Sandy Le, friend of TMT, was a victim in last week’s SXSW tragedy; Fundly campaign set up to aid family

Sandy Le, friend of TMT, was a victim in last week's SXSW tragedy; Fundly campaign set up to aid family

As we mentioned last week, the unfortunate incident that took place on March 13 at South by Southwest took a personal turn when we learned that Sandy Le, the roommate of longtime TMT writer E. Nagurney, was one of the injured. Tragically, she has since passed away. Without intending to diminish the respect for the other victims or their loved ones, Tiny Mix Tapes would like to honor Sandy’s memory by asking our readers to consider donating to SXSW Cares or this Fundly campaign, the latter of which will go directly to her family. If you aren’t able to contribute financially but would still like to pay tribute, listen to Sufjan Stevens or Future Islands, two of Sandy’s favorite musical acts.

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Sculpture announce their direct appeal to lipids and proteins with new LP Membrane Pop on Software

Here I am on this Thursday morn’ with the uniquely magnificent task of obliterating conventional wisdom and shoving a metaphorical boot down the throats of snooty art experts: Michelangelo’s David is an overrated pile, and lest you think that the illusory trend started with golden rabbits or something of more recent advent, it too may possibly be filled with chocolate! The unwillingness of anyone to actually check for fear of ruining the sculpture’s supposed artistic integrity is understandable, but even if a patron bravely (stupidly) harnessed the wherewithal, security at the Galleria dell’Accademia would for sure be all up on that person’s being in a matter of moments, with intent to injure. Plus, there’s a giant block below the guy that doesn’t look easily climbable.

“I don’t think experimental music has to be dark, difficult or joyless. I try to make something playful, and maybe a little absurd.” That’s Dan Hayhurst, one-half of novel abstract audio/visual duo Sculpture, recommending that we peel back their music’s wrapping and dive tongue-first into its succulent and juicy innards. No barriers. No red velvet rope. And on May 13, he and Kiwi animator Reuben Sutherland’s “adventurous electronic pop” project will see its curtain fully removed, courtesy of their debut release on Software, Membrane Pop.

Take the word “pop” without its negative connotations or your preconceived notions. There’s little that’s traditionally pop about this album except for a vague and unpredictable lightheartedness. Elsewhere and overall, a combination of sampling, tape manipulation, and “aleatoric and algorithmic” programming coalesce to form an easy but simultaneously intricate listen. A pretty enjoyable one, too. See the vid for the brand new single below, and go here for something earlier, but equally trippy. Note the visual aspect!

Membrane Pop tracklisting:

01. Materialising
02. Multi-Faith Capsule
03. Symbolic Molecule
04. Unhitch Your Program
05. Polymorphic Operator
06. 5 Seconds in the Future is a You Made of Pure Thought
07. Hackle Scam Populator
08. Distraction Display
09. Lingual Junk
10. Dance of Oblate Spheroids
11. Instability

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Craig Leon’s Nommos and Visiting to be reissued this June, this time with 100% more permission

Reader, has folk music gotten a little too “down to earth” for you? Are you tired of hearing about the same old heartbreak and the same old glass of whiskey over the same old set of chords give or take a capo on the neck of the guitar? Do you ever wish your folk music was a little more… interplanetary? You know, space aliens, light speed travel, asteroids, futuristic outfits, futuristic hairdos, the whole shebang?

Well, RVNG Intl. has heard your pleas and mine, reader, and on June 24 they will deliver in the form of a fancy-pants double LP reissue of Craig Leon’s 80s solo work under the title Interplanetary Folk Music Vol. 1. Interplanetary Folk Music gathers together Leon’s two ambient synth releases from the 80s, Nommos and Visiting. You see, in the 80s, after contributing production to seminal debut releases from the likes of The Ramones, Blondie, Suicide, and Richard Hell, Leon used the money he’d saved to visit the stars. He came back and was all like, “Listen, y’all, I went to a space alien hootenanny and they don’t really use acoustic guitars in space!” but no one would listen. So, in 1980 he put out Nommos on John Fahey’s Takoma label, and Visiting in 1982 on his own Arbitor. But still, everyone was like, “Come on Craig, you didn’t take one picture of all these aliens to prove it?” and Leon was bummed because he had! NASA had just confiscated them!

All made-up shit about outer space aside, as you may or may not know, this is the first totally authorized reissue of these albums since their release. Last year, the California-based Superior Viaduct put out Nommos, but Leon was maybe not totally on board with the whole enterprise. So, and to return to the made-up shit about outer space, if you want Leon to take you on his space ship, you’re maybe a little better off pre-ordering this 100% authorized version of the reissue right here. You can also catch Leon playing Nommos live at two upcoming dates. The first is at Asheville, North Carolina’s Moogfest on the RVNG Intl. showcase alongside Holly Herndon and Blondes. That’ll be on April 26. The second date is on April 30 at La Poisson Rouge in New York with the American Contemporary Music Ensemble and Bill Kouligas. Check out “One Hundred Steps” off Visiting below for a little preemptive taste of something he will probably not be playing at either of these dates.

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Slint announce US tour dates so they can reunite in every city individually!

Yeah, yeah; so Slint reform all the damn time. And yeah, yeah; so they’re doing it this time just to parade-around a Spiderland reissue (i.e. the album “remastered from the original tapes by Bob Weston” w/ 14 previously unreleased demos, outtakes, what-have-you) that, according to our pals at Consequence of Sound, the Touch and Go label is releasing on April 15 of this year. And yeah, yeah; so the internet has made all aspects of real, tangible life-out-in-the-world completely unnecessary if not downright obnoxious and frustrating to navigate (speaking of which, time to order a pizza for lunch off and a cheap two-liter of Coke off Craigslist!).

But yeah. These things may well be true, but, in the words of my eloquent roommate: EVEN STILL! It must be acknowledged that the band (we’re still talking about Slint, by the way) hasn’t toured the US in seven friggin’ years. And besides, the list of dates is what I’d describe as “classily slim.” So give ‘em a break, already. Who are you to not at least pretend to be into Slint? Come on. It’ll make them feel special. Which, you never know, might even make you feel good!

Slint 2014 tour dates:

04.29.14 - Boston, MA - Paradise Rock Club
04.30.14 - Asbury Park, NJ - The Stone Pony
05.01.14 - Philadelphia, PA - Union Transfer
05.04.14 - New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom
05.06.14 - Brooklyn, NY - Music Hall of Williamsburg
05.08.14 - Cleveland, OH - Grog Shop
05.09.14 - Detroit, MI - Saint Andrews Hall
05.10.14 - Chicago, IL - Bottom Lounge
05.29-31.14 - Barcelona, Spain - Primavera Sound
06.05-07.14 - Porto, Portugal - Optimus Primavera Sound
07.18-20.14 - Louisville, KY - Forecastle Festival

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Beck announces tour dates, tour date announcement quickly goes double platinum

Bro, bro, bro! Check this OUT. So, I was reading on the internet that Beck (the guy who released the friggin’ 2014 Album of the Year last month that we all love?) is totally going on tour this April!

But, like, the THING OF IT is?

It said that the tour is, like A SEQUEL… to the last tour he went on!

Uhm, Yeah. I know: MIND? BA-LOWN! I don’t care how much this costs, I’m, like, definitely-definitely-definitely going. Looking for sitters now…


04.09.14 - Santa Barbara, CA - Arlington Theatre
04.13.14 - Indio, CA - Coachella
04.20.14 - Indio, CA - Coachella
04.23.14 - Tucson, AZ - Rialto Theater
04.24.14 - El Paso, TX - Abraham Chavez Theatre
04.26.14 - Dallas, TX - Edgefest 24
06.19.14 - Cleveland, OH - State Theatre
06.20.14 - Columbus, OH - LC Pavilion
06.19-22.14 - Dover, DE - Firefly Festival
06.24.14 - North Adams, MA - Mass MOCA
06.25.14 - Montreal, QC - Place des Arts
06.27.14 - Toronto, ON - Sony Centre
06.28.14 - Detroit, MI - Fox Theatre
07.01.14 - New York, NY - Central Park Summerstage
07.18.14 - Chicago, IL - Pitchfork Festival
07.18-20.14 - Louisville, KY - Forecastle Festival

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Trans Am recommend turning it up to Volume X for their 10th LP, but my version of iTunes doesn’t support Latin

Fall 2012 was a special time for the Chicago-based Thrill Jockey. Not only did it signal the imminent occurrence of the annual hayride around the city’s South Side, but it also represented the effective 20th anniversary for the label, which was celebrated with an array of label-focused shows and a bevy of limited-edition goodies announced for nigh-immediate release. However, caught up in the hubbub as we were, most of us in the journalistic world neglected to point out the even more elder status (in terms of years of activity) of one of Thrill Jockey’s most influential and dedicated mainstays: the musically metamorphic trio Trans Am. Hey! They’re originally from the DC area! Me too!

So in this case, they’re also one of the few bands for which an actual timeline of their history is justified. My mind and trackpad finger haven’t made it past the oddly hypnotic image of the jovial “young raccoon family,” but without scrolling all the way to the present, I’m guessing the final note makes the necessary reference to their just-announced 10th LP Volume X. X is the roman numeral for 10. It’s their 10th full-length album. It comes out May 20. (Not October 10 — missed opportunity!)

There’s a personal hope that Trans Am continue their subtle homage to Kraftwerk, just because it makes their particular brand of post-rock (I guess? sometimes?) all the more intriguing. Not that they aren’t rather keen on keeping things interesting regardless. Anyway, North American tour dates are upcoming! And here’s a track off their last album:

Volume X tracklisting:

01. Anthropocene
02. Reevaluations
03. Night Shift
04. K Street
05. Backlash
06. Ice Fortress
07. Failure
08. I’ll Never
09. Megastorm
10. Insufficiently Breathless

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