New Foot Village album details leaked, and by leaked we mean officially announced

New Foot Village album details leaked, and by leaked we mean officially announced

That new Foot Village record, Make Memories, due out next March on Northern Spy Records, was announced earlier this year with much fanfare during the second annual Spy Festival. It was also announced that the band would accept pre-orders for the record as early as December 21, so that in case the Mayan calendar was correct, Foot Village could pocket the money and evade world destruction in their private space shuttle. There are also new rumors going around pre-purchasers being awarded a secret gift before they meet their untimely end (remix tracks? early listens? who knows? we’re all going to die anyway).

BUT. This week the band proved that they’re terrible at keeping secrets and started spilling the beans on new album info, including an official album trailer (below), album artwork (above), and full tracklist (below). You can find all the teaser videos and more here.

Make Memories tracklist:

01. 1600 Dolla Bill
02. This Song Is a Drug Deal
03. AIDS Sucks, Make Money
04. New Jersey
05. Warlock
06. The End of the World

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• Northern Spy:

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