Orchestre Tout Pussaint Likembe Konono No. 1 - Mungua Muanga [DeLorean]

All My Brother's Girlfriends - The Second Album on Cassette [DeLorean]

Sun Ra - Sleeping Beauty [DeLorean]

V/A - Bosporus Bridges: A Wide Selection of Turkish Jazz and Funk [DeLorean]

Jackie Wilson and LaVern Baker - “Think Twice (X-Rated Version)” [DeLorean]

Slapp Happy - Acnalbasac Noom [DeLorean]

Howe Gelb - 'Sno Angel Like You [DeLorean]

V/A - It’s Only Rock’N’Roll (But We Like It): A Tribute to The Rolling Stones [DeLorean]

Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments - Bait and Switch [DeLorean]

BARR - Summary [DeLorean]

Space Needle - Never Lonely Alone [DeLorean]

Syreeta - Syreeta [DeLorean]

Angst - Angst 12" [DeLorean]

Vashti Bunyan - "I'd Like to Walk Around in Your Mind" [DeLorean]

Robert Ashley - Automatic Writing [DeLorean]

Ted Hawkins - The Ted Hawkins Story: Suffer No More [DeLorean]

The Art Ensemble of Chicago (Feat. Fontella Bass) - Les Stances a Sophie [DeLorean]

Jason Anderson - Live at the Campfire [DeLorean]

Frank Fairfield [DeLorean]

Leon Payne - "Psycho" [DeLorean]