Alexandre Navarro
Sketches [CS; Constellation Tatsu]

The sound of dreams has long been a pursuit for the music creative. Abstract sounds rattling around in the subconscious spliced onto reel-to-reels. It’s been a career-defining ambition for more than a few failed composers, but not for Alexandre Navarro. Sketches captures the airhead quality of sound as it enters the ears from all directions and timbres. It also doesn’t ambitiously strike out to make angelic melodies that envelop a room, choosing to abide by the minute fractures we glimmer in our sleep. Sketches is a dream journal, groggily scribbled in only to be indecipherable by the morning. It keeps Navarro’s vision static and Sketches worthy of infinite listens. It’s best to fast forward, hit play randomly, and be taken on a new journey. It exists in the realm of forgotten imagination, so less Freud and more Gondry.


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