“Want 2” / “Lost Wood”

18+ are back with two new videos, and in contrast to their last few (“jet$,” “Remi_Red,” and song of the year “EXECUTION”), both “Want 2” and “Lost Wood” sound much more lighthearted, almost inviting. Not that their previous stuff was impenetrable, but the dark, moody tones and minimal beats always signified to me cold, sterile spaces, especially in the context of their creeped-out vids and fetishistic lyrics — not exactly the kind of stuff you turn to when you’re seeking silly things like transcendence. But absorption is certainly part of the game here, and this music’s incredibly seductive, with sex (“I lick your face while I say his name”) and violence (“Wish I could/ Guess I should/ Knock on wood/ Gag you good”) pulsating deep and loud from within the uncanny valley. Okay, I’m boring myself already. Just listen and feel for yourself. “Want 2” above, “Lost Wood” below.

• 18+: http://18plus18plus18plus.tumblr.com


MeMoRieS FRoM THe FuTuRe [EP stream]

Inspired by the likes of Repeat Pattern, Tru Master, and the ever eminent RZA, Billy Gomez, a.k.a MiNdToUcHbeaTs, has gone and dropped a remarkable new EP. MeMoRieS FRoM THe FuTuRe sits comfortably alongside his super-tight 2010 record ToNight aT NoON, which was also made available for free via the artist’s Bandcamp.

Originally from L.A., Gomez moved to South Korea to continue working on his various projects, which come in the form of ornate, Lynchian street photography in addition to his jazzy and lucid post hip-hop productions. Through embracing Seoul and its surroundings, Gomez has developed a keenness to make more of his work available. He is currently working on a new release that will see a convergence of previous material, along with the promise of some freshly-squeezed, sample-based tape beats. Let it be known: exciting things are in store from Downtown Gangnam!

• MiNdToUcHbeaTs: http://mindtouch.bandcamp.com


“Fuck Your Stuff”

Doomtree founding member P.O.S. doesn’t just play guitar; he throws it into a bonfire. He also sets fire to smartphones, which probably makes Steve Jobs cry in his puffy cloud bed up in heaven. The Minneapolis MC’s clip for “Fuck Your Stuff” is very much a riot scene, but it has plenty of humorous touches — the egregious fuzzing-out of any and all logos, playing soccer with a soccer ball (that’s on fire), and a gloomy back-alley party that somehow appears to be taking place during the day and the night.

Be on the lookout for We Don’t Even Live Here, the rapper’s next album, due October 23.

• P.O.S.: http://www.doomtree.net/p-o-s
• Rhymesayers: http://rhymesayers.com

Lil B

“California Boy”

Errrybody knows Lil B. Not only because he fucked you/your bitch, but also because he just can’t be ignored. Or properly intellectualized. If you stop following his Twitter or Facebook or YouTube stream for a day or so, then you’re already out of the loop. Which is to say: we’re all out of the loop. Which is also to say: there’s never been a loop — except perhaps for the one the media creates. Today, that Lil B/media loop is back in full force. “Another day, another Lil B track” goes the ancient Chinese proverb, but for Lil B’s latest video, we are treated to a rock song. Yes, Lil B is soon dropping a rock album, and “California Boy” is the first taste. This one’s sure to alienate even the most hardcore fans of The BasedGod, but thanks are in order, regardless: THANK YOU BASEDGOD!

• Lil B: http://www.basedworld.com

$PL▲$H ¢LUB 7

SYSTEM32 [album stream]

Walking inside the nearest fucking flea market, you notice sweatpants, slippers, a portable cassette player, and foam headphones are neon-trending. Maybe a mesh tank top. At a booth, you’re holding the first ToeJam & Earl game on Sega. Axe if it’s dirty. Blow in it. Get $3 off. Slick your hat back and fly by the food court for ice cream and honies. Madd honies. Trip on up at the collector’s booth and snag a plug of pogs. Hit the family bathroom, flip the fan, slow a spliff, and ride them honey waves. Flick a Polaroid. Finish, slide out back behind the trailers, and draw a circle on the concrete with a pebble. A gang of skeezy gamblers surround you and start betting on playing “for keeps.” The Best of George Benson cassette has reeled thin, and your pockets are stuffed with $73, a cassette you recorded over, and a 16bit cartridge. Some dude scrawls $PL▲$H ¢LUB 7 on the flea market door and yells out, “Next week?” You walk away.

• $PL▲$H ¢LUB 7: http://splash-club-7.bandcamp.com



Brighton beat maker WARM THIGHS (a.k.a. Warm Thighs a.k.a. Susan Balmar a.k.a. 0000-A70U-0075 a.k.a. SLF Tapes curator a.k.a. _lip a.k.a. founder and CEO of the official MF Grimm fan club a.k.a. Perry Trollope) has just dropped a new beat release, titled WARM THIGHS 4, the follow-up of sorts to the “unofficial” WARM THIGHS 3 tape from earlier this year (which was grouped with all his other fantastic WARM THIGHS releases in a ZIP right here). Like all of his releases, 4 is fucking awesome but also incredibly short (like episodes of Louie). These beats — shuffled, muffled, and ruffled as they are — are spliced ‘n’ diced into delicious, temporal-toying tracks of hip-hop-influenced jerkwerk rhythms, showing once again how Mr. Perry Trollope is, in my humble (AND EXPERT) opinion, among the forefront of the SP beat-making scene.

The album is available as a stream below, but you can “name your own price” (TMT suggestion: $60) at WARM THIGHS’ fresh, new Bandcamp page. Grab it quick though, because pages/projects/links/etc. by Trollope seem to disappear out of nowhere.

Meanwhile, do yourself a favor and watch this short clip of the man in action:

• Warm Thighs: http://warmthighs.bandcamp.com
• SLF Tapes: http://www.slftapes.com


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