a girl i met on the internet tricked me into thinking she wasn’t the music snob that she obviously i

Note from Shaw: This should imbue you some cred without outsnobbing her

01. Gastr del Sol - "Black Horse" (Camoufleur)
02. The Books - "The Lemon of Pink" (The Lemon of Pink)
03. The Books - "The Lemon of Pink, Pt. II" (The Lemon of Pink)
04. Thee Silver Mount Zion Memorial Orchestra - "Hang on to Each Other" (Horses in the Sky)
05. Jackie O Motherfucker - "Go Down Hannah" (Fig. 5)
06. Slint - "Nosferatu Man" (Spiderland)
07. Tom Waits - "The Earth Died Screaming" (Bone Machine)
08. The Pixies - "Tame" (Doolittle)
09. Clinic - "The Return of Evil Bill" (Internal Wrangler)
10. Deerhoof - "Twin Killers" (The Runners Four)
11. Can - "Vitamin C" (Ege Bamyasi)
12. The Fall - "Dktr. Faustus" (Bend Sinister)
13. Scott Walker - "The Cockfighter" (Tilt)

time signatures that are not 4/4, 3/4, or 6/8. hooray for offbeat dancing!

01. Broken Social Scene - "7/4 (Shoreline)" (Broken Social Scene)
02. Soundgarden - "My Wave" (Superunknown)
03. Peter Gabriel - "Solsbury Hill" (Shaking the Tree)
04. The Dismemberment Plan - "Gyroscope" (Emergency & I)
05. Death Cab for Cutie - "Fake Frowns" (Something About Airplanes)
06. Radiohead - "Everything in Its Right Place" (Kid A)
07. Sting - "Seven Days" (Ten Summoner's Tales)
08. The Dave Brubeck Quartet - "Take Five" (Ken Burns Jazz)
09. Pink Floyd - "Money" (Dark Side of the Moon)
10. Pearl Jam - "Last Exit" (Vitalogy)
11. Soundgarden - "The Day I Tried to Live" (Superunknown)
12. Radiohead - "Morning Bell" (Kid A)
13. Sufjan Stevens - "Detroit, Lift Up Your Weary Head" (Greetings from Michigan!)
14. Soundgarden - "Spoonman" (Superunknown)
15. The Dismemberment Plan - "Spider in the Snow" (Emergency & I)
16. They Might Be Giants - "Hello Radio" (Then: The Early Years)

Songs that will allow me and five of my best girlfriends to travel to a weekend getaway in massive s

Note from Ad: This may look like a mish-mash with no theme, however when i hear these songs i can picture myself driving and showing up somewhere to have a massively good time. Also these tunes have a fairly stylish composition... in my mind anyways!
01. Band of Horses - "The Great Salt Lake" (Everything all the Time)
02. Snow Patrol - "How to be Dead" (Final Straw)
03. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - "Let the Cool Goddess Rust Away" (CYHSY)
04. Interpol - "Obstacle 1" (Turn on the Bright Lights)
05. Young & Sexy - "Conventional Lullabies" (Panic When You Find It)
06. Common ft. John Mayer - "Go" (Be)
07. Bedouin Soundclash - "When the Night Feels my Song" (Sounding a Mosaic)
08. Feist - "Mushaboom" (Let it Die) *i just had to include this... just had to*
09. Stars - "Ageless Beauty" (Set Yourself on Fire)
10. Bella - "Crystal Tears" (Pretty Mess)
11. Wolf Parade - "I'll Believe in Anything" (Apologies to the Queen Mary)
12. Minus the Bear - "Absinthe Party at the Fly Honey Warehouse" (Highly Refined Pirates)
13. Ted Leo & the Pharmacists - "Little Dawn" (Shake the Sheets)
14. Golden Dogs - "Yeah!" (Everything in 3 Parts)

songs to alleviate my bruised self esteem after having to grovel and kiss ass to a very brash, crass

Note from cm: Here are songs to boost you up, blow off steam and soothe the soul.

01. The Dirtbombs - "Underdog" (Ultraglide In Black)
02. Black Flag - "Rise Above" (Damaged)
03. PJ Harvey - "50ft Queenie" (Rid Of Me)
04. David Bowie - "Heroes" (Heroes)
05. Stone Roses - "I Am The Resurection" (Stone Roses)
06. Kenickie - "Classy" (At The Club)
07. Jonathan Richman - "Dignified And Old" (23 Great Recordings)
08. Velvet Underground - "I'm Set Free" (Live At Max's Kansas City)
09. The Band - "The Weight" (Music From Big Pink)
10. Avenue Q Cast - "For Now" (Avenue Q Original Cast Recording)

songs to search for colleges to

01. Silver Jews - "Slow Education" (Bright Flight)
02. Ben Folds Five - "Army" (The Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Mesner)
03. Maritime - "We Don't Think, We Know" (We, the Vehicles)
04. Nirvana - "School" (Bleach)
05. Built to Spill - "The Plan" (Keep it Like a Secret)
06. Mountain Goats - "Old College Try" (Tallahassee)
07. Destroyer - "Students Carve Hearts out of Coal" (This Night)
08. Pink Floyd - "Another Brick in the Wall, pt. 2" (The Wall)
09. Black Sabbath - "Into the Void" (Master of Reality)
10. Mr. Bungle - "Everyone I Went to High School With is Dead" (Disco Volante)
11. Esthero - "We R In Need Of A Musical ReVoLuTIoN" (Wikked Lil' Grrrls)
12. Prefuse 73 - "Five Minutes Away" (Vocal Studies & Uprock Narratives)
13. Kanye West - "School Spirit" (The College Dropout)
14. The Fall - "Spoilt Victorian Child" (This Nation's Saving Grace)
15. Faith No More - "King for a Day" (King for a Day, Fool for a Lifetime)
16. Silver Jews - "Advice to the Graduate" (Starlite Walker)

Songs to listen to during holiday dinners with the family and you are stuck across from Aunt Joan ag

01. Cat Stevens - "If I Laugh" (Teaser and the Firecat)
02. Nico - "These Days" (Chelsea Girl)
03. Billy Bragg & Wilco - "Ingrid Bergman" (Mermaid Avenue)
04. Van Morrison - "Crazy Love" (Moondance)
05. Rufus Wainwright - "Poses" (Poses)
06. Feist - "When I Was a Young Girl" (Let It Die)
07. Matt Costa - "Cold December" (Songs We Sing)
08. Antony and The Johnsons - "Deeper Than Love" (Antony and The Johnsons)
09. Cardigans - "Celia Inside" (Life)
10. Kings Of Convenience - "I Don't Know What I can Save You" (Quiet Is The New Loud)
11. Jenny Lewis and The Watson Twins - "Melt Your Heart" (Rabbit Furcoat)
12. Laura Veirs - "Spelunking" (Year Of Meteors)
13. Badly Drawn Boy - "River Sea Ocean" (About A Boy Soundtrack)
14. Devendra Banhart - "At The Hop" (Nino Rojo)
15. Squeeze - "Tempted" (Tempted/Black Coffee In Bed)

I can’t fucking stand working for you. You’re a complete idiot and a total micromanaging asshole wit

01. Poe - "Trigger Happy Jack" (Hello)
02. Butterfingers - "I Love Work" (Breakfast at Fatboy's)
03. Breeders - "I Just Wanna Get Along" (Last Splash)
04. Alanis Morissette - "Right Through You" (Jagged Little Pill)
05. Scissor Sisters - "I Can't Decide" (Ta-Dah)
06. Hill of Beans - "Satan, Lend Me a Dollar" ("Weeds" soundtrack)
07. Queen - "Flick of the Wrist" (Sheer Heart Attack)
08. Hip Heavy Lip - "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch" (various Christmas compilations)
07. G. Love - "The Hustle" (The Hustle)

songs about how you probably shouldn’t trust me because I’m using you for sex

Note from capreezio malloy: mostly songs that are simply about objectification, but here and there is an untrustworthiness jam.

01. Dr. Dre - "Fuck You" (2001)
02. Toadies - "Little Sin" (Hell Below, Stars Above)
03. Spank Rock - "Backyard Betty" (YoYoYoYoYo)
04. Andre 3000 - "Spread" (The Love Below)
05. System of a Down - "Bounce" (Toxicity)
06. Beastie Boys - "Girls" (Licensed To Ill)
07. Cake - "Hem Of Your Garment" (Prolonging the Magic)
08. Tenacious D - "Double Team" (Tenacious D)
09. Tool - "Sober" (Undertow)
10. Beck - "Debra" (Midnite Vultures)

I have an asshole friend

Note from TS Hamtramck: In no particular order, songs for being pissed, accepting, forgetting, forgiving, resenting, regretting, remembering and in the end (12 and 13), dancing an old friendship away

01. The Faces - "Debris" (A Nod is As Good As a Wink...To a Dead Horse)
02. Hayden - "Dynamite Walls" (Skyscraper National Park)
03. Soul Coughing - "Down to This" (Down to This)
04. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - "Bring It On" (Nocturama)
05. The Hold Steady - "Your Little Hoodrat Friend" (Separation Sunday)
06. Eels - "It's A Motherfucker" (Daisies of the Galaxy)
07. Todd Rundgren - "Broke Down and Busted" (Runt)
08. T-Bone Burnett - "It's Not oo Late" (The Criminal Under My Own Hat)
09. Leonard Cohen - "So Long, Marianne" (So Long, Marianne)
10. Led Zeppelin - "Your Time is Gonna Come" (Led Zeppelin)
11. Spoon - "Tear Me Down" (Wig in a Box: Songs From and Inspired by Hedwig and the Angry Inch)
12. Lily Allen - "Smile" (Alright Still)
13. Madison Avenue - "Who The Hell Are You" (The Polyester Embassy)

songs for when you realize that dancing around naked to daft punk is not the best idea when your roo

01. Bishop Allen - "Flight 180" (April EP)
02. Jason Collett - "Stormy Woman Salty Girl" (Motor Hotel Love Songs)
03. Jason Webley - "Against The Night" (Against The Night)
04. Radiohead - "Stop Whispering" (Pablo Honey)
05. Billy Bragg & Wilco - "Hesitating Beauty" (Mermaid Avenue)
06. Gregory & The Hawk - "The Bolder Thing To Do" (Gregory & The Hawk)
07. Ani Difranco - "What If No Ones Watching" (An Acoustic Evening With Ani Difranco)
08. Imogen Heap - "Loose Ends" - (Speak For Yourself)
09. Girls In Hawaii - "Short Song For A Short Mind" (From Here To There)
10. Spoon - "I Turn My Camera On" (Gimme Fiction)
11. Eisley - "Marvelous Things" (Room Noises)
12. Jens Lekman - "I Saw Her In The Anti War Demonstration" (Oh You're So Silent, Jens)
13. Jennifer Gentle - "Universal Daughter" (Valende")

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