Leyland Kirby a.k.a. The Caretaker announces new album as The Stranger, but can he fit a cowboy hat over all those curls? [News Article]

Ryan Hemsworth announces new LP <em>Guilt Trips</em>; won't you buy it for the sake of his hungry kittens? [News Article]

Laneway Festival slow dances with Detroit this weekend: Sigur Rós, Dismemberment Plan, Run the Jewels, Ghostly Intl. stage [News Article]

Jam City preps the rhythmic demolition of your neurons, announces EP for Night Slugs' <em>Club Constructions</em> series [News Article]

The Books release <em>Music for a French Elevator and Other Oddities</em>, briefly making you think they've reunited [News Article]

Sun Araw, M. Geddes Gengras, Tony Lowe, and Butchy Fuego celebrate impassioned knob-fiddling as The Celebrate Music Synthesizer Group; 2xLP out this month on Drag City [News Article]

Gardland announce infectious debut LP <em>Syndrome Syndrome</em> on RVNG Intl.; spontaneous repetition just one of the symptoms [News Article]

Zola Jesus unveils international tour dates, music video for "Fall Back;" Fat Joe reportedly unperturbed [News Article]

Black Hearted Brother, featuring former members of Slowdive and Seefeel, announce debut album <em>Stars Are Our Home</em> [News Article]

Arp announces <em>MORE</em> LP; is it still cool to reference that Will Ferrell SNL skit? [News Article]

Rene Hell announces new crowd-clearing album entitled <em>Vanilla Call Option</em> on PAN [News Article]

VIA Festival 2013 continues tradition of warming TMT's collective heart: Actress, Aaron Dilloway, Pharmakon, Raime, and more [News Article]

Helm announces <em>Silencer</em> EP on PAN and Alter, perfect music for hissing at people/things [News Article]

Lucrecia Dalt readies new full-length album <em>Syzygy</em>, a harnessing of her inner movie buff [News Article]

Mind Over Mirrors announces new album <em>When the Rest Are Up at Four</em>, possibly inspired by Yahoo! Answers [News Article]

Joanna Newsom set to appear in Paul Thomas Anderson film <em>Inherent Vice</em>; extended monologues about dirigibles flatly denied [News Article]

Death Grips no-show in Chicago apparently planned all long; attendees concede the meaning, but mostly pissed off [News Article]

Over 50% of all vinyl sales now coming from independent record shops; what a quirky statistic! [News Article]

Unicorn Hard-On aims to impregnate your ears with all sorts of beat-driven enchantment, announces <i>Weird Universe</i> LP on Spectrum Spools [News Article]

Four Tet announces new full-length <em>Beautiful Rewind</em>; ah, the beauty of mid-90s video rental policy [News Article]


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