Animal City
Bump Head Go Home [LP; Sophomore Lounge]

How to frame the latest from Animal City? It’s tough, because the band is still as grassroots “rock” as it ever was, feeling completely dislodged from any current underground or indie scene — all for the better. That blindspot to what’s “happening” throughout the funny pages of music criticism makes it even harder to write this, because it feels useless in the best case scenario of music journalism Cerberus can display. The timeless quality of Bump Head Go Home benefits Animal City, because who gives a fuck about trends and expectations, other than those within the band. Creating an album that makes you happy should always be top priority and each Animal City feels even more fun than the last, even as the band continues grows more focused. Bump Head Go Home fills in the gap between classic and alternative rock; that chasm of rock and jazz and country and soul that never morphed into anything but quick takes on punk. Animal City may have a very punk aesthetic as far as cover art goes, but the contents of their latest is heavy on Rundgren, Farner and a host of ‘murican bands long forgotten by the radio robots programmed to play more Sabbath and Zeppelin. So break up Clear Channel News Corp self-centered ears conglomeration and lend an old ear toward Animal City.


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