Ryoji Ikeda to present Supersymmetry in London, the installation he developed with CERN; finally makes your particle physics PhD worthwhile [News Article]

Howard Stelzer announces new album How To on Phage Tapes [News Article]

Panda Bear and Ducktails announce joint tour, plot a copyright-infringement-skirting version of The Disney Afternoon [News Article]

Henry Kaiser and Ray Russell announce joint album The Celestial Squid, steamy guitar-on-guitar action ensues [News Article]

Liquid Liquid's Dennis Young announces anthology of unreleased solo material via Staubgold [News Article]

Jenny Hval signs to Sacred Bones, announces North American tour dates [News Article]

Hidrogenesse share video for "A los viejos," make a strong case for gerontocracy [News Article]

Primavera Sound festival announces its 2015 lineup, achieves world peace [News Article]

Felix K joins Blackest Ever Black, announces new 12-inch EP Tragedy of the Commons [News Article]

Mike Simonetti no longer believes Italians do it better, launches new label 2MR [News Article]

Amen Dunes announces new EP Cowboy Worship, North American tour dates [News Article]

Moon B announces new tape Lifeworld on 1080p [News Article]

Gang of Four announce new album What Happens Next, 2015 tour dates [News Article]

Swans to tour North America in 2015, giving you another chance to snap an angry picture of Michael Gira [News Article]

OSR Tapes quits the Internet, releases 13 new albums before going offline [News Article]

Mexican producer Smurphy releases her debut album #Geminiss, shares stream [News Article]

Dean Blunt teases Black Metal with a visio/aisling/statement, plays both coasts this week [News Article]

Luna reunite after 10 years for Spanish tour [News Article]

Ariel Pink shares new track "Black Ballerina," announces 2015 North American tour dates [News Article]

Ora Iso release their debut album Bathcat, stream first track [News Article]