Andrew Weathers Ensemble
Fuck Everybody, You Can Do Anything [LP; Full Spectrum]

I imagine the positive curses that light the latest from Andrew Weathers as the battlecry of Super Dave Osborne before he infamously took numerous nasty spills. Those falls from (lack of) grace that we all endure. Yet Super Dave — as fictional as he may have been — spoke to the resilience of its character actor, Bob Einstein. It also speaks to each of us, continuously told by family, friends and faculty that failure is what should be expected. As it should be. But from failure comes success (the part many naysayers leave out). I hope that’s why Weathers chose Fuck Everybody, You Can Do Anything as the title for his most triumphant work to date. Featuring a wealth of hard road travelers (including a personal fav, CJ Boyd) weary from years of being told to fuck off in various ways (as if to belittle the hard work and beautiful music they’ve made outside of whatever passes as normal), Fuck Everybody is uplifting and…yeah, I’m going here…spiritual. Don’t run away from that. It’s not about god or religion but about what is in oneself that keeps the world spinning. What motivates us to keep trying when we’ve ran face first into another obstacle. It’s a much more obtuse idea rather than the stated purpose of the album. However, we all need that slice of positivity to face down our own doubt. I imagine Bob Einstein, or even Albert, would embrace Fuck Everybody. After all, we are all in this together. Unified field theories, atomic yo-yos and all.

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