Japanese Breakfast - American Sounds and Where is My Great Big Feeling [Cerberus]

Kevin Drumm - Primate [Cerberus]

Rosen & Spyddet - Springet Som Symbol [Cerberus]

Olli Aarni - Auringonnousu Pikseleinä [Cerberus]

Prurient - Washed Against The Rocks [Cerberus]

Broken Lights - Three Circles [Cerberus]

Red Boiling Springs - Alaxsxaq [Cerberus]

Baroke Misty Queens - Tacked Into It [Cerberus]

Torn Birch - Effigy [Cerberus]

Puce Mary - Ultimate Hypocrisy [Cerberus]

Laureate - Minute Detail [Cerberus]

Vatican Shadow [Chocolate Grinder]

New Vatican Shadow LP slated for October; Dominick Fernow has not slept for years, eats only once a month [News Article]

Dog Haullcination - Serving Two Masters [Cerberus]

OvO bring a new album to their loyal followers on Earth, ride down from heaven on a Supernatural Cat [News Article]

Goldrush Festival 2013 is here to blow what’s left of your brain after last year: Noveller, MV & EE, Lee Noble, more! [News Article]

A Winged Victory For The Sullen [Chocolate Grinder]

Prada & Oregon - His Past of Heaven-Floor Permanents - Her Lufa [Cerberus]

PAN announces release of Helena Hauff and F#X’s first Black Sites EP, just as you predicted [News Article]

Forest Swords announces new album, Engravings, finally gives us more than six tracks to loop whilst watching Toshiro Mifune do his thing [News Article]