Red Boiling Springs - Environments [Cerberus]

Single Lash - Single Lash [Cerberus]

Shy Mirrors - Dodging The Column [Cerberus]

Death Vacation - Through Your Head [Cerberus]

Âmes Sanglantes - Chindia Tower Impalements [Cerberus]

Internazionale - Elegy For The Victors [Cerberus]

Secret Boyfriend - They're Playing Themselves [Cerberus]

Dalhous - Lost, discarded or simply forgotten [Cerberus]

Al Marantz - Forgotten Device [Cerberus]

TALsounds - Medium Strong [Cerberus]

Jacob Kirkegaard - 5 Pieces [Cerberus]

Micromelancolié - Order of Disappearance [Cerberus]

White Resin - Spirit 1992 [Cerberus]

Lost Trail - How They Kindle And Flame! [Cerberus]

Power Mystery - Young Flower [Cerberus]

Japanese Breakfast - American Sounds and Where is My Great Big Feeling [Cerberus]

Kevin Drumm - Primate [Cerberus]

Rosen & Spyddet - Springet Som Symbol [Cerberus]

Olli Aarni - Auringonnousu Pikseleinä [Cerberus]

Prurient - Washed Against The Rocks [Cerberus]