dinnerware [News Article]

Kishi Bashi to release debut full-length 151a on Joyful Noise — oh my god, that's my apartment number! [News Article]

Panabrite inserts his colored peg and illuminates with Soft Terminal (or, his name reminds me of that one toy I had as a child) [News Article]

100% Silk to leave you 100% interested in electronic dance music with joint tour, assuming you weren't already, and provided you fork over some dough [News Article]

Death Grips, Matthew Herbert, Alva Noto, Hudson Mohawke, and more remix Björk’s Biophilia; an unnamed few also choose to privately don her colorful clothing [News Article]

Hyperdub to re-release Street Halo / Kindred — a single CD containing both Burial EPs; can you say "全く素晴らしい"? [News Article]

Hodgy Beats (OFWGKTA and MellowHype) inspires journeys to Mecca with Untitled EP [News Article]

Seattle's Debacle Fest 2012 announced, with Mark McGuire, Rene Hell, Sean McCann, and others performing at... hey, you know that indistinguishable building/house? [News Article]

KTL (Stephen O'Malley and Peter Rehberg) to unleash V on the (acronym for Earth) [News Article]

Anthony Pateras to release Errors of the Human Body on Editions Mego; flatulence reportedly not an inspiration [News Article]

Sub Pop signs Seattle's Poor Moon, reaffirming the existence of their own gravitational pull [News Article]

Peaking Lights to tour the UK in June; Peking Lights content with remaining obscure in China [News Article]


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