Rudy Stone announces new album The Blinking Light/Peace on Earth, premieres video for album track “Rudy’s Dream,” could really go for a muffuletta and a nap after all that promotion…

Rudy Stone announces new album The Blinking Light/Peace on Earth, premieres video for album track "Rudy's Dream," could really go for a muffuletta and a nap after all that promotion...
Mission: ACCOMPLISHED. (Photo: Rudy Stone)

As the old saying goes: “when the going gets tough…the TOUGH get the fuck out of crazy-ass New York and chill their asses out ASAP down in easy-breezy New Orleans.” And damned if laid-back, psych rock auteur Rudy Stone is about to start going around “arguing” with OLD SAYINGS.

After relocating from the Big Apple to the Big Easy three years ago to focus on finishing some solo recordings and (probably) getting his hands on some real deal po’boys, Rudy (a.k.a. songwriter Andy Plovnick) must have finally tasted all there is to taste in New Orleans, because he’s officially back at this whole “music thing” again with the recent announcement of his first full-length album of hazy, laconic, contemplative fuzz-pop for the Moderate Fidelity label.

Entitled The Blinking Light/Peace on Earth and recorded “in fits and starts over the course of a year” at The Bunker back in Williamsburg, this new missive of good vibes is split into two distinct sides — with the A-side (The Blinking Light) devoted to a “seamless collection of songs showcasing his slice-of-life observations and advice to himself about how to be the best person he can be” and the B-side (Peace on Earth) consisting of one “side-long instrumental” that explores his “long time interest in analog synthesizers, echo devices, and drones.” (It should therefore offer a pretty handy accompaniment to kicking-back with your “recreational relaxer” of choice and giving yourself a nice pep-talk on life, and then wordlessly reflecting back on it for a while.) And don’t worry; you won’t have to wait too long to get your hands on it, either, as this wonderful self-help aid will be available in cassette and digital formats on June 16.

In the meantime, though, Plovnick isn’t about to leave you hanging. He’s premiering a new video for one of the album’s prophetic A-side tracks “Rudy’s Dream” with TMT today! In fact, I was all geared-up to describe the thing for you ponderous, overwrought detail (in that way I do), but the magnanimous Plovnick swooped-in and graciously released me of that burden!

This song is special to me for a number of different reasons. It was written on one of my first extended trips back to New York City after moving to New Orleans. Splitting my time between two cities, I was feeling pretty weird and insecure about my place in the world and I wanted to explore that feeling while also gently reminding myself that the more I expressed those feelings the easier it would be to feel better about them. This was also my first attempt at collaborating on songwriting and production with another person, and if Todd Carder and I hadn’t hit it off so well there might not have been an entire album.

Ah, what a gracious fellow. I feel more unfettered already! Anyways, check out the clip for yourself (as well as the full album tracklisting and some upcoming Rudy Stone live dates) down below. And before you even say it: you’re welcome, friend. Just pay it forward… :-)

The Blinking Light/Peace on Earth tracklisting:

01. Early Morning Riser
02. Rudy’s Dream (album version)
03. Coco Sez
04. Near Me
05. The Blinking Light
06. The Blinking Light B-side (Peace on Earth)

Rudy Stone live dates:

05.02.17 - New Orleans, LA - Neutral Ground
05.17.17 - New Orleans, LA - Siberia
05.21.17 - New Orleans, LA - Hi-Ho Lounge
06.16.17 - New Orleans, LA - Sidney’s (Record Release)

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