Alpha Strategy / Projekt Stinka
Muck [12-inch; Ownness]

Alpha Strategy’s side of Muck is like an aging punk rocker slurring over a ramshackle, firecracker-eating band left over from a surf-death party that never actually happened. Effects and scanners warble over the mix like hordes of cockroaches, eating the musicians alive as they sway and swoon. Underneath it all, there is a shuckin’, divin’ rock ‘n’ roll song, and it is called “Append and Divide.” Listen to it. “O Tar Pilous Devout” is up next, and it jumps off the rails immediately. And you thought Sewn Leather was sick; you knew NOTHING! Drum machines and laboratories full of steamy beakers and shit — Arab On Radar were fuckin’ amateurs, man! Project Sinka inhabit the flip side of this warped wax-on wax-off and… the less said about their brand of Spaghetti Eastern the better. Or maybe I like spoken-word-over-accordion more than I think I do. Just maybe, not really. (HIYO?) “Nosohltan” and… that other song, boy; if the excitement from Side A had a cigarette-smoking, bizarro version of itself, Project Stinka would be it. Maybe it’ll grow. But I don’t think it’s going to happen.

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