Soundtrack to Working in a Cadaver Lab and Thinking That Dead Stuff is Neat!

01. Alice Cooper - "I Love The Dead" (Billion Dollar Babies)

02. The Birthday Party - "Release The Bats" (Junkyard)

03. Siouxsie & The Banshees - "Night Shift" (Juju)

04. Bauhaus - "Bela Lugosi's Dead" (Crackle)

05. Nomeansno - "Body Bag" (The People's Choice)

06. Misfits - "Spinal Remains" (Static Age)

07. Iggy Pop - "Sister Midnight" (The Idiot)

08. Pixies - "Dead" (Dolittle)

09. The Cramps - "Sunglasses After Dark" (Songs The Lord Taught Us)

At you Sir, I shake my tiny fist!

01. Artic Monkeys – "Riot Van" (Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not)
02. Blonde Rehead – "Equus" (Misery Is A Butterfly)
03. Brandston – "Friend or Faux" (Hello, Control)
04. Dirty Pretty Things – "The Enemy" (2006 Waterloo To Anywhere)
05. Dr Manhattan – "Gunpowder: A Ballet" (Dr Manhattan)
06. Explosions In the Sky – "Catastrophe And the Cure" (All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone)
07. The Go! Team – "Grip Like a Vice" (Proof of Youth)
08. Hard-Fi – "I Shall Overcome" (Once Upon A Time In the West)
09. Hot Hot Heat – "No, Not Now" (Make up the Breakdown)
10. Los Campesinos! – "Don't Tell Me To Do The Math(s)" (Hold On Now, Youngster…)
11. She Wants Revenge – "Tear You Apart" (She Wants Revenge)
12. Tracy And the Plastics – "Ain't Never Gonna Die" (Muscler's Guide to Videonics)

Great songs by mediocre artists

I'm sure that a lot of people reading this will say, "_____ isn't mediocre they're great!" So, I just stuck to my own guns on what I think makes an artist mediocre. Also, Joe Strummer is great -- it's hard to deny the importance of The Clash -- but The Mescaleros on the other hand weren't so hot.

01. Supertramp - "Crime of the Century" (Crime of the Century)
02. Blue October - "Congratulations" (Foiled)
03. Coldplay - "Don't Panic" (Parachutes)
04. The Glands - "When I Laugh" (The Glands)
05. Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros - "Minstrel Boy" (Global A Go-Go)
06. John Butler Trio - "Thou Shalt Not Steal" (Grand National)
07. O.A.R. - "Toy Store" (The Wanderer)
08. The Wallflowers - "Three Marlenas" (Bringing Down the Horse)
09. Son Volt - "Tear-Stained Eye" (Trace)
10. Rusted Root - "Send Me on My Way" (When I Woke)
11. RJD2 - "Ghostwriter" (Deadringer)

I wish I was taller

01. Skee-Lo - "I Wish" (I Wish)
02. Skee-Lo - "I Wish" (I Wish)
03. Skee-Lo - "I Wish" (I Wish)
04. Skee-Lo - "I Wish" (I Wish)
05. Skee-Lo - "I Wish" (I Wish)
06. Skee-Lo - "I Wish" (I Wish)
07. Skee-Lo - "I Wish" (I Wish)
08. Skee-Lo - "I Wish" (I Wish)
09. Skee-Lo - "I Wish" (I Wish)
10. Skee-Lo - "I Wish" (I Wish)
11. Skee-Lo - "I Wish" (I Wish)
12. Skee-Lo - "I Wish" (I Wish)

Compiled by: Corder

My boyfriend is 5'3," so i definitely understand where you are coming from. He told me he had a hard time when he was single for a while -- he blamed it on his height and wanted to give up and go back into the army... blah blah blah. If it is the girl thing bothering you, then just know that there are always short girls who don't want to date tall guys. Hope you like the mix. None of these songs are meant to be offensive; some are just to help you laugh about the situation.... after all, it's not a big deal.

01. Travis- "As You Are" (The Man Who)
02. Jack Johnson- "Posters" (In Between Dreams)
03. Pickelet- "Size Matters" (Pickelet)
04. The Postal Service- "Such Great Heights" (Give Up)
05. Incubus- "Make Yourself" (Make Yourself)
06. Sister Hazel- "Change Your Mind" (Fortress)
07. Ben Kweller- "In Other Words" (Sha Sha)
08. Bob Paluzzi- "Taller Than Trees" (Taller Than Trees)
09. Skee-lo- "I Wish" (I Wish)
10. Eddie Vedder- "Rise" (Into The Wild Soundtrack)
11. The Wailin' Jennys- "Ten Mile Stilts" (40 Days)

I’m sick of seeing mixtapes comprised of nothing but milquetoast indie pop. Belle & Sebastian make m

Note from funkyratchet: Don't take out your anger on babies. There's always yourself. RIP Lux Interior.

01. The King Khan & BBQ Show – "Treat Me Like a Dog" (What's For Dinner?)
02. The Cramps – "Can Your Pussy Do the Dog?" (New Rose Story, Vol. 2)
03. MC5 – "Thunder Express" (The Big Bang: The Best of MC5)
04. Thee Milkshakes – Brand New Cadillac" (19th Nervous Shakedown)
05. John Fogerty – " I Can't Take It No More" (Revival)
06. The Blakes – "Two Times" (s/t)
07. Hank III – "No Values" (Rise Above: 24 Black Flag Songs to benefit the West Memphis 3)
08. Iggy & the Stooges – "Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell" (Raw Power)
09. The Fleshtones – "I Was A Teenage Zombie" (The Fleshtones Present: Time Bomb)
10. R.E.M. – "Red Head Walking" (Accelerate [bonus track])
11. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – "Son of Sam" (Jukebox Explosion)
12. The Sonics – "Wake Me, Shake Me" (Fire & Ice II: The 'Lost' Tapes)
13. The Black Lips – "Bad Kids" (Good Bad Not Evil)
14. The Lyres – "She Pays the Rent" (On Fyre)
15. The Rivingtons – "Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow" (The Liberty Years)
16. The Gentlemen Callers – "One Too Many Two Times" (With Time Comes a Change)

Compiled by: daveob

01. Black Flag - "I've Had It" (The First Four Years)

02. Mastodon - "Blood And Thunder" (Leviathan)

03. Discharge - "Ain't No Feeble Bastard" (Why?)

04. Motorhead - "Overkill" (Overkill)

05. Converge - "Eagles Become Vultures" (You Fail Me)

06. Electric Wizard - "We Hate You" (Dopethrone)

07. Negative Approach - "Ready To Fight" (Total Recall)

08. High On Fire - "Fury Whip" (Death Is This Communion)

09. Eyehategod - "Peace Thru War (Thru War And Peace)" (Dopesick)

10. Poison Idea - "Feel The Darkness" (Feel The Darkness)

11. Pig Destroyer - "Verminess" (Terrifyer)

I want to go home.

Trust me, I want to go home too

01. AFI - "The Leaving Song" (Sing the Sorrow)

02.The New Amsterdams - "Turn Out The Light" (Story Like a Scar)

03. The Black Keys - "So He Won't Break" (Attack and Release)

04. Band of Horses -"St. Augustine" (Everything All of the Time)

05. The Annuals - "Always Do" (Such Fun)

06. Iron & Wine - "Flightless Bird, American Mouth" (The Shepherd's Dog)

07. The Berg Sans Nipple - "Along the Quai" (Along the Quai)

08. The Postal Service - "This Place is a Prison" (Give Up)

09. Azure Ray - "Displaced" (Azure Ray)

10. Tilly and the Wall -"Tall Tall Grass" (o)

11. Fiona Apple - "Sullen Girl" (Tidal)

12. Bright Eyes - "Motion Sickness" (Noise Floor: Rarities 1998-2005)

13. Cory chisel and The Wandering Sons - "Home in the Woods" (Cabin Ghosts - EP)

14. William Elliott Whitmore - "Black Iowa Dirt" (Hallways of Always)

The Banjo Makes My Heart Rejoice

01. Le Loup - "To the Stars! To The Night!" (The Throne Of The Third Heaven Of The Nations' Millennium General Assembly)
02. Mother Banjo - "Come Life" (Swing Low)
03. Sufjan Stevens - "The Transfiguration" (Seven Swans)
04. The Banjo Consorsium - "Grinkler" (A Turning One)
05. Le Loup - "Le Loup "Fear Not" (The Throne Of The Third Heaven Of The Nations' Millennium General Assembly)
06. Iron and Wine - "Promising Light" (The Creek Drank the Cradle)
07. Mumford and Sons - "The Banjolin Song" (Love Your Ground Ep)
08. Sufjan Stevens - "For the Widows in Paradise, For the Fatherless in Ypsilanti" (Michigan)
09. Band of horses - "Monsters" (Everything All The Time)
10. Dodos - "Walking" (Visitor)
11. Broken Social Scene - "Anthem for a Seventeen Year Old Girl" (You Forgot it in People)

Songs with literary references to play in the independent book store where I work

01. David Bowie - "1984" (Diamond Dogs)

=> 1984, George Orwell
02. Radiohead - "Banana Co." (Street Spirit (Fade Out) Single)

=> A Hundred Years of Solitude, Gabriel Garcia Marquez
03. Kate Bush - "Wuthering Heights" (The Kick Inside)

=> Wuthering Heights, Emily Bronte
04. The Cure - "Charlotte Sometimes" (Staring At The Sea: The Singles)

=> Charlotte Sometimes, Penelope Farmer
05. Regina Spektor - "Oedipus" (Songs)

=> Oedipus Rex, Sophocles
06. The Ramones - "Pet Sematary" (Brain Drain)

=> Pet Sematary, Stephen King
07. T.Rex - "Ride A White Swan" (20th Century Boy: The Ultimate Collection)

=> The Hobbit, J.R.R. Tolken
08. The Decemberists - "Song for Myla Goldberg" (Her Majesty)

=> Bee Season, Myla Goldberg
09. Elefant - "Lolita" (The Black Magic Show)

=> Lolita, Vladimir Nabokov
10. The Smiths - "William, It Was Really Nothing" (Hatful Of Hollow)

=> Billy Liar, Keith Waterhouse
11. Television Personalities - "A Picture of Dorian Gray" (And Don't The Kids Just Love It)

=> The Picture Of Dorian Gray, Oscar Wilde
12. The Zombies - "A Rose For Emily" (Odyssey And Oracle)

=> A Rose For Emily, William Faulkner
13. Gatsby's American Dream - "Fable" (Volcano)

=> Lord Of The Flies, William Golding

Dating mentally unstable guys is my least favorite vice

01. William Elliott Whitmore - "Does Me No Good" (Hymns For The Hopeless)
02. American Football - "I'll See You When We're Both Not So Emotional" (American Football)
03. Dear and the Headlights - "I'm Not Crying. You're Not Crying, Are You?" (Drunk Like Bible Times)
04. Jets To Brazil - "All Things Good And Nice" (Four Cornered Night)
05. The Descendents - "Suburban Home" (Milo Goes To College)
06. Lightspeed Champion - "All To Shit" (Falling Off The Lavender Bridge)
07. The Get Up Kids -"Impossible Outcomes" (Metroschifter: Encapsulated)
08. An Horse - "Company" (Not Really Scared)
09. This Will Destroy You - "Happiness: We're In This Together" (Young Mountain)
10. Tom Waits - "A Good Man Is Hard To Find" (Blood Money)

Compiled by: conversekid

01. Bloc Party - "This Modern Love" (Silent Alarm)
02. Stars - "Take Me To The Riot" (In Our Bedroom After The War)
03. Modest Mouse – "The World At Large" (Good News For People Who Love Bad News)
04. Broken Social Scene Presents Kevin Drew – "F—ked Up Kid" (Spirit If...)
05. The Shins – "Those To Come" (Chutes Too Narrow)
06. Band of Horses – "The Funeral" (Everything All The Time)
07. Rufus Wainwright – "Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk (Reprise)" (Poses)
08. Sufjan Stevens – "Chicago" (Come On Feel The Illinoise!)
09. Los Campesinos! – "Heart Swells – Pacific Daylight Time" (We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed)
10. Beck – "Lost Cause" (Sea Change)

A playlist full of songs from robots who don’t think what they listen to is great enough to put in a

01. Circa Survive- "Always Getting What You Want" (Juturna)
02. Mew- "The Zookeeper's Boy" (And the Glass Handed Kites)
03. The Push Stars- "Keg On My Coffin" (Paint the Town)
04. Interpol- "Obstacle" (Turn On the Bright Lights)
05. This Town Needs Guns- "Baboon" (Animals)
06. John Frusciante- "Murderers" (To Record Only Water For Ten Days)
07. Counting Crows- "Holiday In Spain" (Films About Ghosts)
08. Mew- "Special" (And the Glass Handed Kites)
09. Ryan Adams- "Come Pick Me Up" (Heartbreaker)
10. Deftones- "Be Quiet and Drive" (Around the Fur)
11. Yeah Yeah Yeahs- "Sealings" (Spiderman Three Soundtrack)
12. Travis- "Writing To Reach You" (The Man Who)
13. This Town Needs Guns- "Wanna Come Back to My Room and Listen to Some Belle and Sebastian" (And I'll Tell You For Why)
14. The Weepies- "World Spins Madly On" (Say I Am You)

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