The Priest [CS; Rocket Machine]

Ever have one of those “I drank too much booze and codeine” days, where your mind continues to reset itself? Like, you’re at work doing overtime, and you can’t do one more proof because words are colliding on the screen. Or say your computer mouse is being controlled too fast, and searching for Yolandi Visser nude on Google Image becomes slightly work-appropriate. Parked now, maybe eating the blunt you’re smoking will help you keep it together that much more. If only the break lights on lights on lights didn’t keep flashing, cause 75 MPH on the LIE is easier than traffic, right? Only, you don’t pull over. UNDERPASS. You still don’t pull over. School bus panic. Continue to drive. AM pop crackles over the radio, The Priest (reeling on your portable cassette player since noon) is at max via the player-speaker, and harmony/darkness has been reached. Get home, and you’re still talking to your friend from high school over the phone, but not really. You just don’t want the neighbors looking at you funny while you walk the dog and blare drone. Br’oh, keep this together and you’ll never fall asleep. Pretend this exists. Continue with your shit. The Priest will shroud you in sizzle; Ajilvsga will assure this.


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