Ben Chasny's Hermit Hut label re-releases super-limited album by Australian guitarist Chris Smith [News Article]

R&S announces new EP of corpse-rattling techno from Paula Temple [News Article]

Aguirre reissues the Meditations of Brainticket flutist Joel Vandroogenbroeck [News Article]

My Brightest Diamond signs to The Brightest Label and announces Her Brightest Album [News Article]

Peaking Lights start thinking about space and planets and time and music, announce Cosmic Logic for October [News Article]

Afropunk Fest expands 2014 line-up: Bad Brains, Sharon Jones, and DJ Rashad tribute featuring RP Boo [News Article]

Ben Frost proves me wrong, adds new dates to North American tour [News Article]

Way more weird guitar than you can handle: Silber Records releases immense experimental guitar compilation and ebook [News Article]

Houndstooth cryptically announce debut LP from producer Call Super, out in September [News Article]

Unsound announces second round of performers, forcing me to consider an October in Krakow [News Article]

NNA and New Amsterdam release debut album from tenor sax quartet Battle Trance [News Article]

Ben Frost embarks on massive world tour that massively ignores several massively inhabited US cities [News Article]

Important Records imprint Cassauna vies for equal importance, releases tapes by Ashley Paul and Juan Carlos Vasquez [News Article]

Red Bull Music Academy stays up way too late partying hard, chooses 60 participants for 2014 Tokyo edition [News Article]

Daniel Martin-McCormick finally done fucking around: Planet Mu announces Ital's Endgame, out August 25 [News Article]

Korg releases new synth for Nintendo 3DS [News Article]

Fremen nomads unearth long-forgotten Dune-based synth album by Bernard Szajner inside fossilized Shai-Hulud carcass [News Article]

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu reaches 2.2 billion video views, turns 21; celebrates by trouncing Daft Punk and Beyonce while announcing new album [News Article]

The-Dream releasing new EP Royalty: The Prequel today, containing plan for post-democratic USA [News Article]

FMLY FEST MPLS 2014 seeking donations via Indiegogo — do a good thing! [News Article]