Abyssal Farmers
Find a Name to Call Me [3-inch ; Kimberly Dawn]

This looks like a fine hotel. It’s remote, no one find me here. I am a pretty woman, so who would peg me on the lamb? I’ll stay here for the night and continue north in the morning. The lobby seems eerily quiet. Where’s the hotelier? The fluorescent light sure do buzz in the calm. And the bell is deep and bellowing, not the happy ping of most hotels. It’s just my paranoia. I hear foot steps, that must be the desk clerk. Why, he seems young and nervous. Not so different from me. Something is amiss but I’m tired and need to sleep. Nothing but harmless peeping from that one. I can take a little spy for one evening. But what I really need is a hot shower. Something to calm me down and sooth my aching bones. Then sleep. Lots and lots of sleep. I want to sleep like a baby tonight. Or better still, the dead….

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