Louisville's ear X-tacy record shop closes its doors [News Article]

Dust-to-Digital releases 4-CD collection of ultra-rare African 78s for your gramophone listening pleasure [News Article]

Morrissey vs. NME Round 34: libel edition [News Article]

Leonard Cohen releasing Old Ideas next year, preceded by the taking of Manhattan and Berlin [News Article]

Record Store Day Black Friday approaches, with utterly essential 7-inch box sets galore [News Article]

Mazzy Star, Mayans, and Urkel: the one news story that brings them all together [News Article]

Mouse on Mars prepare to enter the Paeanumnion at London's Barbican Centre... gross [News Article]

Ursula Bogner, mystery-shrouded space pop lady, gets new collection on Faitiche [News Article]

Pitchfork welcomes Forms to the festival family; crack out the gross bubblegum cigars! [News Article]

Jarvis Cocker, noted smart person, hired as editor-at-large at UK publishing house [News Article]

Hype Williams' Dean Blunt and Inga Copeland release solo recordings rarer than most breeds of unicorn [News Article]

Disappears readying new LP with Steve Shelley for 2012, collaborate with White/Light to create sexy new release [News Article]

Ecstatic Sunshine's Papich releases first LP for NNA Tapes under Co La moniker [News Article]

Ruins dude's Ruins Alone album released on SKiN GRAFT; you're never alone with Ruins Alone [News Article]

Omar Souleyman to release formerly cassette-only Syrian wedding jams this November [News Article]

Water Borders to release album on Tri Angle while pouring water over the face of an immobilized captive, thus causing the individual to experience the sensation of drowning [News Article]

And lo! Woodsist begat Hello Sunshine, who begat new LPs from Jovontaes, The Polyps [News Article]

Sacred Bones takes Psychic Ills under its thin, skeletal arm, sends new album into the world [News Article]

Nas inks deal to write illest memoir in literary history, It Ain't Hard to Tell [News Article]

Silver Apples tour Europe, rock ATP, and still wish a pox on you after 42 years [News Article]