Andrew Weathers & Seth Chrisman
Louella [CS; Full Spectrum]

BING! Attention shoppers, if you rush to the end of aisle 8 you will be treated to a special surprise for adults only. Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind deal, supplied by our friends Andrew Weathers and Seth Chrisman. Here you will be given a new soundtrack by which to live out the rest of your days, away from the muzak and the recycled pop hits of yore. This is a carefully constructed, well thought out list of what music needs to be engaging, though it’s unlikely you will need your dancing shoes again. Okay, maybe you can take a quick break for some Miley but soon you won’t miss her, just as you no longer miss gluten. Our store will accommodate all your emerging needs, like that of sensitive taste and odd combinations such as harmonica and synthesizer (it’s as tasty as peanut butter and sriracha). Your palate is welcome. Now, if you’ll excuse us, there are more customers to service with this Louella branded goodness.


Cerberus seeks to document the spate of home recorders and backyard labels pressing limited-run LPs, 7-inches, cassettes, and objet d’art with unique packaging and unknown sound. We love everything about the overlooked or unappreciated. If you feel you fit such a category, email us here.

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