Chocolate Grinder Mix 06
“Don’t Doomgaze Childhood Wander Alone”

This mix is more of a trip than my last installment, less post-coital and more absinthe freebase. The bizarre "future primitive" vocal loop stylings of Scotland's Wounded Knee and the prickly acoustic guitar of Washington's legendary Kelly Joe Phelps sandwich a selection of hypnotic tracks that struggle to fall easily into a genre classification. With the possible exception of the upbeat Brazilian MPC house excursion of Azaxx (generously provided by Tru Thoughts), I feel all the tracks more or less build off each other like a proper mix should, rather than as the random collection of exciting new tracks it basically is. The birds from Balky Mule's Syd Barrett-meets-Damon Albarn mesh with Bibio's nostalgic wilderness, which leads to Shuttle (one of the electronic tracks to hear this year) going down a cave, and so forth. Buy the ticket, take the ride.

01. Wounded Knee - "My Wooden Cupboard" (Shimmering New Vistas)
- Start time: 0:00; Links: Benbecula - Wounded Knee
02. The Balky Mule - "Dust Bird Baths" (The Length Of The Rail)
- Start time: 4:12; Links: FatCat - The Balky Mule
03. Bibio - "Weekend Wildfire" (Vignetting The Compost)
- Start time: 8:08; Links: Mush - Bibio
04. Shuttle - "Tunnel" (Tunnel EP)
- Start time: 13:15; Links: Ninja Tune - Shuttle
05. Tycho - "Cascade (Live Version)" (Ghostly Swim)
- Start time: 17:49; Links: Ghostly International - Tycho
06. Gui Boratto - "Colors" (Take My Breath Away)
- Start time: 21:41; Links: Kompakt - Gui Boratto
07. The Show Is The Rainbow - "Who He Says He Is" (Wet Fist)
- Start time: 25:39; Links: Retard Disco - The Show Is The Rainbow
08. Azaxx - "Wild Strawberry Jelly" (The Exotic Delight Bay)
- Start time: 29:28; Links: Tru Thoughts - Azaxx
09. The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble - "München" (Mutations EP)
- Start time: 33:45; Links: Ad Noiseam - The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble
10. Kelly Joe Phelps - "Blowing Dust 40 Miles" (Western Bell)
- Start time: 39:44; Links: Black Hen - Kelly Joe Phelps

[Artwork: Keith Kawaii]

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