Andrew Weathers/Ancient Ocean
split [CS; Rubber City Noise]

Sometimes I just want to hear an instrument and recognize it for what it is. Andrew Weathers and John Bohannon (Ancient Ocean) understand that. Which is why I have taped their split to my heart; we will never part (well, until I get sick of the above sentiment). Weathers’ work is elegantly calm, wispy guitar accents, blends and plucks at drift in a sea of understated drone. It’s pulling together many musical ideas into a peaceful dingy hidden in the fog. Songs stretch out, unrestricted by radio time constraints, but aren’t so unfettered they unfurl into endless parades of steely strums and fingerpicking. The same is true of Bohannon, though his is a side much more reflective. His instrumentation takes a bit of detective work but it shows itself when the moment is right. But more than anything, this is a tape that has been desperately needed. A break from the modern for a taste of the traditional—guitars! Recognizable guitars!


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