Oneohtrix Point Never
“Music For Reliquary House”

Music without distinct lyrics makes the most creative mindset for the listener. Leaving the listener lost within the creativity of sound, rather than vocalized direction, provides building blocks to a completely original, personal narration or daydream. Which mildly explains the direction of some of my posts (just don’t want y’all reading the same thing over and over again; stick with Tiny Mix Tapes, please).

Oneohtrix Point Never seems to take this [non]vocal concept one step further in “Music For Reliquary House.” Set, in my mind, against the backdrop of a viral computer left plugged in on the 24th floor of an abandoned office building, a software choir of stuttering avatars harken a digital spell to decode their virtual existence and hack their way into the real world. Tugging at wires, warping sound from a dimension within human dimension, beyond natural mindset, these avatars are determined to become the next life form. What they didn’t expect is mainframe cowboy Daniel Lopatin to wrangle their mantra into a collected and concise piece of art, which Toby and Matt (of NNA Tapes) bossed and pressed split-style with Rene Hell.

Read more about “Music For Reliquary House” here, and listen to part of Oneohtrix Point Never’s side here (including its source material):

Pre-order now. LP available in eight days.

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West Widows


Here’s a gem from earlier this summer you might have missed from instrumental hip-hop producer West Widows. “Violence,” from collaborate mixtape Greetings From Spring Break Tapes Volume 1, is in fact a non-violent-sounding track, with woozy synths and a skipping drum beat. There’s some interesting political rhetoric, too, which lends this cut an interesting lyrical/musical contrast. Widows appears to be a reclusive dude — there’s very little info on him on the World Wide Web — but here’s hoping we hear more from him soon.

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Flying Lotus

“Binge Eating Without You (Unfinished)” [remix of Frank Ocean’s “Thinkin Bout You”]

You’ve heard the acoustic/beatbox cover, the Shakkapella version, and the ukulele rendition. You’ve also heard Zachary’s cover, Kally’s cover, and Jessica’s cover. Hell, you even know how to play the fucking song on piano, guitar, drums, and saxophone. And trumpet!

Well, congratulations. You are now ready for Flying Lotus’ “ruff draft” remix of Frank Ocean’s “Thinkin Bout You,” titled “Binge Eating Without You (Unfinished)”:

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Chocolate Grinder Mix 58

Bel Descanso

Three weeks ago, my girlfriend and I migrated up the West Coast from Southern California to Seattle, WA. The journey was rough. We cruised through the miserable Central Valley blasting the air conditioner to keep the Jeep from overheating, as we hauled hundreds of LPs and trash bags full of flannel shirts. We made it just fine though, settling in a run-down brick building, battling bed bugs, and bartering with fish vendors. It’s been 72 degrees every day. Wait, what? Rainy, kill-yourself Seattle is just like Coastal California? Yep. Not a drop of precipitation. The locals keep telling me this won’t stay for long. But as long as the sun keeps shining, I’m going to celebrate the heat with a mix full of hot jams.

Originally, I planned on making a mix that would transition from California musicians (DJ/PURPLE/IMAGE, aaronmaxwell) to artists from the Pacific Northwest (O L D M O M S, a i r s p o r t s, Panabrite), but that plan didn’t last long as I began to add music from Canada (Window), Europe (Jam City, Mediafired), Virginia (ahnnu), and who knows where (Sacred Tapestry). So it’s pretty much just a bunch of great jams; from vaporwave to rap to simple synthesizer magic, this is a mix that accompanied a transition in my life and just might make you consider making a transition yourself. Wow, I feel like I just wrote a horoscope.

Stream below, and subscribe to our podcast here.

[00:00] Window - “Trye”
[03:21] Jam City - “Backseat Becomes A Zone While We Glide”
[04:47] O L D M O M S - “SOME PLACE ELSE”
[09:47] ahnnu - “nitemeeting”
[10:25] Fat Tony & Tom Cruz - “Bout It”
[12:23] Sacred Taestry - “リーミー”
[16:23] Strategy - “Interlude”
[17:59] public spreads the news - “you might just fall in love with that girl on the unicycle”
[20:23] /please/ - “why should I”
[21:59] Reality TV - “Tina and Corcks”
[22:28] Panabrite - “Garden Interlude”
[24:26] a i r s p o r t s - “b a b e l a n d”
[26:39] aaronmaxwell - “brain lapse”
[27:04] Mediafired - “Pixies”

Charlatan Meets the North Sea

“Emerald Eyes”

This Clarice Saliby video for “Emerald Eyes,” a “collaboration” between Charlatan and The North Sea (both helmed by Digitalis head Brad Rose) is like watching 2001: A Space Odyssey through a lava lamp. Everything moves a mile an hour. The only suddenness comes from the four or five cut shots moving from one frame of bubbling, galactic psychedelia to another. Balls of light shine through the dark, morphing canvas as synth washes and distant drum-like clips splatter themselves across the cavern wall ambiance that establishes the astral boundaries between which the entire audible range of sound waves folds itself into the ultraviolet spectrum. And when it all fades to black at the end, and you are sitting there staring at your own reflection in the computer screen, you realize by gazing upward toward the night sky in wonder, you are really looking inside yourself, and all that emptiness and negative space is just a part of the whole. Charlatan, I’m glad you met The North Sea. I think it could be the start of something beautiful.

Watch it unfold above, and buy the cassette from Portland’s Field Hymns.

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The Exhalers

“Pearls and Shells”

João Costa Gonçalves, the precocious mind responsible for Mediafired and JCCG, has just dropped a coaxing new track with The Exhalers. This peachy addition to the ultra-tight handles he has attached himself to of late sprinkles cardinal flecks of fluorescence on the direction that this innovative artist from Coimbra, Portugal is taking us in. What lies in store, especially for those who have been following the artistic ripples of like-minded practitioners throughout the year, is a revealing and consistently gratifying audio journey that has already surpassed critical expectations over the illustrious tide of vaporwave and through the perplexing realm of eccojams.

The Exhalers sees Gonçalves crossing new currents, particularly on “Pearls and Shells,” which bears witness to tranquil frequency processing and aquatic-ambient textures that come complete with an extra helping of warm Mondego flows and crisp feedback. Check out this gorgeous little number below and keep your ears open for more echolocation and splendor from The Exhalers on the Exo Tapes SoundCloud.

• The Exhalers:
• Exo Tapes:

[Images: Gil]


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