Danny Brown [Chocolate Grinder]

Danny Brown's <em>OLD</em> confirmed for 9/30; threatens to leak it on 9/28 if it's not released 9/29 [News Article]

Traxman to release <em>Teklife Vol.3: The Architek</em> on Lit City Trax in September [News Article]

Dean Blunt unexpectedly drops new album <em>Stone Island</em> in Russia, available to DL and stream now [News Article]

Dean Blunt [Chocolate Grinder]

Ahnnu announces new album <em>World Music</em> on Leaving Records, featuring remixes by Andrew Pekler, Matthewdavid, and more [News Article]

d'Eon [Chocolate Grinder]

Laurel Halo sweetens October with new LP <em>Chances of Rain</em> on Hyperdub [News Article]

Vektroid (Macintosh Plus, Laserdisc Visions) teams with rapper Siddiq, launches store with sexy Macintosh Plus tank [News Article]

肉人形✰MEATDOLL [Chocolate Grinder]

James Ferraro [Chocolate Grinder]

Future Brown [Chocolate Grinder]

Omar Souleyman [Chocolate Grinder]

Oneohtrix Point Never [Chocolate Grinder]

Traxman to release new EP on Interscape Records, but SO DAMN WHATTT !!!! [News Article]

LAMPGOD & **Ł_RD//$M$ [Chocolate Grinder]

RM Francis [Chocolate Grinder]

Visionist to release two (non-footwork) EPs on Lit City Trax, collaborates with Fatima Al Qadiri [News Article]

E+E [Chocolate Grinder]

Dean Blunt [Chocolate Grinder]