01. Subhumans - "Love Is..." (EP/LP)
02. Dale Crover - "The Hurter" (Dale crover EP)
03. Wicked King Wicker - "Often Referred To, But Never Seen" (Wicked King Wicker)
04. Wolves In The Throne Room - "Behold The Vastness And Sorrow" (Two Hunters)
05. Xasthur - "May Your Void Become As Deep As My Hate" (Telepathic With The Deceased)
06. Whitehouse - "Try And Be Grateful" (Thank Your Lucky Stars)
07. Moss - "Abortion Clinic" (Protected By The Ejaculation Of Wolves)
08. Autopsy - "Destined To Fester" (Mental Funeral)
08. Velvet Cocoon - "Laudanum" (Genevieve)
09. Monarch - "Swan Song" (Dead Men Tell No Tales)

A doo-wop shindig mix, makes you feel like you’re in a 50s surf movie all about love and the summer

01. The Crew Cuts - "Sh-Boom" (Moments To Remember, Vol. 1)
02. Rumblers - "Surf Rat" (Surf Legends and Rumors 1961-1964)
03. The Cramps - "Goo Goo Muck" (Bad Music for Bad People)
04. Wanda Jackson - "Funnel Of Love" (Queen Of Rockabilly)
05. Link Wray and The Ray Men - "Drag Race" ("They're Outta Here," Says Archie)
06. Little Aron and The East Side River Boys - "I'm So In Love With You" (Rock-A-Billy Party Vol. 1)
07. Wanda Jackson - "Fallin'" (Queen Of Rockabilly)
08. Gene Vincent - "Dance To The Bop" (The Screaming End : The Best Of)
09. Pep Torres - "Wow! Wow!" (You and I)
10. Eddie Cochran - "Summertime Blues" - (Rockabilly Master Vol. 1)

Songs to restore my faith in Tiny Mix Tapes: the reviews are good, but why the fuck do 90% of the mi

If your tastes are so superior, make us some damn tapes already.

01. Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - "Hold On" (Plastic Fang)
02. The Clash - "London Calling" (London Calling)
03. The Doors - "Peace Frog" (Morrison Hotel)
04. Jimi Hendrix - "Crosstown Traffic" (Electric Ladyland)
05. Whale - "Hobo Humping Slobo Babe" (We Care)
06. Johnny Cash - "Hurt (N.I.N. Cover)" (American IV: The Man Comes Around)
07. The Black Keys - "Girl is on my Mind" (Rubber Factory)
08. DJ Shadow - "Broken Levee Blues" (The Outsider)
09. Bush - "Letting the Cables Sleep" (The Science of Things)

The “how to make someone fall out of love with you” mix

Disregard Females, Acquire Currency

01. Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers - "Don't Do Me Like That" (Damn the Torpedoes)
02. Pavement - "Box Elder" (Slanted & Enchanted: Luxe & Reduxe)
03. Born Ruffians - "Badonka Donkey" (Red, Yellow, Blue)
04. Daniel Johnston - "Favorite Darling Girl" (Rejected Unkown)
05. Destroyer - "Your Blood" (Destroyer's Rubies)
06. The Dodos - "Small Deaths" (Time to Die)
07. The Exploding Hearts - "Sleeping Aides and Razor Blades" (Guitar Romantic)
08. Jens Lekman - "A Postcard To Nina" (Night Falls Over Kortedala)
09. The Field - "Little Heart Beats So Fast" (From Here We Go Sublime)
10. Dirty Projectors - "Thirsty & Miserable" (Rise Above)

As I Sweep up The Last of the Leaves

and the autumn sun is out

1. Tapes - "Intro + Gold Love Riddim" (Hissing Theatricals)
2. Clark - "Herzog" (Warp20: Chosen)
3. Luke Vibert - "Square Footage" (We Hear You)
4. Dub Specialist - "Take A Ride Version" (Studio One Dub)
5. M Beat Gernal Levy - "Incredible" (Rumble in the Jungle)
6. Mos Def - "Quiet Dog" (The Ecstatic)
7. Nathan Fake - "Dinamo" (Dinamo)
8. Autechre - "Drane" (Warp20: Chosen)
9. Ceephax - "Nordic House" (Exidy Tours)

I have been stalking my Ex-Girlfriend for three weeks and I need something to listen to while sittin

A Dumping Time-line, In Brief:

Week one: Delusional nostalgia of prior romance boggles mind.

Week two: Bitter depression officially sets in.

Week three: Final epiphany: Sex Sux (Amen)

01. The Kinks - "You Really Got Me" (The Kinks)
02. The Velvet Underground - "Over You" (1969: Velvet Underground Live, Vol. 2)
03. Broken Social Scene - "Lover's Spit" (You Forgot It In People)
04. The Modern Lovers - "She Cracked" (The Modern Lovers)
05. Portishead - "Numb" (Dummy)
06. Islands - "Creeper" (Anti-)
07. The Misfits - "Angelfuck" (Legacy of Brutality)
08. The Vaselines - "Sex Sux (Amen)" (Dum-Dum)
09. The Buzzcocks - "Orgasm Addict" (Another Music in a Different Kitchen)
10. Grinderman - "No Pussy Blues" (Grinderman)

Soundtrack to the Bible, Oxford’s King James Version, to keep this agnostic awake and reading. And,

01. Washington Philips - "I Am Born to Preach the Gospel" (Key to the Kingdom)
02. PJ Harvey - "Hair" (Dry)
03. Norfolk Jubilee Quartette - "Daniel in the Lions' Den" (1927 Single)
04. Sufjan Stevens - "Abraham" (Seven Swans)
05. Mary Lee and the Congregation - "Jesus is Real to Me" (Negro Church Music)
06. Pixies - "Gouge Away" (Doolittle)
07. Pete Seeger - "Turn! Turn! Turn!" (The Bitter and the Sweet)
08. Bad Religion - "Sorrow" (The Process of Belief)
09. Bob Dylan - "Gates of Eden" (Bringing it All Back Home)
10. Tori Amos - "Marys of the Sea" (The Beekeeper)
11. Stanley Brothers - "Cry From the Cross" (The Definitive Collection)
12. A Silver Mt. Zion - "There's a River in the Valley Made of Melting Snow" (Pretty Little Lightening Paw)
13. Iron Maiden - "The Number of the Beast" (The Number of the Beast)
14. Ned Flanders and Family - "Rise and Shine" (Homer the Heretic)

I’m just going to sit and obsess over you since I have zero balls to ask you out

FID and just ask her!

01. The Beach Boys - "God Only Knows" (Pet Sounds)
02. Silver Jews - "Random Rules" (American Water)
03. The Drums - "Let's Go Surfing" (Summertime!)
04. Wilco - "California Stars" (Mermaid Avenue)
05. Belle & Sebastian - "You Made Me Forget My Dreams" (Push Barman to Open Old Wounds)
06. Stereolab - "Peng 33!" (Peng!)
07. The Velvet Underground - "After Hours" (S/T)
08. Uncle Tupelo - "The Long Cut" (Anodyne)
09. Bruce Springsteen - "Nebraska" (Nebraska)
10. Beat Happening - "Fortune Cookie Prize" (Dreamy)
11. Broken Social Scene Presents Kevin Drew - "TBTF" (Spirit If…)
12. Why? - "Good Friday" (Alopecia)
13. My Bloody Valentine - "Come in Alone" (Loveless)

Fuck you meth head ex-neighbours, I’m moving into a real house with a porch and a backyard!!! Boo-ya

01. Beck - "Truckdrivin Neighbours Downstairs (Yellow Sweat)" (Mellow Gold)
02. The Rolling Stones - "Neighbours" (Tattoo You)
03. Explosions In The Sky - "What Do You Go Home To?" (All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone)
04. The Fall - "My New House" (This Nation's Saving Grace)
05. Pavement - "Range Life" (Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain)
06. Love - "A House Is Not A Motel" (Forever Changes)
07. Radiohead - "No Surprises" (OK Computer)
08. Mogwai - "May Nothing But Happiness Come Through Your Door" (Come On Die Young)

It’s raining and quiet, and I really just want to drive my car into this lake right now

01. Pixies - "Wave Of Mutilation" (Dolittle)
02. Cave In - "Breath Of Water" (Antenna)
03. Two Lone Swordsmen - "Hope We Never Surface" (Stay Down)
04. Belly - "King" (King)
05. Phish - "Prince Caspian" (Billy Breathes)
06. PJ Harvey - "Down By The Water" (To Bring You My Love)
07. Soundgarden - "Let Me Drown" (Superunknown)
08. Mastodon - "Aqua Dementia" (Leviathan)
09. Alice In Chains - "Rain When I Die" (Dirt)

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