Turiya [LP; Boring Machines]

A dark, ghostly album that unfurls in a pillar of smoke, it can’t buck circumstance and coincidence that Italian label Boring Machines issued such a stark statement on September 11th. And though no other nation should hold to such a remembrance, considering we are all stricken by the animal of terrorism in the 21st Century, that hollow feeling of fear and guilt permeates this split LP. But where fear lies, so does hope and opportunity. Considering the current political landscape gripping America in this current election cycle and history doomed to repeat, it’s the dark ambient of Adamennon and Altaj that shines most bright. Not related to Disintegration Loops in sound, but certainly in texture, Turiya could also be the healing balm in a world overcome by continued violence against innocents no matter land, religion, race or creed. In its stoic nature, Turiya provides strength. It proves we have nothing to fear but fear, and it’s a lesson we keep forgetting. So take a step back, then a giant leap forth into the ebon horizon of Adamennon and Altaj because, as it turns out, where it is most dark, we can fumble into something resembling peace.


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