Alcohol Party / Tropical Trash
Split [CS; Loin Seepage]

Loin Seepage is firstly the most hilarious name for a label I’ve come across this year and secondly the most disgusting. Nonetheless, I got a nice little package from them in the mail, and aside from the tape that was wrapped up in socks, which caught my attention mostly because it was wrapped up in socks (and yes: free socks = score!), this split between Alcohol Party (whom I was unaware of previously) and Louisville’s Tropical Trash made an impression pretty quickly. I dig how the J-card is printed on plain old copy paper (I’m talking 20# BOND, yo), black and white. Mine had a little $5 price tab sticker in the corner… I dunno, everything about this tape just seems punk as fuck, and so it’s fitting that the music is straight-up no frill, bread’n’butter punk rock. TT’s side opens with “Choogle Perception” which has a really chunky, meaty groove that chugs along like Sonic Youth’s “100%” with similar effect before “Leisure Expose” attempts to rip your face off with its vicious attack and throat-shredding vocals. Solid, kick-ass. Flip it over and you’ll be treated to Alcohol Party’s math-punk acrobatics, shape-shifting song structures and mind-bending precision, which is especially impressive given the raw power of the band. Some of the drumming is truly eye-popping, twisting patterns that sound like they require more limbs than available to the human body as current evolution has yet allowed. Wow, it’s good. Great, even. This is an official endorsement: I decree this split tape on Loin Seepage to be radical and gnarly. Can you tell I’m out of things to say?

Links: Loin Seepage


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